Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here and There from Korea

A short break from studying and helloooooo picchas!!

Somehow when i browse through these pictures i took in Korea, it makes me feel like I have just gotten back last week from that country. Ah i am missing you again, Korea ),:

This post is a continuation from the previous one and yes, I've got many more after this but i think i wouldn't put 'em all up so soon cause there are just too many pictures!!! I wanna miss Korea a little longer!!! *ahemexcusesahem*

#1 I wonder if the owner is hiding under any one of these hats.

Don't play play. Got security camera at the top left!

#2 Berries! Or cherries! Whichever one sounds juicier.

I'm not a fan of such fruits but was attracted to it's bright color. Shiney!

#3 Hand-made clay doll magnets.

Mum bought these as gifts. So pretty!

*Random shout out : Support hand-mades!!!

#4 Nothing very Korean here. That's Mumsy and her sis.

Sisters mah. So they probably have got the same fashion style due to that.

#5 Superb decoration idea!

I wonder how did they come up with such a creative idea!

#6 Taken from Nami Island.

People flocked around this dude and i had absolutely no idea why. But i still took a picture of him, simply.

#7 In the hotel.

The sculpture looks a bit sad. The lonely, pitiful kind of sad.

I saw this art when we checked in the hotel on the first day and i thought it was pretty attractive but not interesting enough to be shot at. The second time i noticed it was when we checked out on the third day and it was then i thought how pitiful was it for the kid to keep sleeping and not touching the food before her.

Or is it supposed to send a message that goes something like, "I'm in a BIG city and this place feeds me fast food. Everyday. I'm SICK OF IT!"

I'm just sayin'.

#8 A sign beside an elevator in one of the train stations.

My cousin remarked that it was a discrimination against the young and healthy. A discrimination! Haha.

#9 Fluffy!

Is it better to have the dog as a pet or the security guard as pet? *snickers

The only one reason i could think of why the dog is a safer choice is that it wouldn't rape you. Or your kids.

#10 Pilots with identical suitcases.

And they come in different heights bringing you to greater heights.

#11 Cola cups with expressions.

I only understand the expressions. And not the words, sadly.

#12 Referring to the picture in the middle.

Feel like crying every time i look at this picture. :,(

And when my eyes shift to the right, i get tears of excitement. Oh chocolates!!

Talk about drastic changes in emotions. Heh.

#13 In a high-end mall.

I was too taken aback by the display that i forgot to check out what brand was it.

#14 Took this random shot while on the road in the car.

Speaking of cars, we traveled around in a rented Hyundai Sonata. Very very very comfy!

#15 Can't remember where exactly did i took this picture from.

It was mum who pointed this out to me.

It reminded me of the Photography Club trip to Camerons that i missed earlier this year :,(

Y'know what's the saddest part? The camerons trip was done on my birthday and that nasty fever virus had to migrate into my body and started frying my brains six hours before the trip. :,(((

#16 Driving in Jeju Island.

Imagine if i had a shop named "The. Best. Shop. EVER!".

That would be cool.

#17 It was in the middle of two major shopping streets.

Both me and my cousin were quite disappointed with the stuffs sold at this area. Yes they were cheap - both in price and quality. Unfortunately i can't remember the name of this place.

Updated : I found out from BoonJin that this place was called Dongdaemun.

#18 Wholesale!!

Me and mum passed by this jewelry shop and coincidentally, they were having a stock clearance sale. The prices were mad cheap! We bought SO MUCH that the shop owner gave us free gifts and some orange juice!

Such splendid customer service!

Too bad those jewelries weren't for myself but for MNE instead. Will update that site after STPM lah...

#19 Took this from Jeju Island too.

Don't they remind you of the wheat field from Koko Krunch? Now where is that chocolate meteor...

#20 So where's the halo?

Angel-in-us Coffee.

How about Coffee-in-us Angels. The place where you feed on coffee flavored Angels. #lamestatementboo

#21 Myeongdong street.

It's a pity i'm not a plushy collector. Otherwise i would have bought one of these instead of just taking a picture.

#22 It is written "shopper's wonderland". What could that possibly mean??

Gets me wondering whether those Korean celebrities will personally escort you around the 'wonderland' in such costumes.

Or maybe they serve like those from the Ouran High School Host Club (anime). *eyebrows up and down.

#23 Luggage bag advertisement.

When i first saw this advertisement, i thought it was from some traveling agency. Took me awhile before i realized it was to promote the luggage bag.

I really love the floating-in-air concept! Plus the outfits from other cultures really got me staring hard!

#24 Myeongdong street once more.

Took a very quick shot of this cause i didn't wanna distract that woman there. She's probably on national tv so wouldn't be nice to embarrass her.

#25 The words that didn't show up in the picture were : "FREE HUGS!"

So nice of him to actually smile for my camera.

I thought of getting that free hug, but then.. no point lah. No one was there to help take a pic of me receiving it anyway.

That dude was actually standing in front of a fashion outlet (i forgot the brand) and according to my cousin, that brand was launching a Free Hugs Campaign internationally. Meaning to say, on that very same day, that particular brand from around the world will have someone out in the streets giving free hugs.

Reminds me of the video i saw from but in stead of Free Hugs, it was a Free Slaps challenge by the Numbnuts. Hoho!!!

* * *

That's all for now. More to come soon^^

And yes, i'm still working (hard) on a new header. Haih.


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