Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jump Jump JUMP!!!

The exact words my brain keeps playing over and over again whenever i try to write something. It is a suicidal act of jumping over a mind block. Hansel calls it a mindsplosion while others refer it as a brain freeze.

Don't get me wrong, i ain't no writer. I'm just doing the formal writing for the sake of answering those darn formal questions. With such limited time, you'll have to write so fast it's as if your life depends on it, and if you see students squeezing their imaginary sponge heads with the attempt of getting rid the writer's run! Or at least just keep your neck beyond their reach.

Jump away with the rants and jumps in the pictures i mentioned earlier in my previous post. I could have shown you this sooner if the internet hadn’t betrayed me (for more than a week now!) no wait it was a fuse problem.

#1 Run baby run. XD

Darn this picture simply reminds me of my upcoming race i have signed in for - the relay (4x100m) and sprinting (100m) race. I wonder how I will embarrass myself this time, again. I haven’t been exercising diligently lately ever since i indulged myself in many food drug sessions. No doubt i only worked out on my jaw. No helpin' at all.

Food drug, in my opinion, is the consumption of excessive (junk) food steered by emotional hunger or simply just eating a lot, not because you’re hungry physically but emotionally – it’s the current pill I’ve prescribed myself to. Highly addictive it is!

Never mind that for now. Take a look at the next long jump shots. I took pleasure in editing the following pictures and, if you could, try spotting the odds in the pictures e.g. awkward contours, double-color skies, missing limps, etc.

#2 Toon Kah Chuen merging his jump with some martial arts. *signals Bruce Lee sound effect*

#3 Ashiran, who almost rammed into my camera! The most dangerous moment of my LIFE!

#4 Teoh Wei Jiet doing serious jump.

#5 Oh no i forgot his name! D:

#6 Terence's turn.

The jump series by Terence is currently my highlighted one among the others. Apart from being one of the easiest pictures to merge together, i thought his batch of pictures also looks very smooth in action. Check out his neat jump poses plus his unintentional peace sign throughout his jumps if you haven’t noticed already.

#7 Lee Poh Lun, jumping with style.

Poh Lun was the winner for the long-jump event. His batch of pictures was a rather tough one to edit because i had no idea how to not erase the sand effect on his last two jumps. I can’t afford to crop each and every piece of soil that’s on air, please. So i had to relent to make his past jumping figures slightly transparent. Whether it looks good or not, it is up to you to judge.

And check out this last master piece i’ve created! It isn’t anything very impressive nor is it one of my favourites, but thought it contained a teeny weeney amount of humour in it. Behold.

#8 WeiJiet smacks Terence > Kah Chuen avoiding Ashiran's bum > Poh Lun unaware of Ashiran's incoming attack. Spectators were fascinated.

Kinda messy huh? If you look closely, you’ll notice Wei Jiet (second jumper from the left) had himself witnessing his own jump (spot the guy in a black t-shirt at the far end of the field - that’s a Wei Jiet too.) It is a flaw by purpose just for the sake of saving time. Plus it was an excuse to not admit that i have surrendered myself to being lazy that moment. Overall it looks kind of like an epic accident in pause mode which was recorded in one shutter release by the one awesome photographer >:) I like!

Alright. I shall just halt my pen here because i don't wanna squeeze my own head or even my neck - hint : getting a mind block already. Kay bye.


Anonymous said...

wah u edit one ah. super pro la!!

Mabel Low said...

Funny right! Often get tiny bursts of laughter when i was editing them! XD

M&M said...

This is a win post! Damn nice merged pictures! HAHAHAHA! Their actions and expressions xD

Mabel Low said...

Oh yeah... photo merging ftw! :D

PLeasure said...

Thanks mabel!! =)


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