Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis The Season to be Jolly!


Just stoppin' by to wish the blogosphere a Merry Merry Christmas!!! Also....wanted to mention my two accomplished artworks done today itself! Yes you heard me, DONE THEM TODAY and i'm gonna share these oh-so-rare-fresh-from-the-oven pictures NOW! Wahah!!

#1 Snowflake bokeh!

Oh i've been wanting to do this particular bokeh effect in the shape of a snowflake for 1284719238596times and failed but today i finally succeeded! *pats my own head.

The source of this effect, if you looked closely, was actually from the Christmas lights twirled round a Christmas tree. Pretty right?

The effect kinda looks like those on an autumn post card. I didn't edit anything alright! Raw from the camera.

Hmmm.... autumn is the wrong feel. :/

#2 Frosty themed photo shoot.

Couldn't have done this without Julian's help today (or rather, yesterday since it's 0059hours now) in mummy's kitchen. Edited it about a couple of hours ago before writing this and walah! The quickest edit i have ever done so far!!

Kinda lost touch in portrait editing, so pardon the unevenness in the picture.

Consider this a Christmas present from me to anybody out there who is reading this or i guess this could just be another couple of images added to the pile of unworthy-of-attention pictures... on the internet.

Cheers all!


Senghoo said...

I don't know much about photography & editing BUT I definitely know some stuff or two about modeling. You should really soften your eyes & lips next time :D & try make your neck visible next time, even if it's a beauty shot (means a close-up shot of your face) seeing the neck is important so you wouldn't look short or small.
But, nice! Nevertheless :D

Mabel Low said...

Woots! Thanks Senghoo! I'll keep that in mind for next time. :D


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