Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blogs Are My Storybooks

Hello blog! I am here again to write on your abandoned body.

The good thing about these cyber walls is that no housekeeping is needed because there is no such problems like cyber dust getting in the way or electronic cobwebs that will pop out of the screen. Even if there were bugs popping out of no where, all you gotta do is get a new wall and do your thing there. No big deal.

Throughout my casual scribbles on this three-year-oldyoung wall, i have been diligently hopping onto other walls in the blogosphere and as a lazy reader in real life (books make me dizzy urgh!), i surprised myself when i could actually READ and ABSORD THE CONTENTS instead of just gazing through them pictures... like what i usually do when reading the newspaper (advertisements are so interesting!).

Reading so much of these walls has got me wondering, how would it be like if i actually got to meet these 'scribblers' in person and chat with them... offline. Will they be as engaging to people since their speech bubbles in real life will not contain any pictures to entertain readers listeners?

#1 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

NAPBAS was the perfect event to feed this curiosity of mine. All i had to do was to get myself to this gathering for bloggers. Luckily, i didn't have to travel there alone because Jane managed to come along too!

The related post to the three reasons why i wanted to attend this event can be found here : link.

Other than meeting the bloggers in person, i wanted to meet them cakes and hopefully, stumble upon (the imaginary) Wonder Woman herself!

#2 Preparation!

Then begins the journey of two naive Ipoh girls, traveling 200km away from home via public monsters, going deep into a concrete jungle called Kuala Lumpur.

Being Malaysians ourselves, despite running in our 2-3 inch heels from Masjid Jamek to Putrajaya Central (hoping onto trains and taxis), we were still terribly late! We were behind time by 600+ seconds!!

To be honest, it was kinda embarrassing because we were not both VERY fashionable that night, compared the other bloggers, thus unworthy to be labelled as being fashionably late. However, we were still able to pull a rather calm and peaceful face upon arrival... because they haven't started the event.

I forgot... the organizers were Malaysians too. *hint hint that's why started late.

#3 View from my table. FYI, Jane and I were placed on different tables - they claim that it was for our own sake of mingling around with new people.

#4 If i were to disguise myself as one of the camera-person, this picture could have probably been mine. Picture taken from the NAPBAS gallery.

#5 Belly dancers? Sorry but it didn't really catch my attention.

#6 Harith Iskandar, Malaysian comedian, throwing out verbal laughing gasses! My attention span was a 100%!

#7 Award time! Hidden Gem Award went to the Googly Gooeys! They definitely stole my votes for having such cute drawings over at their site!

#8 Wendy Cheng, proud owner of won more than one title again this time! This full time blogger's domain now owns the title of Most Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog! *solutes

#9 Pole dancing this time. My fellow table mates were all having a rather serious discussion about the dancer's gender, analyzing on his/her body parts...... I remembered clearly how the guys commented on her biceps and triceps. And her humongous calves.

#10 Though sitting from afar, we could still analyze quite properly due to.. yknow... the cameraman.

#11 Throughout the event, these five dishes were served separately to us bloggers and it would have been totally ABNORMAL if any one DIDN'T snap pictures of these delicious models. It is a blogger's duty to do so. But sadly, my much anticipated cakes...weren't present ):


No doubt i was slightly unhappy about ze cakes' absence.

And you know what upsets me even more?? My last (big) slice of chocolate from the tiramisu (course 5) which was resting on my spoon, was taken away by that unprofessional buffoon waitress!!! What kinda cockamamie was that?!?!?! She didn't even ask if i'm done with my food and SHE JUST KIDNAPPED MY LAST BITE OF CHOCOLATE!!! *flings fists into air! D,:

Anyway, time to meet new people... so had to suck that in and pull a smiley face ._.

#12 Middle; Audrey ( and right; QiuQiu (Budget Barbie). Audrey, the witty blogger, is extremely cute that night! Sadly i didn't get the chance to talk to her for long since me and Jane were lining up to snap a pic with xiaxue.

#13 Right most; Ringo Tan ( She too has won an award for herself - Best Fashion Blog for 2011! This picture was taken from this blogpost of hers : link.

#14 Sue Anna Joe ( was one of the nominees for Best Photography Blog. I was kinda upset that she didn't win actually... Because i really LOVE her artwork! LOVE MAX!!!

