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I actually didn't mean to be keeping this post in my drafts for this long but because i have been procrastinating and haven't been missing Korean food enough to be blogging about it.

True excuses.

Did you know Mabel's brain switched on a mode of wanting to do everything but blogging?

True factual excuses.

Before i go on, there are two posts which i also wrote about Korea's food :

Also, it is advisable to not read this post with an empty stomach.


1. Tosokchon

Destination : Gyeongbokgun Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2. 
Go straight about 170m and turn left onto Jahamun-ro 5-gil Road.
The restaurant is located 10m ahead on the left.
Phone : +82-2-1330 or (02) 737-7444
Time : 10am - 10pm
Website : Korea Tourism Site

They're renowned for their Samyetang (Black Ginseng Chicken Soup) made with glutinous rice, gingko buts, ginseng, garlic and jujube, as well as 30 different types of medicinal herbs and grains. (quoted from here : link)

#1 People queueing up to get their seats. 

#2 Shoes to be left outside.

#3 Seated on the floor, waiting to be served. Very conventional isn't it?

Our observation mode got switched on once we realized we gotta sit on the floor. How to position our legs? Ladies to be seated by kneeling down? Can cross legs or not??

And suddenly, we saw this korean lady across the room who was just stretching her legs out under the table, nomming away and we were like aiyah don't care lah we're tourists anyway lol.

#4 Tongdak (Roasted Chicken). 

#5 Ginseng chicken soup with rice in it. 

#6 The insides, generously stuffed with rice and other goodness.

I'm pretty sure my cousin and her boyfriend shared a neutral opinion as i do on this very neutralized-in-taste dish. The older peeps (my mum, aunt, uncle) were lovin' it to the max!

They were like...
'eat more it's good for you'

'my goodness such good stuff also dunno how to savour ah?'

'don't waste faster finish the meat and drink the soup'

'omg i'm so full should waste the good stuffs'

'never mind we can doggy bag back to the hotel'

#facepalm.jpg #asianparents #speechless

#7 Korean Fried Pancakes.

Not only was this super 'neutralized' for the taste-buds, it has got lots of members wanting to join your biological fats club. Superrrrr oilyyyy!

I think the prices per dish ranges from 14,000 - 20,000 won. Not sure if they have raised the price or not (you can call to enquire since they can serve you in jap/korean/eng/chinese).

Personal Ratings : 5/10
Comments :
Besides the atmosphere and the serenity of the place, i didn't enjoy anything else quite as much; from the food to the beverages (they served some korean wine i think). One thing about me is that i really really do not know how to enjoy such rich food; all the ginseng and herbs, i just don't know how to appreciate them (yet). However, from the seniors' point of view they really loved it, to a point where each of them voted it as the best meal of the day. They were into the richness of the herbs, the very neutral-enough taste, and of course the korean wine which my mum specially loves. However, the oily pancake was a let down for all of us.


2. Light snacks from Nami Island.

Destination : Gapyeong train station (Gyeongchun Line towards Chuncheon)
Then take a cab to the ferry wharf (Namiseoum). 3,500won, 5 minutes ride.
Buy a ferry ticket which includes Nami Island entry ticket. 8,000won, 5-10 minutes ride.

Got these from some little shops on the island. I believe they were the only ones there because we were hunting high and low for food and only found no others but them only.

#8 Forgot what that drink is. And we have here a bunch of crazily delicious sandwiches and hotdogs. 

#9 So rich with filling yo! 

There's ham, cheese, tomatoes, leafy vege, fresh bread and mayo. Urgh! SO HUNGRY NOW BUT IT'S LATE AT NITE! T^T

Rating : 7/10
Superrrr goood! The bread is soft but semi-hard on the crust. The filling just spells freshness and you just.. want... more!!! My rating for this, minus the hunger factor, wouldn't reach a 10 since i'm sure there are actually better sandwiches out there with much more filling. So this one isn't all that special but one can not deny the goodness of a true sandwich! :3


3. Dessert from Nami Island.

After snacking we had dessert right after. Despite the slightly chilly weather, ice-creams were tolerable - especially if it tastes superbly nice!!!

