Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#3 Art Out Loud : Spring Floral Nails

I was playing with my nail polishes the other day and got a bit curious with what i could do with the few colors that i had.

What can i do with white, blue and beige? Such boring colors and i wasn't willing to invest in more colors due to insufficient cash for the month. #sadness.

Anyway, i managed to do a set of floral nails great for spring! Or if you're unaffected by trends or seasons like me, then you can wear these any time you want!

#1 Spring Floral Nails!

I posted this picture in a previous post (link) and promised to do a tutorial.. so here it is!

This design is not as complicated as it looks like. I had 5 different designs on all five of my nails because i actually thought of just experimenting on the mix and matching between colors. Didn't expect to have it turn out so nicely as a whole!

But how did i get the red and green when i only had the blue, white and beige polishes? I'll tell you in a bit.

#2 Base colors.

I had the most boring colors made as the base. Once dried, then paint the flowers with a very very find brush. If you think you can do it with a toothpick then go ahead.

#3 Not in order.

Notice that i only had two colors for the flowers; red and blue. Yet each nail looks different; even though i used the same green for all my nails.. thanks to the different base colors which helps to create an illusion to the eyes.

#4 Same green but different lightness.

Or you can always play with light and dark colors. For example, in the picture above you can see a light green and a darker green color for my stems and leaves. For a darker color, just overlap the green again once it is dried.

#5 One last look.

One more thing... like i said before i didn't have any red or green polish colors. But i had them in cloth dyes. Haha.

Yeah.. i actually stained my nails with the dyes. Initially i was afraid it would smear when i rub 'em or maybe if would react to the transparent coating which i was about to apply when it dries out. But actually they set in perfectly! No signs of smears whatsoever!

I guess you can also try experimenting with some colored permanent marker pens? They may or may not have chemical reaction but i guess it is worth a try?

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