#15 And finally our turn came for a picture with the Queen blogger herself. Every one was wanting to feed their cameras with her so obviously we wouldn't have a chance to even talk to her. I could only compliment how chao she looked in real life, because it is true!

#16 Liz ( from Australia was a nominee for Most Original Blog Design. She was the only female blogger who actually bothered to ask for my name when i greeted her. Talk about being extremely polite and friendly! She kept asking questions, trying to keep the conversation going but sadly i had to run off sooner to catch up with other 'big shots'.

#17 By the way, because she is the ultimate fan of dinosaurs, she modified her cocktail dress by adding a handmade dinosaur tail to it. Creative cuteness brought to a formal level.

#18 Kenny Sia (, Jian (, Timothy Tiah (co-founder of Nuffnang and owner of All three of them were really really friendly, as they too were polite enough to ask for names during the greeting session. I was rather shy when taking a picture with Jian.... cos.... he's a really good comic artist while i on the other hand, gave up on drawing comics (without working hard) since a long time ago. *shame

#19 And of course, not forgetting a proper picture with Jane (! 

Kinda regretted that i didn't take any picture with my table mates. They were a jolly bunch! Especially the one sitting to my right, JessYing. The others i couldn't re-call what were their names but i am quite certain one of them was Ernest Ng ( - recognized him from Jian's blog.

When everything ended, it was already midnight. Two Cinderellas had to go catch their wagon back to their humble hotel room.

#20 Stumbled upon an eye surgeon from Jakarta (forgot his name... plus lazy to find his name card sorry) and the three of us were the only ones waiting for the last train to KL Central. He told us some true stories out of politeness i guess. And i was bored so i kept asking questions so he can't stop telling stories and i kept interrupting when it gets boring but you can't blame me cause it was midnight and people don't think properly at times like that. But learned that he re-married 6 times and didn't like ANYTHING about his carrier except for the pay. =.=

Slept at around 0330 hours and woke up about 6hours after that, which was about 2 hours before our train back.

#21 Train was supposed to come at 1155am, but there were no people and no trains in sight. Why is this happening when we're actually EARLY??

We were complaining alright. To ourselves. Until we stumbled upon the captain and he pointed out that our tickets were actually for YESTERDAY'S TRAIN! *unbelievable.

Y U NO CHECK?!?!?!?

Felt terribly stupid after that. It could be the sudden release of STPM stress that brought us to such a blur state of mind. ARGH!

Worst of all, i had to be home by 4pm in order to make it for John's b'day surprise at 6pm which i can't skip because i was the one organizing it! Adrenaline rush i tell you! Next golden tickets for the train departs at 2pm and costs a bomb for us both, so we had to relent for the bus.

Julian briefly explained the route to the Pudu bus station via phone for 10seconds, then we had to use our heads to find our way there after hanging up. Like Amazing Race. And a little bit of Running Man. It was our first time navigating to the station by ourselves and boy, we were like lost sheep.

After 20+ minutes, of all buses we bought the tickets from Konsortium, the infamous company with speedy bus drivers that crashes along highways. I didn't know about it until my friends told me when i got home.

Oh well, running around in high heels the day before was like death already anyway. A crash may at least end the sore feet right? -.- *not bothered to think too much already.

#22 In remembrance of... the two Ipoh survivors.

The End.

P.s. Have been having an extremely packed schedule right after STPM. Every day i've spent my time outdoors and just yesterday, i actually over-fried myself. Yes, i am sun-burned. And i look like i'm blushing even when i sleep -.- Now that i have the opportunity to stay indoors for today and tomorrow, i actually fell sick. Talk about perfect timing.

P.p.s. Flying to a place far far away, called Down Under, in 2 days. Wahah! *excited.

Update : Check out Jane's version on this of which she updated 2months AFTER mine. XD (link)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis The Season to be Jolly!


Just stoppin' by to wish the blogosphere a Merry Merry Christmas!!! Also....wanted to mention my two accomplished artworks done today itself! Yes you heard me, DONE THEM TODAY and i'm gonna share these oh-so-rare-fresh-from-the-oven pictures NOW! Wahah!!

#1 Snowflake bokeh!

Oh i've been wanting to do this particular bokeh effect in the shape of a snowflake for 1284719238596times and failed but today i finally succeeded! *pats my own head.

