Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Sunday

I rarely write any post like this which doesn't have a main topic to revolve around.

Partly because i suddenly felt like doing some simple edit on some self portrait pics. And also wanted to do a few shout outs regarding some teeny weeny matters that don't matter at all. Seriously.

1.  I one sided feather earrings!
All you boyfriends and girlfriends out there! One sided feather earrings should definitely be added to your gift ideas list! Because right, you can easily please people like me!

Bought this from Diva's retail outlet in Australia - had crazy sales that time!

Actually i'm also love feather earrings that come in pairs! Double the love...

Personally i think it gives a nice youthful touch to a simple casual outfit.

One sided earring with two studs from the blogshop MNE Craft.
You can check out their other feather earrings too!

2. Spring Flowers.


Yeah i did that. In about half an hour's time. I don't usually like flowers but it seems like this sort of pattern is slowly making flowers acceptable for me. And the reason to the various designs is because i was experimenting on some mix and matching. Unexpectedly, the variety itself turns out to look kinda good as a whole.

Will be adding a tutorial on how i did this in the new tag Art Out Loud soon, i hope.

3. Photo Shoots.

I've got so many many ideas floating in my head, eager to be made real and be stored in pictures. But each has got so many challenges that i feel like i'm gonna have a stroke whenever i try to deal with them. Limited resources is ALWAYS my main problem. Other than that would be the difficulty to complete the right design that would put my pictures into good use - which actually is the one ultimate enemy for my brain.

So yeah i'm gonna attempt to make a new header and meanwhile, i am a;sp working on some mini projects too e.g. pictures that sends a message like this : link.

I can but only allow myself to post up one of the pictures that has gone wrong - as in went out of direction towards the theme, but was made right into another.. err.. theme? Something like that.

Looks kinda nice as an individual pic, no?
Please... the top was sleeveless okay! =.=

Self portraits are very difficult to shoot! Especially for people like me who are not photogenic in all 360 degrees. Takes alottttttttt of time to get the right picture.. only if you're lucky.

Plus to make matters worst, i gained weight lately....

Triceps sudah longgar jadi flab. =_______=

4. Heat-less Sexy Waves

I waves! Big big waves! I'm talking about the hairs' sleeky waves!

I've contemplated on getting a hair iron curler but those stuffs are so expensive! And from where i live, i can't seem to find the 1.5inch ones! No wait.. i found one from Jusco but... too expensive=.=

Then i tried buying velcro rollers. Turned out great but discovered how stubborn my hair is towards curls. The curls only lasted for 2 hours (with spray) and later forms itself back to the normal slim state!! I want fat fat waves, not slim ones!!! D:

I tried using the tie-bun-and-leave-overnight method (learned it from Xiaxue) and yeah it worked too but there were a few cons such as getting a neck ache when you wake up and annoyingly, i don't seem to get nicely formed waves each time i use this method. The waves varies, which means it may form into some weird shape and you end up looking like a sakai. Or maybe it's just my hair lah.

Then i tried braiding. I did the backward french braid since i thought that's the only way to get big big waves. You can check out the tutorial here : link.

Happy Wavy Sunday!

How i did it?

It was messy, the way i did it, but who cares.. i will be sleeping on it anyway. So unlike the vid (which i only sourced it out for this post - means i didn't watch it before lol), i took big chunks of hair while making the french braid. If you want smaller waves/curls, then you can section your hair into a few parts and do a few french braids. I only did one lah.

At the end of the french braid, you could leave your fringe separated or if you're looking for a dramatic finish, braid it into the french braid. Then i continued to braid my ponytail upwards/away from scalp and then wrap it into a bun. Secure it with a hair tie and the next day, walah!

The good thing about this method is getting your comfort at sleep. No aches. The results were stunning because once the braids were released, my hair was slightly puffed up. Unlike the bun method which makes my hair flat when i wake up.

But as expected the waves didn't last very long even after i used hair spray. Next time i'm gonna experiment with some mousse... i heard you gotta apply that stuff before the braiding process. :O

And oh.. for the extra shine you can apply a bit of hair oil. I used extra virgin olive oil which is obviously organic. It gets rid of the friz and even helps to keep the hair hydrated. Try not to apply too near the roots otherwise you'll look like you have oily unwashed hair. :S

5. Bye.

I took soooooo long to complete this post =,= Going to bed now. Gasp i'm hungry! o.o

P.s. No snacks at home?!?! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! D:


HenRy LeE said...

nice earings worr... so long... haha

StephEn said...


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

the photoshoot picture looks chio! :) very artistic

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Mabel Low said...

Thanks Steph! Will be doing a brief tutorial on that soon!! :P :P

stephy-nie said...

Woooots! Love your accidental self potrait! Which reminds me of our project. Which i have succesfully procrastinate like madness lmao.

But i really can see that you've improved tons in your photography yays!
More tutorials and shoots!


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