Thursday, July 5, 2012

#4 Art Out Loud : A Bunny Ate My Phone!!

As seen previously here : link.

And i'm gonna show you how i did it.

#1 Materials.

Materials : Black flatback beads/crystals, felt paper, foam paper, thread, drawing block, textured cloth (e.g. furry cloth), buttons.

Tools : Paper cutting scissors, cloth cutting scissors, strong holding glue (e.g. UHU glue), pencil,  ruler, needle, tweezers.

I actually bothered to go round hunting for a suitable textured cloth since i wanted my bunny to be plushy-like, having that soft and fluffy touch. Luck got me stumbled upon a fluffy pouch; not just any pouch but a fluffy, defected pouch!

One of the zippers had some problems zipping up, and i'm happy, because certainly i will be able to ask for a discount!

Requested for a cut off and walah - the lovely lady by the counter slashed the price in half leaving me with a cost of only MYR 2.40!

#2 Sketch it out.

Skichity sketch! That's what art blocks are for!!

Or well, at least that's what i do on art blocks.

Had my idea visualized according to the actual size of me phone. It is from there improvisations came in - twitched and tweaked for the whole day to make this 'bunny' wearable.

Yeah i'm gonna dress my phone up instead of sticking it onto the phone permanently since i'm still not wanting to strip off the design i made previous for the phone cover (as seen here : link).

#3 Cut your parts out.

Magic! One moment cloth, another moment body parts!

And the spell is no other then just cut and sew and paste. No sweat. But lots of eye power needed for concentration.

If you don't do well, things may get a little prickly o.o!

I can't really list down all the steps here cause what i did was really just out of my womanly instincts and spontaneity. I had no references when i did this thus i've got lots of space to experiment with things.

#4 Body parts! Assemble!!.

Now this is the hardest part ever!! Which is to make the bunny's body, fitting it exactly onto my phone! The measurements can't be screwed up and obviously, they have to be rather precise too!

However once you've got this part figured out, sewing everything else on will be a breeze.

From picture #4 you can roughly guess the use of some of the listed materials.

White foam paper - used for those cute little bunny teeth; grey felts - definition for bunny ears; black flatback bead - for them little eyes.

The clear plastic was actually a last minute thing added in to keep my bunny's mouth from moving out of place. Bunny's mouth gotta behave and stay still!

#5 Ready to be worn.

Also, if you notice the back/inside of the bunny's mouth, there's this wall of florals right? That too wasn't planned beforehand. Didn't know i will be needing an extra layer to cover the coarseness of the fluffy cloth's back!

Talk about the irony! Fluffy on one side and coarse on the other=.= 

So yeah, i took the floral cloth (which came with the pouch) and instead of sewing it on, i cheated and glued. Fast and clean. Yay.

#6 Select your desired ears, before eating phone.

Oh yeah!! The ears!

Y'know besides having this plushy, fluffy concept for a phone dress (phone dress? o.o) i thought it'll be fun to have the 'dress' put on changeable characters to play around with!

Okay lah i didn't just have that idea like SNAP a coconut falls off the coconut tree (super random) but no, was actually because i couldn't decide if i wanted a bunny or a bear to eat my phone. So i thought why not both.

So erm technically... it was greed that gave me the genius idea and pride to make it sound like... wait, i didn't have to explain this! =.=

#7 Button on ears.

Buttons are way smarter than velcros. Which doesn't make sense.

So yeah... i left a little gap at the top, big enough to fit the buttons, sew the buttons onto ears and walah!

Now i've got three pairs of ears waiting to be tucked in! And you know what... i could actually choose them according to my apparel of the day - to match it up, get it?

#8 Blue bear ears.

#9 Grey bear ears.

#10 And of course... Bunny ears!

#11 Planking is to show off your sexy back.

Added that lil fluffy tail at the back that serves no purpose but to just... be stuck there. And waddaya know... it suits both the 'bear' and the 'bunny'! :D

#11 Handmade handphone strap.

Made this handphone strap as well. Recognize what that little yellow thing in the bottle is??

Hint : Pacman dead fiance that keeps wanting to eat him....Just sayin'.


P.s. I would wanna make one thing clear though - DOMOKUN was NOT in anyway PART of the inspiration. My bunny / bear / monster opens its mouth for a reason - to errr let me type on my phone's screen.

P.p.s. If you're attempting to make anything similar to this, here's a tip; you can always play around with your materials e.g. slash one of your old/most disliked plushy to attain it's skin (but you may be charged of plushy violence!), use neon colored thread to add some funk, 18 carat diamond eyes, ribbon clip-ons for ears, etc. It doesn't have to eat your phone, but your book or your bottles instead! Be creative!

P.p.p.s. ALSO! If you're making one based on this concept / have already done one similar to this / seen something like this elsewhere, please please PLEASE share it with me (via fb or e-mail or just drop me a bomb here in the comment box)!! Cause i would really really LOVE to see it!! :D


CathJ said...

Sooo creatives!!! I love the idea using buttons to insert all the ears... Hihihi... Sooo cute! Well done.. :)

Tracy said...

Omg that's cute! And it's awesome :D

Mabel Low said...

You ladies should make an attempt to do this! :D

ms.bulat said...

wow! thats amazing!


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