Monday, January 23, 2012

I Saw Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter!

And i even took a picture of him!!!

#1 It's Steve!

Told'ya! Except that he only stays on those walls of the Australia Zoo and will never talk to you. Anyone can still talk to him though.


However, i did see his family members who weren't on the walls, but still too far away to talk to anyone.

#3 Bindi, Robert and ... err... i forgot Mrs. Irwin's name. Sorry.

#4 This was the view from my sitting spot.

Seriously too far to talk to them.

I am usually not all that comfortable with big crowds, especially on hot days. But the more people there are, the higher the possibility of spotting something interesting for the camera.

#5 Better than inspector gadget's hat.

I want that cap!! It would make such an adorable prop for a jumping picture!

#6 A bird.

It is normal to spot animals among people only when you're in a zoo.

#7 Beautiful bird, beautiful man.

And when there is a crowd, surely some people will stand out. I wonder if he was actually looking into my camera's lens, since i was like what... 50 meters away from him.

#8 Another beautiful bird having a beautiful shower on a beautiful sunny day.

Speaking of birds, i've got a couple of bird pictures i like a lot! They're not perfect but... I LIKE LAH!

#9 White parrot.

#10 Don't you feel like plucking its cute button eyes off?? XD

Have you ever wondered, in the wild, how do animals feed themselves when none of them know how to farm food??

Interesting thought huh? But yet they still survive. Unlike us humans who are very much smarter and have a lot more worries that clogs up our minds daily.

#11 Look! Some sort of plant that looks like a bird.

And how wonderful is God's creation of nature, but yet so many people take little note of it.

#12 Sheep. With long tail.

#13 A lizard.

I saw this random lizard roaming around the zoo compound. If you're wondering what's that white thingy in the pic... it is actually a crumbled tissue that the reptile wanted to eat.

At that moment when i shot the picture, it had a troll face maybe due to its discovery that the tissue couldn't be eaten. HAHA.

#14 Another lizard.

Not that i like lizards but wouldn't you agree this is quite an interesting perspective to look at??

Unless you're a photographer, you probably wouldn't bother lying on the ground just to take a look at this fella from this point.

#15 Elephants. Having a good time in the sunny afternoon.

Can they actually smell each other's breath? Unless they hold their breath. Or their breaths are simply... fresh?

#16 Giraffes.

I could imagine if any one of these giraffes were to have the swag attitude and be snobbish all the way, it will definitely stay high and cares not to bend down below its standards. As a result, no water splashing for you, Mr. Arrogant.

Funny how some of these things can be applied to humans.

#17 I'm watching you.

#18 This place looks familiar, no?

*Hint*hint* The lion king.

#19 Photo fun time! With Steph.

How often can you take an 'underwater' picture without getting wet huh??

#20 Kangaroos.

I tell you, if i were given a choice, i will never ever wanna associate myself with a kangaroo in any possible ways. I don't want to be a kangaroo nor do i want a pet kangaroo! They are such lazy bumps (the ones in the zoos)!

They just lie there and get fed even if they don't want to.

#21 In 2006.

Six years ago i went kangaroo feeding and they actually didn't want my expensive kangaroo food!!! ):


Then when they finally want them, all of them came... and i ran out of kangaroo food.

#23 This is 2012.

This time we had to FIND kangaroos to feed instead of them coming to us because they were lazy there were too many people doing the feeding!

As a result, we couldn't finish the kangaroo food. Also weren't sure if humans can partake of it or not.... so wasted.

#24 Argh! Y U SO CUTE WALLABY!!!


#26 In 2006.

Also back then i was that close in position to a wombat. Til i could actually have a picture of myself with it, while it pooped. Yeah.. we're THAT close=_=

#27 The present, 2012.

But this time, i had to zoom my lens to the MAX to get this picture.. without ME in it. ):

We're not friends anymore.

#28 In 2006.

Seems that not only the wombats don't wanna be friends with me anymore. The koalas have joined the laze gang and decided to not layan me also.

#29 Patting their backsides only.

Some of them don't even wanna show their faces. All they do was sleep... Which can't be blamed since their diet doesn't give them any energy anyway. Eucalyptus leaves that the koalas solely feed on are just for the sake of aiding their hunger and also to stay alive. That is it.

#30 Aww...maximum cuteness!

The leaves contribute zero energy (according to an Aussie friend of mine) so basically the koalas can't move much and the most productive thing they could do is none other than sleeping. 

#31 Random weeds. Took the picture just to experiment around with some editing.

We were all super exhausted after the zoo trip but the tiredness definitely didn't keep me from feeling excited about Juanita's visit later that evening. She'll be having a short chat with me over the topic of photography, which was obviously why i was so excited.

No doubt i was really thankful towards her for making time (since she's a full time working woman) to come over just to share her knowledge and the word about the right heart and attitude in photography for the church. It isn't the skill that matters so much, but mostly on the heart of offering.

#32 Here i am being the cook of the night, serving "Malaysian Curry" which tasted nothing like Malaysian Curry because, well, no right spices.

Didn't know i can cook? Now you know. Muahahahhahaha....!

P.s. Everything i cooked... was edible. No bowel problems, mind you.

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Lord Commander Calvyn said...

almost made me forgot that it's the LATE Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace (prob'ly wrestling crocs up there? I wonder XD)

P/S it's Terri Irwin =D



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