Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rude Invasion!

Rude! Just plain rude!

I'm already finding it kinda hard to absorb the truth about attention seeking monsters, they had to add up one's annoyance by being rude! How disgraceful!

I'm not just blabbering without any proof, in fact i'm gonna throw 'em right here on cyberspace so there'll be more witness in case i file a lawsuit in the future!

Proof #1 - captured by Stephy.

Serve 'em polka dot racist monsters right for stealing other people's drinks without permission!! Not that i'm encouraging anyone to ask for permission before stealing =____= But stealing is RUDE!

Proof #2 - taken by my phone.

Photo-bombing is rude. Period.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great. Big. Love.

From the youngest....

To the playful older ones...

To the playful older older ones....

And the.. err... not so playful older older older ones....

To the finger lickin' good homemade food...

And the cat who was drooling from afar...

All these combined equates to a big big family, full of warmth and love. :)

CTC (Christian Training Camp) had never been better for my personal spirit and soul that it left me longing for more of such fellowship with the various brothers and sisters all the way from China, Singapore, Australia, KL, and those from/around Ipoh.

So much love that felt... so real. :')

Mischievious Fingers.

It is those times when your fingers start to take action in conquering your time with arts and crafts, as if i was training for the Finger Olympics by making one handmade craft after another and you don't feel like stopping til it catches fire!

Have been really attracted to flowers and striking colors, lately - no logical explanation on exactly how i caught this sudden disease.

Oh and Kim wanted me to help make a floral headpiece with little purple flowers, and tralalallalalalalalaimadeit!

What do you think??

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Spot Monsters!

I kid not this time. I saw it from KickThePj!

"Monster Hunting Adventure" video from kickthepj.

He's from the UK so i thought, hey i'm pretty safe cause Malaysia might be too hot for those monsters.

The horror began when i saw this.......

Picture from Stephy-Nie.

She's from Klang, Selangor (Malaysia) while i'm from Ipoh, Perak (Malaysia). Okaylah maybe they only exist in metropolitan areas and not in small towns like mine. Besides, Klang and Ipoh is about 200km apart - thus should be quite a hassle to lurk all the way here right, monsters?

Just awhile ago i was out preparing for Jane's surprise party. Snapped a few pictures and tired myself out editing them - until i stumbled upon a pic i took with my phone...

After getting them helium balloons with Kelly and Angie.

I.... don't know what to say. They're here. That's the best that i could announce with.

On second thoughts, they're probably not as horrifying as i thought they would be. I mean... look at that blue, one-eyed, no-legged err thing. Though it's not of a favorable figure/shape/appearance, i thought it to be rather interesting/amusing.

Perhaps i may encounter a few more.. or perhaps not.

I wonder if Stephy framed any other 'monsters' lately?! Her blog here : link.


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