Monday, October 3, 2011

It was Angelyn's Day!

That was on the 24th of September, the day she gave her first significant presence to her parents.

I decided to plot something for her significant presence in my life and i thought it would be fun to have others join in the excitement of creating a surprise for her.

However, we had in mind our 'belated surprise project' for Eva first, whose birthday was two days before Angelyn's. The plan was to gather outside of Eva's housing area (on the 26th of September) and have Jane give her a fake emergency call simply to lure her out.

What happened was, Jane did her best in making herself sound really helpless and heart broken. All she said on the phone was something like this;

"EVA! *sniffs*sobs*sniffs* I need to talk to you! I don't know what to do! *sniffs*sniffs* I just... don't know where to go! I only thought of finding you... Am outside your house now... *sobs*"

And Eva panic because she was in the middle of shampooing her hair. (Lol) She showered through her hair, jumped out of the bathroom and put on her pjs, ran out in her slippers with an umbrella on one hand (because it was drizzling heavily) and a tissue box at the other.

Now what she didn't know was we were all outside waiting for her. It was a pity i didn't have my camera ready.

Her hair was soaked, face full of sympathy and eagerness to know what's going on. She actually had herself belief to the extreme that maybe someone dear to Jane died or something.

When she saw us... she was actually still in disbelief.

I tell you, that moment, was PRICELESS! Haha. You know what's the best part, Jane managed to engage Eva's MUM to help cover up for us also. HAHAHAHAHA.

When Eva found out, she was like;

"OH! You knew about this?! No wonder you asked me to finish showering first!! And put on some nicer clothes."
"I was like - i have a friend in distress now and you're asking me to finish showering..and put on nicer clothes?!?!"

"No wonder you were mopping the floor this morning!! No wonder there were so many cans of 100plus in the fridge!! Pfft... and you cleverly said your friends were coming!"

"No wonder dad was telling me sinisterly that i'm gonna have a good time tonight...No wonder lah!!"

And then she understood. Hugs and kisses after that.

Okay now back to Angelyn's story.

What i had in mind was to make her a video during our gathering at Eva's, but i didn't have any idea what to shoot, what plot, what style - nothing. Because i thought of bringing it up for a discussion with the others that night.

But then slight changes had to be made because i found out Angelyn was back in town and obviously she will be invited to join us for Eva's gathering.

Now i had two worries; firstly, the party was for Eva's belated birthday, so how will she feel since.. yknow, her birthday has also just passed a few days ago and she is not the celebrated one. Secondly, how to keep her surprise video a surprise since her presence there may ruin the plan???

When that news struck me, i had but only two days to think of something clever. Turns out to be easier than expected.

I disguised the surprise project by saying that i'm gonna interview the girls individually and privately for my own PERSONAL project called GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF. Doesn't sound very fun but she bought it anyway - that's the most important part. The interviews were done privately in the theater room, so i had the chance to give Angelyn a different set of questions.

I made the first video of the girls answering questions which were directed to her (you'll see them shortly). Uploaded that on Youtube and tagged them all on Facebook.


But the surprise doesn't just stop there. I did the second half of the video and repeated the youtube-facebook cycle.

Obviously she didn't expect that coming, thus angelynwassurprised#2.

Then i made a third video featuring Angelyn herself answering questions about her (just to make it really look like it is a 'getting to know yourself' interview') and uploaded that as well just recently.

She was surprised. Again. angelynwassurprised#3

Three surprises in a week for the same reasons. Now that is our first time pulling that through!

So here are the videos i managed to put together :

24.09.11 - It is a surprise

24.09.11 - It is a second surprise

24.09.11 - From Angelyn

*   *   *

Updated on 07.10.11 :
24.09.11 - Bloopers and Outtakes!

*   *   *

Plotting surprises are sooooo EXCITING! Especially when you have a bunch of friends doing it together! :D

*People involved : Eva, Jane, SookYee, JiaMoon, YeanKit, Kelly, Debbie, Me & not forgetting Angelyn herself!

Hope you guys like the videos!

*   *   *

And oh she wrote something about the surprises here : link & link.

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