Saturday, April 7, 2012

#2 Art Out Loud : Retro Nails

What happens if you had but only three nail polish colors and of all the colors you had the suckiest ones that are hard to match... just like what i had before this...

I had navy blue, chocolate brown and creamy beige color - the clear varnish doesn't count since it is colorless.

I guess when it comes to a situation like this, you don't wanna bother so much about the colors anymore and just put the attention on shapes and patterns instead.

I did a little experiment last year during my STPM prep period and here's how it looks like




Super ugly right the colors?? However the color clash plus the controlled pattern made it look retro-like.

The steps are quite simple actually... Just paint them little spots onto your nail one color at a time using a bobby pin / dotting tool.

Paint the bigger circles first, which in my case it is the navy blue and the choco brown. Then fill in the smaller spots (the beige) with a tooth pick / pen tip.

A few very very useful tips that could make things way easier while painting is 1. stay away from having a fan/wind source directly blowing at where you're working on your nails, and 2. dab some of your nail polish onto a flat surface first e.g. a piece of paper cause this will work like a palette which eases your application process.

Hopefully this could help you get rid of those awkward colored nail polishes that have been lying around since 1294856276years ago.


HenRy LeE said...

oh so nice! cool retro nails ah! :D

Mabel Low said...

You wanna try having these?? xD

CathJ said...

Fun colour there.. Hihi


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