Thursday, March 22, 2012

#1 Art Out Loud : Phone Guinea Pig

Behold a new age has probably emerged since i was gone and there could have been destruction upon the planet earth and the dinosaurs were revived but were in fact zombified from the soil and shrunk much because they ate some mushrooms and humans grow ginormous beanstalks that keeps growing towards the heavens and the farmers keep farming, and all the others became vegetarians somehow.

I grew a mushroom while i was away.

#1 My Little Toodie which is actually a Super Mushroom in Mario.

And i grew a pimple too.

Ah... It's good to be back. Typing again on my keyboard as if i've never been typin' while i worked for the past two months in front of my office desk, cultivating the seed of buttock ache by sitting down every single day... I might as well just measure how much 'it' has grown=.=

As mundane as my work was deemed to be, i actually thought it wasn't too bad. Sadly, for my level of zero qualification, the things i do requires very minimal brain usage (personal opinion only) and for the sake of ensuring the survival of this thing in my head, i thought i'd do a creative brain workout.

I wanted to vandalize my phone. To pimp it.  

#2 My phone before anything happened...

Then after a whole afternoon of experimenting.....

#3 After!

Only did the back of my phone.

What happened was, i painted it white with my white nail polish.. Layered the lace on the semi dried polish. Glued a ribbon charm at the top corner to cover imperfection.

#4 Look another mushy!

Made this gold, modern-vintage themed, handphone key chain on the spot to compliment my phone.. I even custom made a smaller version of Little Toodie in a Bottle! I have two extra lives now! xD


Currently planning a new look for me phone already.. in case i get bored over this.

Woot what do you think?

P.s. Art Out Loud will be a new segment on mabelstory. HOPEFULLY it will be ongoing. Hopefully, i said.

P.p.s. I just realized i've got almost 10 posts which i thought i've posted already but in fact, they're still drafts=.= *slaps self.


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