Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bubble Phail

In other words, the title shouts "Bubble Shots that Failed Terribly".

I suddenly felt kinda emo today but not really sure what exactly was the cause of my gloominess out of so many factors e.g. tiredness, missing somebodeh, the upcoming exams (!!!!!), not being able to prioritize time in completing my new header, lost of touch on my camera...............D,: Let's not go too far, shall we.

So yeah, thought i'd need some color to cheer me up a little.

I've been wanting to update on this bubble photo shoot i had once upon a time (taken in 2010! :O) but i figured that i should keep it for a gloomy day such as today.

#1 Show you the failed shots first so that the upcoming shots may look a little more nicer. Hehe.

I was actually inspired by Katie Sokoler's colorful shots of the random-most things ever! She's the person after Amy Yap (my Bead N More boss) that fueled my current passion for colors. And it is really a life changing thing for a person who initially lists the color black and white as her favorites.

I see things in various ways now. All is no longer just black nor white.

Alright, back to the photo shoot. I stumbled upon one of Katie's magnificent, color-filled, bokeh picture and that very piece enchanted me to drive straight to the mall and get myself a bottle of bubble-soap. I'll show you Katie's picture at the end of the post. Meanwhile just bear with mine first, please.

#2 Julian, the bubble blower while i experiment on the camera settings.

#3 Julian's try on releasing the shutter while i blow. Blowing can be tiring so we took turns.

The first few attempts were a pain in the head, and the mouth because our lips got tired. If it wasn't for the cloudy weather and the existing passionate fire within me along with Julian's constant support, i would have definitely given up.

The difficulty of completing this task was constantly fluctuating due to the wind. Really really frustrating, i tell you!

#4 Hard to focus on the bubbles.

I was wanting to make the bubble my main object. As in to have the bubbles appear sharp while the blower blurs out along with the background, but sadly, i hardly have even one picture that satisfied that condition fully

#5 The wind makes it really difficult to focus on the bubbles.

Another contributing factor to the difficulties is also my shallow knowledge on the usage of my dSLR. Back then i've just gotten hold of my new camera so i really had to struggle through this experiment.

#6 Look look! My reflection on ze bubble!

#7 Look look! An even nicer reflection!!! Oh don't you love the colors??

Many of these shots are credits from much shutter luck and zero skills. Seriously.

#8 Side ways. Easiest shot ever.

However, despite all the discouragements from my outstanding amateur skills, despite the lost of many shutter counts and time, i still thought it was all worth it.

FYI, i took around 450+ shots and only had these few to be displayed. That should give you a rough measurement of how unprofessional i was / i am. But i still stand firm in saying that all was worth it.

From so many failures in framing the right picture, i managed to have three pictures that gets me smilin' and make my day.

Favorite photo #1

Used a little bit of brain power and decided to make use of the wind.

Favorite photo #2

The bubbles dirtied my lens while shooting this picture, cause they were blown towards the lens.

Favorite photo #3

Shot by Julian. LOVE the colors in this one!

So yeah.. this post really made my day. Or rather, the pictures got me smilin' all over again. (:

And to end the post, presenting to you the best of all pictures (taken by Katie Sokoler) :


Absolutely stunning, isn't it? I'll leave you with that. K-Bye.


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