The source of this effect, if you looked closely, was actually from the Christmas lights twirled round a Christmas tree. Pretty right?

The effect kinda looks like those on an autumn post card. I didn't edit anything alright! Raw from the camera.

Hmmm.... autumn is the wrong feel. :/

#2 Frosty themed photo shoot.

Couldn't have done this without Julian's help today (or rather, yesterday since it's 0059hours now) in mummy's kitchen. Edited it about a couple of hours ago before writing this and walah! The quickest edit i have ever done so far!!

Kinda lost touch in portrait editing, so pardon the unevenness in the picture.

Consider this a Christmas present from me to anybody out there who is reading this or i guess this could just be another couple of images added to the pile of unworthy-of-attention pictures... on the internet.

Cheers all!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nuffnang Gave Me A Mindsplosion!

I entered this blog contest about a month ago hoping to win invitations to the red carpet event - this was my entry : link.

But there was one problem... When will the results be out for the qualified entries?

Already a month but yet there was no news and my curiosity got me searching high and low for the winning list of bloggers - from google's search engine to Nuffnang's public blog, and guest what, i found the list for Philippine's winning bloggers instead. Meh.

Who would have guessed i would get my answer from my email.

#1 I got it, i got it!

Three expressions : YESH! YESH! YEEEEESSSSSHHHHH!!!!!

The best part is, one of my good friend, Jane got through tooooo! It was relieving to know i don't have to go there alone.

Now, now, if all were to go well in terms of fishing for an economical place to stay and sorting out our transportation for this black tie event, i definitely will have my own plans as well.

If you have read my entry, you would know what were my top three reasons for going to this black tie event; 1. wallop the cakes, 2. meet the bloggers and not forgetting 3. meet wonder woman.

I am serious.

I have no idea whether she will be invited or not but i'm determined to find her!!! So in order to do so, i'll be recording a footage of my trip to the event with my big ass DSLR. Hopefully (fingers crossed) she'll be there.

Meanwhile, i gotta go plant my face in some maths exercises. Three more exam papers to sit for!!! And more mushrooms to come..........


#2 I secretly wanna meet The Penguin too. See if i can borrow his umbrella for a photo shoot.
What fish should i bribe him with?

P.s. Whoever is going, tell me ya! Maybe we can meet up there! :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Growing Mushies


#1 Mushies on my stydy desk.

My preparation for STPM was not only full of anxiety but it was rather dull as well. Until one day when i stumbled upon an origami tutorial i saw on tumblr... and decided to bring some color back whenever i can't sleep.

#2 Now they grow on me.

Looking at them colorful shrooooms makes me happy a little.

And then i did the most random thing ever... I snapped a pic of these lil ones on my desk and sent it to a few of my friends via mms - hoping it will bring some color to their study routine.

Kay going back to my notes now. Bye.

Monday, October 31, 2011

mabelstory : Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come

16/12/2011. 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region.
The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott, Kuala Lumpur. 
Will be happening to honour the region's best bloggers and to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. Brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

Now that you have gotten a fair idea of what awaits us bloggers, here is the key to the event.

#1 Tickets to the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011.

These are exclusive tickets for the exclusive event mentioned earlier and i don't know about you, but this is how it appealed to me as :

#2 Insert heavenly sound effects.

These are tickets no money can buy. There is only one way to attain the golden invites and i am writing this as an attempt to win the passes!

Surely there will be many events happening around the same date, but why is it that i want to get meself all the way to Kuala Lumpur for this bomb?? Here's why.


Everybody knows when a big event there will definitely be ample of glorious food. Somehow i have a very ultra strong feeling that there will be sexy cakes displayed to seduce people like me.

#3 Me in love.

There could be small cakes and big cakes waiting for me!

#4 Cake of love.

This may be rather eluding to you but my sixth sense tells me about them cakes being there, waiting for me, strutting an arrogant pose for my camera!!! *drools*

I don't wanna disappoint any pretty cakes, yknow.


As stated, there will be bloggers from all around the Asia Pasific region and I WANNA MEET THEM ALL!

#5 There will be beautiful people for sure!

Think of the variety of people i'll get to engage in a conversation with! Think of all kinds of experiences that will be shared during the event!

#6 Fun observation on expressions.

