Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rude Invasion!

Rude! Just plain rude!

I'm already finding it kinda hard to absorb the truth about attention seeking monsters, they had to add up one's annoyance by being rude! How disgraceful!

I'm not just blabbering without any proof, in fact i'm gonna throw 'em right here on cyberspace so there'll be more witness in case i file a lawsuit in the future!

Proof #1 - captured by Stephy.

Serve 'em polka dot racist monsters right for stealing other people's drinks without permission!! Not that i'm encouraging anyone to ask for permission before stealing =____= But stealing is RUDE!

Proof #2 - taken by my phone.

Photo-bombing is rude. Period.

1 comment:

stephy-nie said...

Oh dear. I think he's cute enough to be forgiven for photo bombing! Aah!


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