Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Real Clouds?

To be honest, i only made a cloud by mistake. Which means this is in fact another failed attempt of an experiment i attempted long long time ago when dinosaurs were man's best friend. :/

#1 The real experiment - attempt 1. Nothing came out.

I really just wanted to play around with bubbles, again, considering my first bubble experiment which phailed.

So this time i wanted to try making those gigantic jellyfish bubbles, which makes capturing them into photographs easier and would probably turn out remarkable. Plus i didn't wanna do a rehash of the previous bubble photo shoot and get frustrated with the camera all over again.

The jellyfish bubble failed cause i didn't have the correct ingredients. So improvisations had to be done.

And the results were... comical?

#2 Blurb blurb blubble?

Err... yeah. This long thingy is also soapy, knitted with small bubbles stuck onto each other looking foam-like.

#3 Foam dung? Fluffy foam dung?

It is very very easy to make actually. Step 1, cut an upright empty plastic bottle into half horizontally. Step 2, fill the bottom half of the bottle with some soap water. Step 3, cut a generous piece of rag cloth that is big enough to wrap the bigger opening of the upper half of the plastic bottle that you cut. Step 4 soak this cloth into the soap water and step 5 tie the soaked rag onto the big opening of the upper half of the plastic bottle you've cut out. You can use some rubber bands to secure it in place. Step 6 blow into your wrapped bottle from the smaller opening/the mouth piece (the part where you usually drink water from).

Good luck in trying to understand my instructions. -.-

#4 Errrr..... don't comment kay. Don't comment!

At certain angles, this fluffy thing kinda looks funny or may be offensive to some but don't let the illusion tickle your wrath okay! At least it doesn't look like a dollop of.. something. Ahem.

#5 Cloud on grass? I super like this pic!

Wouldn't you agree with me that from a distance this fluffy thing does look a little like a cloud?

No actually, it looks EXACTLY like one! #fascinated.

And how rare is it that you see a "cloud" on grass?! 

"The sky is falling!" cries Chicken Little.

#6 Baby cloud.

Ah.. releasing it back to where it belongs. At a glimpse, it is not quite easy to spot that tiny bubbly thing right??

#7 We made a lot of these babies.

Me and Julian had tremendous fun on this failed-bubble experiment which... turned into a productive-cloud-making...err...past time?

Photographing them pictures was of no sweat at all! Super easy to shoot even with a PNS (Point-and-Shoot camera)!

#8 Baby cloud, imma teach you howta dance with the wind!

#9 Go! Follow the light, my precious one!


#11 Fluffy!

I wonder if real clouds could actually be hand held like this, would they have the same fluffy, soft touch?

It feels a bit damp and when you press it against your cheek and you could also hear them whispering sizzles.

I guess if you don't wanna attempt on this DIY cloud, you can still play with the real ones...

#12 Pinch 'em!

#13 Grab em!

#14 Eat 'em!

Outdoor games are for the win, especially the ones your imagination invents.

I remember when i was younger, my friends and i would be creating numerous games when we get together in church.

Darkness Night. One Finder and 5-9 Hiders, played in a dark room at night. Finder with his eyes closed counts from one to ten while the Hiders hide in odd places around the room. Once the Finder finishes his countdown, he switches off the lights and proceeds to hunt down the Hiders. Once a Hider is caught, the Finder is required to guess his/her name before switching the lights on. If correct, the Hider becomes the next finder.  If wrong, the Finder remains as the Finder and the game restarts. Usually will be a very very silent and THRILLING game! Improvised version is, Hider have to hide in pairs, and there will be a pair of Finders too. Once the Hiders are caught, the Finder has to guess BOTH Hiders correctly to win. Only one rule, Finders can only scan the Hider by touching the face and no where else (cause there were both guys and girls playing together).Tough huh? :P

Shadow Shadow. Err... Just simply step on your friends' shadows.

Dragoon & Dragey. An imaginative game. Four players. Two becomes the humans and the other two becomes dragon pets. Somehow, we were only allowed to speak in American accents. And there's no rule but to just create our own plots as we act on e.g. pretend we're on a boat and one of us is drowning.The more drama, the more fun.

The Tree Man. Unlimited players, but all must have watched the X-Files (specifically the tree man episode). We understood that the tree man (as we learned from the episode) emerges into trees and would come out, grab someone, and merged them into trees - making new tree people. Rule of the game is simple, to scare ourselves that a tree man will appear behind.. a get us. Played at night only, in the field with BIG trees =.=

So yeah. Nothing beats fun childhood games!! Miss them a lot.. ):

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Chee Hoeee said...

Hahahahahaha. The Tree Man.

Mabel Low said...

Dei.. really scary one you know! :O

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

nice! :)

Lord Commander Calvyn said...

haha, I kid! XD

cute ones you did there ;)
on another note, you ought to come on over for La Sallian activities
we could use someone as creative as you to help us come up with new games
oh, and if you do join us, I promise you a great journey with loads of memorable experiences

do consider my offer, yeh? I look forward to see you come for Formation Team events and help me, RJ, Tihn Chern, etc start taking small steps to change in our world


Mabel Low said...

La Sallian activities? Wow.. thanks for the invite Cal! However i've already devoted myself towards church activities. ;)

Perhaps someday i could tag along you folks but you'll have to notify me bout the dates before hand to see if i can come. :D


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