Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mischievious Fingers.

It is those times when your fingers start to take action in conquering your time with arts and crafts, as if i was training for the Finger Olympics by making one handmade craft after another and you don't feel like stopping til it catches fire!

Have been really attracted to flowers and striking colors, lately - no logical explanation on exactly how i caught this sudden disease.

Oh and Kim wanted me to help make a floral headpiece with little purple flowers, and tralalallalalalalalaimadeit!

What do you think??


kim said...

omg!! so simple and nice!! i've always wanted to buy all these flower vine bands but i didnt dare to because it was "too flowery" this is just nice, thanks so much!!

p/s: is the tail detachable? :)
pp/s: did u think about our plan?:D

Mabel Low said...

Wish i could inspect on one of Kani's headpieces to improve on mine. XD XD

Anyway, like i said still need your head to complete this. Measurements is what i'll need.

Yesh! Tail is detachable. ;) Show you when you're back in MY!


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