#10 Vanila and chocolate yogurt ice-cream. 

#11 Doesn't melt fast. Can take your time nomming it!

Rating : 9/10
I actually gave a similar rating on a tower ice-cream from one of the vendors in Myeongdong street (link), even though this one actually tastes better than that one from the streets, the price factor is the one that minus the one mark for me. The one from the streets was only 1,500 won (MYR 4.50) while this one is two to three times more expensive! But for the taste, no doubt it was very very satisfying. Creamy and not too sweet; the chocolate leaves a faint taste on your taste buds, taking time to dissolve and melt in your mouth. Awe-some-ness...


4. Sariwon

Destination : Gangnam Station, Line 2 (Green) Exit #4. 
Go past Samseong Tower, and turn left at a major Seounno street, which is at a major intersection.
Gangnam Building is to your left, Sariwon is next to Dong-a-Tower.
Phone : 02-3474-5005
Time : 11.30am - 10.00pm (daily)
Website : www.sariwon.co.kr

The legendary grilled beef restaurant!

#12 How the front looks like.

Famous for their marinated barbeque beef! Some other reviews stands with the same opinion as i do on the tenderness of the beef and its excellent quality! Love love love!!!

#13 Just to proof i was there lol

#14 Mini appetizers.

#15 Bulgogi! Let the cooking begin!

We had two of a similar type for dinner.

Thinly sliced tender loin with special house sauce, 150g. 30,000won.

Hand marinated prime beef with broth, 250g. 25,000won.

The sauce had onions and spring onions and other stuffs floating in it, mixed with the juices from the sizzling which sweetens it to a point that you wanna just slurp everything off the bbq thing! Urgh!!!

#16 Naengmyeon (cold noodles) which i SUPER LOVE!!! 

Cold buck wheat noodle with vegetables in broth. 9,000won.

#17 Cold and springy, i love it! 

It's so nice it seems that nobody was having enough of it!! Except for my uncle because he doesn't really like the idea of cold noodles. Less one competitor = not a problem!

#18 Yeongyang Galbitang (Nutritious Ribs Broth). The. Best. Soup. EVER!

Nutritious ribs stew made of long-time boiled bone soup and thick ribs. 12,000won.

#19 I dunno what is this called but if it doesn't have a name, i'll name it BetterThanGood.

I'm guessing this is a barley rice drink? It's soothing is NOT AT ALL SATISFYING because you just WANT MORE!!! They served this last so maybe it is dessert. I like it so much i was asking the other peeps if they needed help in finishing theirs lol!

#20 Tired but satisfullyfied! Look at all the plates... Gluttonous much? Hahaha. 

Rating : 9/10
The rating covers all that i've mentioned above from Sariwon. Prices are a little pricey but definitely worth the experience. I've never tasted such tender beef before! NEVER! It was so good that even if your stomach seems overloaded, your mouth just wanna keep going. Yknow that feeling??


5. Snacks from the Korean convenience store.

I think you can find these energy bars anywhere in Korea. I got them from a convenience shop near Hamilton Station Hotel. I took plenty of pictures of the hotel here : link.

#21 Energy / fibre / diet bars.

Had to stock up for the next day's long travel to another Korean place of interest. :D

Ratings : 7/10
Comments :
Other than the fancy korean characters on the packaging, there's nothing special about the contents. It is very much like the regular energy bars which served well in filling up my hungry tummy temporarily, except that these have very very little sweetness to them, just as i like it!


Pooh! Writing food reviews involves much more work than i expected. It is already hard enough to scout for relevant info on the net (e.g. operating hours, websites, names of dishes, etc), it's even harder to do it with a growling stomach in the middle of the nite! Urgh.

Signing off, tired and hungry. ): 


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bad idea to read this on an empty stomach WHY U SO LIDIS KIMBLEH

Mabel Low said...

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