Monday, May 21, 2012

A Bunny Ate My Phone

True story?

Yup. True story.

Tell you about it later.

Hint : This phone eating bunny is handmade. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fly, Origami Fly.

I will never really know what really is within me until i unfold myself.

And when i do, i would know that indeed, the folded lines were meant for me.

Even if anyone reaches out towards me - crushing me,
those very lines will never, ever fade away.

This is my very first time making such "inspirational pictures" - as labeled by SengHoo, who asked me of a favor to create a picture for his photography page Senghoography.

He wanted paper swans to be included in the picture, and that was the only clue he left for me. So i thought, hey, this could be a fun project.

How did i do it? I don't know. I had various complicated ideas which got rejected by Mr. Reality for not being realistic enough. I guess a date with Mr. Nap and that romantic night with Mr. Sleep was helpful as well in generating inspiration? #shrugs.

So yeah... this was my little pressie for SengHoo. :D Glad to be able to carve a smile on another person's face.

Perhaps this picture may speak to you like it did to SengHoo, perhaps it remained muted to others. But i'm just curious... How would you interpret this picture? What kinda deep thoughts would come across your mind while gazing upon this pic?? TELL ME!

P. s. These pictures may be used freely for non-commercial purposes ;)

P. p. s. Nope, no watermark.

P. p. p. s. Remember to check out SengHoo's awesome photography page - Senghoography.


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