Just thinking about all the crazily exciting people is enough to make me wanna do the Top Raving dance!!

But do you know who is that one person's presence i will be anticipating during the event? She is the all time woman i will really wanna meet!

#7 I wanna meet WONDER WOMAN!

Says who Wonder Woman doesn't have a blog huh? Maybe she has a top secret blog... She's probably even following your blog right now, anonymously.


The last reason would be simple - i want Nuffnang to be the one that brings me to the next level of happiness.

By the sixteenth of December, the tension of all STPM candidates will be released and as one of the candidates myself, i know how much of a relief that would be. This will be the first stage of happiness.

If i do manage to go to the Nuffnang Blog Awards, i would enter into the next stage of happiness which will be something like this :

#8 Smiling til my teeth vanishes!

#9 Evaporate into vapors of joy.

#10 Happy superpowers of noming cotton candy clouds!

The inception behind reason number three would also be because all these while i have always been a spectator from a distance of 200km away whenever there are any Nuffnang happenings. And to actually be able to participate in one of their many awesome events such as this would give a new perspective on my views towards Nuffnang's awesomeness!

To have a closer look at what really defines Nuffnang, to mingle around bloggers that formed this ever growing community in the blogosphere will be a mind-blowing experience for me.

Hopefully i don't have to be a spectator once more this time.

#11 Signing off with much hope.

P.s. : Check out Nuffnang's website (here) and win yourselves an invite too! You may even get a chance to be selected as a Blogger Host for our foreign blogger guests!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I suddenly feel hungry so i shall blog about food today. Since i'm already procrastinating by playing spider solitaire instead of writing PA essays, might as well just relent on this slightly more productive activity called blogging.

Ahh... missing Korea's food the most. :/ I can share with you guys how it all tasted like but it will only be by memory. ://///

Let me tell you one odd fact from our trip to Korea - our first meal there wasn't Korean food. It was Kebab, a Turkish cuisine. After flying for many many hours in the air, by the end of the day we reached the destined location in Korea and we decided to dine in on some Turkish cuisine. Odd.

My tummy didn't mind though.

#1 "Taste of Turkish cuisine."

#2 Stephanie and BoonJin explaining the itinerary for the following day. 3 kebabs shared among 6 people.

I think i didn't mention that this was actually our supper - "Light" supper at around 2245hours (GMT +9).



You can also get Kebab locally in Kuala Lumper (KL) as well.

Destination : Kebab at Sultan Turkish Kebab House
Direction : 127-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone : 02-749-3890
Price : 3,000won (MYR 9.00)

Rating : 6/10 
Comment : Minus the hunger factor, it tasted pretty good and filling.


Kebab definitely wasn't enough to keep our tummies filled for the night so we headed out randomly around our hotel area and stumbled upon this small restaurant along an alley.



That night was our first encounter with a Mandarin speaking Korean. She was the owner of the shop and her fluency in the language made it easy to place our orders. No actually it was easier for my cousin since she was good in Mandarin. It wouldn't make any difference if i, the banana, made the orders.

The funny thing that happened was when she served us with those little plates of food (as seen in the picture above), we declined the offer because we wanted to save some money lah. My cousin even reminded her that we didn't order these stuffs. But the lady ensured us those little dishes were actually free of charge!

Not because we were tourists but it was actually something like those containers of cili padi/cili jeruk you sometimes find lying around tables in our local hawker food centers, yeah those that just sits by the table longing for someone to eat them. Those are definitely free 'cause you can just order a beverage and simply put all the cili jeruk you want and they won't charge you extra. Same case with these Korean 'side dishes'.

Not that i'm suggesting you should put these dishes in water lah =.=

#7 All the food were cold. Literally coooool. They were 'fresh' from the refrigerator.

#8 Tried out three of their home-made dishes : (from left-right) Beef soup, beef with onions, spicy seafood.

The beef. Oh my goodness. The beef!

So dang good!!! For those who doesn't take that particular meat, you are definitely missing out a lot!

Oh so tender, so soft, so gooooooooood! One bite will leave you craving for more!!!

Like what Kimberly would say, "....literally jeez in the mouth!"

Destination : Restaurant by the alley.
Direction : Around Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon.
Phone :???
Price : ???
Rating : 8/10 
Comment : Loving the genuine taste of home-made Korean food.  I couldn't give it a 10/10 because i don't know how to rate seafood - not a fan of those dishes.


