Monday, July 23, 2012

A Janalama Day

Jane (aka Janalama)'s birthday. And we decided to give her a "special" treatment.

#1 Picture from Debbie.

First VIP treatment was to blindfold her. 
Kudos to Deb and Eva who had to deal with the non-stop questioning Jane.

#2 Birthday girl.

Treatment two - crowned with a handmade floral headpiece.


Treatment three - reveal surprise 'picnic'.
Supposed to have more food but was with the kidnapping team.. so... not much in this pic.

#4 Bought these under tight budget..

#5..and made into these!

#6 Made ten of these, one for each pretty lady present!

Treatment four - floral themed party begins!

#7 Left-Right : Eva, Angy, Adeline, Kelly, Mei Yen, Jane, Debbie, Sook Yee, Tengky, Me!

#8 Love this group pic!

There was a lot of catching up going round the circle and it was time well spent really!


Picture time.
Didn't get to take much pictures (and none with the kite D: ) due to time restrain.
Had to catch the boat to get back to the other side.


That's all.

Most of the pictures are in Facebook while these are my personal favorites,
thus i've sorted them out specially for this blog post.



Tracy said...

So happening!!

Ivan Tan said...

your photos are awesome!!

Mabel Low said...

@Tracy; Oh if only you could have joined us ):

@Ivan; Thanks! It was a great day for pictures. :D

Lord Commander Calvyn said...

as usual, full of colour and fun! XD


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