Friday, February 4, 2011

The Batman Story


This is the tale that has never been told. Not even by Batman himself. It is only I who knows his dirty little secret!


Apparently he has a girlfriend. An Asian girlfriend.


This girlfriend of his secretly gave her first kiss to the daughter of his enemy; the Penguin. Raging with jealousy, he decided to take revenge...


Of all people, his wrath had to be upon me, the blogger/civilian.


He wanted to make a scene right in front of the girlfriend and in order to have me walk along with his plan, he used his dirty tricks.


What to do right... no superpowers. And to be in that black costume all the time, no one knows who he really is. Thank God there were some REAL heroes around.


And they were civilians in disguise.


Are you a civilian? Or are you a superhero civilian - that doesn't need a costume?

I happened to have stumbled upon some of Batman's other secrets from Youtube. I found out that he has met up with Superman before : here. And oh, he also worked with the other super heroes too : here.

* * *

The real story.....

#1 Kuala Lumpur! The heart of Malaysia?

Traveling to KL independently with your peers could be one of the best things to be done during these youthful days. It is now that we can afford to have walking steal our breath away. Leg cramps have no need of emergency 999 calls and it could just be the perfect leisure activity for disposing calories! Eat eat eat burn burn burn!

#2 We walked like we mean it. Goodbye calories, hello lean meat!

I'm a full time student. Which means the only source to the mini pool of money i have is my pocket money. The trip to KL was the one moment that really sucked my pool dry! Travel fare, a new handbag, and ze glorious food - these major vacuums left a very very big hole in my pocket. But it was worth it.

#3 Train station > UNIQLO > Pavilion > KLCC.

Since such trips don't happen often (for me at least), thus it was worth shattering the piggy bank for this once!

#4 Alex, SzeWei, Julian, Ben.

Thank goodness the weather was at its best behavior throughout our trip. It wasn't blistering with heat, nor were there thundering typhoons. Just nice can camp outside on the streets! No need to use umbrellas or caps either.

#5 My 50mm lens is wicked isn't it? >:)

Other than putting a tremendous effort in scouting for the best handbag that would satisfy my fussiness, i had the opportunity to play around with photography's romance with light : bokeh! It will be in another post comin' up real soon (i think).

#6 Familiar? Clevermunkey.

#7 Even more familiar?

I'm guessing that Tihn Chern has been in here before and i can almost imagine his expression there. Something like this perhaps :

#8 Julian & Ben. With such intense attention on the figurines, they may become easy preys for pick-pockets.

I was quite eager to grab one of the many t-shirts there. A Wonder Woman shirt would be nice, i thought. But I ended up walking out with nothing that couldn't fit in the camera. 1) Because i didn't fancy any of the Wonder Woman t-shirts. No Justice League shirts either, sadly and 2)those shirts SUCK YOUR MONEY LIKE DUNNO WHAT so dang expensive please!

I rather walk around with a Wonder Woman sticker on my forehead than to buy one of those shirts with RM100++. Yeah, both actions are at the same cockamamie level isn't it? If it's a no, boy, your pocket must be leaking with cash or maybe your dad poops gold, or something.

#9 The photographic proof of how unfit i am. D:

It's rather intimidating to stand beside Flash the superhero. He's even slimmer than i am! So slim that his butt is disappearing! (<---probably the only part that i'm scoring from my defectiveness lol)

#10 Go slow Flash. We need to help puff up your butt!

Seriously, Flash, you should slow down a little more otherwise you can't sit no more man. By that time, you may need butt pads.

For this year, peeps, just go slow and nibble more on ze carrots! (because carrots are full of anti-oxidants and vitamin A and watch Michelle Phan's video on homemade face scrub with carrots ; the best for you and your girlfriend/s)

I know it's a little late in my wishes (both eastern and western wishes), but glad i made it anyway. I wouldn't be able to update so much unless it's the holidays, and i may have to hog on this header for sometime before i finally decide to invest time to complete the new header (yes completing because i actually already started workin' on my header - the failed attempt was back in 2010).

All the best to all of you out there! And gambatte to those who fights 2011's STPM plague alongside with me!



--andy-- said...

no WonderWoman? She is my childhood idol (blushing)

CathJ said...

Gong Xi Fa cai to you Mabel.. wowww... got batman.. my boy will faint to see this.. hahhahaha..

Mabel Low said...

Andy ; She's your childhood idol?? Or was she more of your crush? *she does have a body i would die for!

CathJ ; Happy CNY to you too! You should definitely bring your boy there some day. Pavilion i mean. But just be prepared that he may wanna bring something back from there. :P

Anonymous said...

YOU WENT TO UNIQLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diagnosis of why the subject went berserk: they sell big bang hoodies in uniqlo



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