Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missing Stories

Howdy y'all!

It's ridiculous. I don't feel the holiday mood even though I'm currently school-free for one whole week. The readings on my tension-o-meter is on the rise and i figured perhaps i should give myself a warm break. Nothing beats browsing through colorful memories!

If you were wondering whether i've died during my absence, i assure you, painful was my death. I'm thus blogging from my cozy coffin wtc. I guess what's really left of me is the zombified mabel whose jolly soul is nailed beneath her hippoSTPMbooks. Pfft.

Anyway, i'm not here to rant about the dark clouds or how i feel the upcoming MUET exam next month should be postponed to idon'tknowwhen in case the tsunami hits Malaysia - utter irrelevance. I'm here to restore some colorful missing pages in mabelstory... the pages that kept my jolly soul from dispersing.

1. The Rangers' Invasion.

#1 Eva forbade me to crop this picture because she claims that her legs look long here.

Now that the Loh (with whom i fought with) is gone, i can peacefully walk into the walls of SMK Convent without triggering any annoyance from my past memories with her. Not to mention the joy of patronizing the aunty who sells those delicious plum sauced fatty fries! And the kacang puteh man! OH.. nom nom nom nom nom!!!

Okay quit the diversion. So why were we rangers back in school all of a sudden? Why all girls? What did we do there? First off, let us also just quit all these boring questions and dive into our amazing discovery of the colorful lego camera. Tadaa!

#2 Nay, not for sale.

It's really a camera i tell you! I've got photographic proof!

#3 I regret doing just one thang - dispatching it.

Solute to the one with such innovative idea! I wonder what will they come up next... a lego machine gun that can be dispatched and be formed into rifle guns and shotguns with in-built lasers? O.o Nah.

2. Red Packet Business.

#4 It's the rabbit's year!

Don't be awed by the number of red packets in my hands. You can easily out number mine if you've collected Tesco's free red packet giveaway. It's the content that really makes the statement anyway.

CNY was not much of a fun this year (it never was since the only thing that spells fun is the countyourmoney part) and when boredom hits, the light bulb lights and walah - an idea! Cameras out!

#5 Awed.

It's quite easy actually to do this picture. Scatter the angpaos/red packets all over a flat surface- in my case, i had them on the bed. Position your model on the surface along with the red packets and then when all is ready, adjust your camera to be directly above your model, parallel to the surface. Snap away!

#6 Awed also.

It is a little tricky for lady models with long hair though. You know what i mean. No more coverage on the chubby face!

3. CNY at SY's.

#7 Don't lick me, you!

Angie and Ju Ean, back from KL and SG respectively, were around town during CNY so we decided to meet up at SY's. Did what people usually do when buddies gather round - minus the alcohol. A lot of catching up, i must say.

#8 SY's confession as a noob in Chor Dai Di. Or in handling cards in general cause she made the whole world wait for her to ARRANGE HER CARDS=.=

#9 Oh and i invited Julian to crash in. So he has to be 'the girl' for one day. And no, there was no discrimination of the opposite sex.

4. Cross Country Run

#10 Mr. Iceman, as he calls himself.

Meh.. it's more of like a cross town run which i think is around 7-8km long. Lucky me, my participation in the event only requires me to take pictures of the event, instead of running. Photography literally saved me! However, there was a price to pay. My station was situated in an area surrounded by greens and trees and soil and all. You get the feel. And my infinite stupidity had me put on a pair of three-quarter pants. Didn't expect to find SO DANG MANY blood suckers in that darn place! Dei.. one slap on the calve, six mosquitoes wei! All in different sizes doing nothing else but feasting on my precious blood without permission!!! Bloody flying syringes!

And oh, another amazing discovery; Beh's cute bagpack!

#11 He looked like an overgrown tortoise.

He said he found it somewhere.

5. Happy Julian's Day

#12 Jollified with his fountain of presents.

I exaggerated on the fountain part of the caption. But he was definitely happy that day! It was his 21st birthday and he had no idea I've got something planned for him. Nothing big though. And boy was i relieved that; 1) i didn't give myself away for the surprise because i was very gan cheong (excited) already because i hid the thing under his sleeping pillow and will only be discovered when he goes to sleep, 2) i managed to go off to bed without giving him any hint - so sun fu to hold it back cause i was worried he wouldn't notice it and just sleep on.... lastly 3) really glad that he found it.. and declared his love for the gift. :D

6. Photography on Sport Events.

#13 I would die in such long races.

I'm not a person of good stamina. Nor of strength. And i ain't fit either. That's why whenever people make a guess of me being an athlete, i become confuzzled - confused and puzzled. Even the Omron electronic weighing machine tells me how unfit i am from the inside. Sad. ):

Anyway... The photography club assigned some of its members (including me) to be on duty during these sport events,so that's how i got to take pictures of the races and long jump competitions. It's a privilege!

