Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nuffnang Gave Me A Mindsplosion!

I entered this blog contest about a month ago hoping to win invitations to the red carpet event - this was my entry : link.

But there was one problem... When will the results be out for the qualified entries?

Already a month but yet there was no news and my curiosity got me searching high and low for the winning list of bloggers - from google's search engine to Nuffnang's public blog, and guest what, i found the list for Philippine's winning bloggers instead. Meh.

Who would have guessed i would get my answer from my email.

#1 I got it, i got it!

Three expressions : YESH! YESH! YEEEEESSSSSHHHHH!!!!!

The best part is, one of my good friend, Jane got through tooooo! It was relieving to know i don't have to go there alone.

Now, now, if all were to go well in terms of fishing for an economical place to stay and sorting out our transportation for this black tie event, i definitely will have my own plans as well.

If you have read my entry, you would know what were my top three reasons for going to this black tie event; 1. wallop the cakes, 2. meet the bloggers and not forgetting 3. meet wonder woman.

I am serious.

I have no idea whether she will be invited or not but i'm determined to find her!!! So in order to do so, i'll be recording a footage of my trip to the event with my big ass DSLR. Hopefully (fingers crossed) she'll be there.

Meanwhile, i gotta go plant my face in some maths exercises. Three more exam papers to sit for!!! And more mushrooms to come..........


#2 I secretly wanna meet The Penguin too. See if i can borrow his umbrella for a photo shoot.
What fish should i bribe him with?

P.s. Whoever is going, tell me ya! Maybe we can meet up there! :D


CleverMunkey ® said...

so u going har? i didnt get the invite! ;P

Mabel Low said...

Yesh! Most probably will be going!
You didn't join the blog contest is it? Sob and i was thinking i may have a chance to meet you pulak. :/

SiX FeeT JaSoN® said...

Congrats!! I got the invite too!! will u be going to the after-party event too?

Mabel Low said...

Congrats to you too, Jason!! And yes i'll most probably be going for the after party, but just for awhile lah... ;) See you there!!

Lord Commander Calvyn said...

so sorry, but honestly I don't know what this post is about, why the enthusiasm, etc. fill me in some other time yeh. apologies ><
but nevertheless, I am very happy for ya n Jane, and hopefully u'll meet these two wonderful people, whoever they are (NOTE: I'm out of touch with the blogosphere, so yea, sorry for being super honest ><)
and BTW gd luck for maths! XD

Mabel Low said...

Well Cal, you can check on this link here:

And you'll know a rough bit about why this currently post is written^^


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