Friday, November 9, 2012

Ninja Photographer

Whatever color i wear, i will be clothed black by the night's darkness. And be ninja-fied.

If my grandchildren should stumble upon this post in the future, they'll know that their granmama used to be a ninja that shoots with flash. *Hy-Yak!*

#1 Picture hunting and trying our chances to get breath stolen by.. the dark scenery.

Every ninja photographer has their noob stage that prolly shouldn't be shared. But because i am shameless, i shall reveal the dark truth!

I never ever shoot with a shutter speed slower than 1/40 second because i know it's not possible! For night shots you'll definitely get blurry pics. But go anywhere faster than 1/40, your picture can never light up properly.

So Cass knocked me on the head and solved my problem. Use the tripod la.

Felt so stupid til can die =_=

#2 Under-exposed lighting. 

#3 Just right but slightly blurry.

Because my common sense went on a vacation somewhere thus i didn't have the privilege of using my tripod pfft. Had to lie low on the ground, as low as possible, stabilizing both the camera and i with all four of my ligaments.

It was sooo dark that the task was superrrrr dangerous cause i could have squished a snake and get bitten or catch malaria or accidentally eaten a spiderweb.. full of baby spidies... ... ...

#4 Playing with shutter speed

Throughout the night's shoot, i had to literally lie on the road yo! Painful but totally worth it!

#5 Panning failed.

Julian taught me about panning before and my first attempt on the point-and-shoot was a failure. Now, the second time is also a phail. Me and panning got not enough 'gam ching' so can't get the chemistry working =.=

#6 Cassandra. Look at her backpack she's sooooo prepared unlike me tripod pun tadak. :S

The rest of the ninja spectators (who were 'gobbling air') went ahead for their beauty sleep while Cass and I went on to prolong our adventure.

Ninjafying lessons phase two; reflections.





Spamming you with similar pictures because I'VE NEVER TAKEN SUCH BEAUTIFUL PIX BEFORE! T___T!

So happy can even germinate a beard!! T___T!!!

#11 Moon light.

Seriously, wouldn't have discovered these ninjafying skills if it wasn't for Cass. She has been patiently teaching me and the others (Steph, Minsze and Jeannee) while capturing some shots for herself! Talk about multitasking weyyy!

Gonna give credits to her tripod for aiding in the making of these lovely babies...

#12 Spooky gate.

It says no entry but i can't help myself from checking the view out from that point onwards!

Curiosity is not always good.

Later i saw a woman walking out of this gate and realized it wasn't locked. That's the second bad thing to discover.

One moment i was on sturdy ground, the next i found myself on that creaky steel bridge, feeling a sense of ninja pride in me for sneaking in successfully. Did my ninja thang, laid low, shot and... heard a cringing sound behind me...!!!

*GASP!* My heart stopped. And started pounding really hard. And stopped.

My brain my screaming "YOU IDIOT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!".

And then there were footsteps. Oh no i will be killed for entering this mini private bridge without permission he's gonna push me into the water and prolly the crocs and snakes will be all over my body that they won't even find anymore of me!!

GASP! Someone save my camera!!

I turned around, phew, it was a the same woman who got out earlier. But she closed the gates behind her.


There was a sudden chill on my cheeks! Oh no. Quickly! Move to the gate!! And.. cheh not locked lol.

Went over to Cass and i seem to sense that she was a bit shocked also... since she was about 8 ft away from where i was and saw the entire event clearly.

Boy what a night.


I tell you so scary my heart pounded so hard i feel like i could roll to the hotel!

But after a few seconds thinking back on it just seems all stupid lol.

We just laughed it off but later we saw a couple of dodgy looking men and decided we had enough of the night's drama and headed back to the hotel immediately.

#14 The hotel.

It was a good night. With good stories to keep and many memories held in them pictures. Also felt like i leveled up in certain photography aspects.

#15 Releasing my exhilaration from the night's hunt!

#16 Jumping off to sleep.

I must have slept at 2am that night.. after browsing through my pictures. :D

And no i didn't grow a mustache / beard.

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