#14 Terence doin' the jump.

I'll do a separate post on more edited long jump pictures.

Speaking of stamina, i had the longest stretch of my poor breath in my life last week!

Monday - due to lack of sleep i was the sleepy cranky zombie of the day. Moreover, i had to stay back in school for about 3 extra hours to participate in the short putt competition. To my surprise, i found out that i had photography duty on that day itself too! Ran around so much taking photos, then had to recollect my strength for short putt. Got back home and an hour later, i went for boxercise - a combination of aerobics and boxing. Stamina pushed to the max like dunno what.

Tuesday - after school, there was 1.5 hours of tutorial class and then attended the javelin competition an hour later (which i totally embarrassed myself in!). Back home, got ready for my two hour tuition and ended my day at 2300 earth hours. Proceeded to my coffin with no walls.

Wednesday - badminton competition during the curriculum session after school. Then i went home at 1700 hours. With a huge pile of three-day homework undone. Word.

7. Truth or Dare

Oh how i regret i didn't take any pictures during this gathering.

The peeps who attended the meet up at Jane's were; (the ladies:) SY, Eva, Kelly, Jane - the host, YeanKit, JiaMoon, Me, (the guys:) Ashiran, WeiJiet, KarHeng, Johnny, HengJian, KengFai, and Geston. Despite feeling all dreamy and tired, i was extremely excited with the ongoing activities of that night.

First time i had so much fun playing truth or dare with the gang. Those who were unlucky with the 'Dare card' were really sporting. Wish i could share the giggle with y'all but we made a pack promise ;) Don't wanna risk finding a head in my room upon breaking the promise.

I've learnt a new drinking game as well - Kings. Very interesting game i'd say which requires your maximum alertness. And the skill to drink in your slowest speed possible. It's more of like a sipping game actually. Silent sippin'.

Found out a new joke from Ashiran and WeiJiet : check it out here.

8. Current Food Discontentment

#15 KFC : this meal costs RM10.90. So over priced!

I should just fry my own leg and eat. Need i say more??

#16 Strawberry Moments - De Garden.

So i happened to be lingering around De Garden and decided to give Ipoh's Strawberry Moments a try to save my dying throat from thirst.

#17 This was what we ordered.

And these are my verdicts :-

-Strawberry Milkshake :
Do not take this if you're thirsty. I repeat, jangan terbanjir dengan minuman yang pekat dan tidak cukup segar ini! To some maybe this isn't so bad, but if you've tried the true taste of Strawberry Milkshake from Singberry, you'll know how freshness tastes like - so good you feel very healthy suddenly. A very high benchmark that so far no other milkshake has managed to set - for me, personally.

-Oreo Milkshake :
I believe they not only blended the oreo crust into the drink but also it's white cream fillings as well. Tasted overly sweet. Highly recommended to those who wants to die young, especially of diabetes.

-Water :
The best, the healthiest. Period.

It was a complete different experience with the one i had in Cameron Highlands here, here and here.

9. The Long Kept Affection/Secret

#18 Yes yes yes! Michaelangelo's pizzeria!

I've compiled so many pictures on this new found treasure that it's impossible to fully express my affections here! Well, actually it's not really a 'new' treasure. The 'crush' began last year during its prime days in Ipoh. The rest is history. Definitely one post i must publish in the near future!!! MARK MY WORDS!

10. I Visited MSN Msgr.

Since i'm not a frequent user who likes to hog over the computer just to do worthless chats, i only do 'visits' to MSN messenger once in a blue moon and i do make sure it is worth the visit each time. If you hadn't noticed, chatting can really burn time away.

#19 Control + Print Screen. Save picture. Share.

By the way did you guys check out the new layout of the windows live messenger? Had so much fun being creative with their new layout during my video conference with Julian.

Here's a picture to compare the old design with the current one:

#20 Hello! And goodbye.

It's a bit confusing here but i guess the best way is to check it out yourself ;)

* * *

So yeah... those were the colorful pages that i didn't manage to update for the past three months. I've got so many more pictures in queue to be fed to you guys. Sadly time does matter. I took one full day to complete this one - thanks to diversion intersecting along the way pfft.

Anyway, as i was saying, the holidays don't seem a bit like a free day for me partially because i haven't learnt how to put down certain things and stop worrying/being anxious/angry?/sad?/blabbering emoticons popping in head??/etc - eternally tangled craps.

So for now i've found a temporary solution, a getaway plan from all these dungifying crap. A mission of which i will only reveal when it is successful. Meanwhile, wish me luck ya.

Cya soon.

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