Friday, October 7, 2011

Naughty Colored Lips

I haven't been behaving very well during this time of my post STPM trial examination period. The fact that i have only around 40 days left to prepare for my actual STPM exam, spending this current amount of time editing pictures and playing around with my camera is considered a deadly scandal!

Yesterday i was supposed to be studying for today's math test but i suddenly lost the mood to kick start the memorizing routine on ze formulas. Instead i hoped on the wagon of self pampering and had the most pleasurable time with my camera. That was my first crime.

And here i am, committing more crime of nonproductive acts on the internet; scribbling on these cyber walls and pasting pictures of self-portraits that probably will gain little interest from you netizens.

Ahh.. whatever lah. Spending 30 minutes here is better than looping my game of Spider Solitaire.

#1 - That blue is real. I really applied it on my lips.

Playing with lipstick used to be a childhood game i favor. I'd leave lipstick marks on tissue papers and make catchy signatures before sending them off to the dustbin.

However my mother's cosmetic products were limited and i could only play with the color red and pink and red and pink and... red. So i had to make my own lip color out of concealer and colored eye shadow.

How to : First apply lip bum on your delicate lips to keep the moisture. (Tip : remember to drink some water first otherwise you may have to wait until after the photo shoot before quenching your thirst.) Using a clean finger, evenly spread the concealer (i'm using a liquid type) over your lips. Let it dry awhile before applying the eyeshadow of your choice. Finish up by putting on a thin layer of lip gloss for a 3D effect.

After the make up, just go do your pouting thing and shoot away!

#2 - Supposed to be black lipstick. But the black seemed to have swayed a little to the purple side. :S

These batch of pictures which have a higher coverage of black in it kinda reminds me of my long forgotten love for everything Gothic, influenced by my table mate back then - Selina Wilson. Those were the days when i was faithfully in love with the colors black and white and i hated every other color (except for red 'cause i thought it gives a very fierce feeling to that two basic colors). Ahhh.. so nostalgic.

Kay lah.. need to aid my hungry stomach now. Bye.


CleverMunkey ® said...

love the concept and the artistic feel of this series but i felt that it can be better if the 1st pic can be softer/ lighting not harsh :)

Mabel Low said...

Ahh.. interesting suggestion. I shall keep that in mind next time when i try such similar concepts. ;) Thanks Henry!! :D


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