Within the our 5 day trip we definitely had a lot of chance trying out Korean snacks.

#9 Deep fried with red bean paste as filling, coated with a lil bit of sugar. It had a very very thin crust.

Destination : One of the stalls in Namdaemun market.

Direction : train : Itaewon > Samgakji(line6>4) > Hoehyeon staton (15min, 5stops)

Phone :???
Price : ???
Rating : 2/10 
Comment : The paste filled up about two-fifth inside and it is very very oily. Nothing very fascinating as it is similar to one of our local kuihs... except that ours had a thicker crust with sesame seeds on them instead of sugar. The two points goes to its fine crust and the fairly sweet paste within.


#10 A pao shop. I think we ordered one with red bean paste.

#11 Ordered one only because we wanted to leave our stomachs for a better meal.

Destination : One of the stalls in Namdaemun market.

Direction : train : Itaewon > Samgakji(line6>4) > Hoehyeon staton (15min, 5stops)

Phone : 319-1333
Price : ???
Rating : 4/10 
Comment : My mother always tells me a good pao is one with filling richer than the dough. In this case, the volume of the filling wasn't enough.


#12 Grilled, i think. Come with a free can of pepsi.

Destination : Twoot

Direction : train : Myeongdong > Tansfer at Dongdaemun history > Granghwamun station

Phone : ???
Price : ???
Rating : 6/10 
Comment : Pretty greasy but it compensates the slightly dry meat. 


#13 Sushi from a convenience store.

#14 Fried bun on a stick coated with potato cubes and white sugar topped with tomato/chili sauce. On the other hand was Hershey's chocolate drink.

Destination : Outside of the Jyeongbang falls entrance, Jeju Island.

Direction : Jyeongbang falls, Jeju Island.

Phone : ???
Price : ???
Rating : 5/10 
Comment : The fried bun on a stick was something different. Wasn't something i would buy on a second time but it was good to try. I would recommend you share this with someone because it really was too oily to finish 'em all by oneself.


#15 Myeongdong Gyoza.

#16 The recommended dish : dumplings. Dipped in some black sauce that tastes like soy sauce. It had minced meat (dunno what meat was it) with some sort of green vege.

Bought these to snack on while waiting for our plane in the airport.

Destination : Myeongdong Gyoza
Direction : 25-2 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 
From Exit 8 of Myeongdong Station -subway line no.4- , proceed between La Bellavita (coffee shop) and Crown Bakery about 150meters (you'll pass two intersections).
Phone : +82-2-776-5348, 3424
Price : ??? (credit card allowed)
Rating : 7/10 
Comment : I am a fan of dumplings and i think they tasted pretty good. The additional black sauce made it taste even better but be careful with the greens, they are quite stubborn to the teeth.


#17 Smoothie King makes custom-blended smoothies with real fruit, pure juices, and nutritional supplements. Pretty popular in the U.S.

#18 Lining up with a buzzer. This thing vibrates when your order is ready.

#19 Ahhh smoooooothie!

Destination : Smoothie King.

Direction : Myeongdong street.

Website :
Price : Around 5,000won (MYR 15.00)
Rating : 6/10 
Comment : Pretty good for a smoothie, but not good enough to have me remember what flavor it was.


#20 BBQ honey chicken. Or was it pork???

Destination : Outside of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak [UNESCO World Heritage]
Direction : Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo-si Seongsan-eup Seongsan-ri 114
Phone : +82-64-710-7923
Price : ???
Rating : 7/10 
Comment : The meat was tender and the generous amount of honey compliments it very well.  It was so good you don't feel like sharing. But then the honey drips.. so there goes your jeans. 


And this is my favorite, the ice cream from Myeongdong street!


#22 Layers! Bring it on!!!

#23 Super tall!!! (both the consumer and the product. Hehe.)

Destination : Myeongdong street.

Direction : Myeongdong street.
Phone : ???
Price : 1,500won (MYR4.50)
Rating : 9/10 
Comment : This is the most unsinful ice-cream ever! It has a rich milky taste with very minimal sugar content. The layers just made it the winning snack of the trip! I usually dislike vanilla but this had a stronger milk flavour in it! The chocolate tasted just as good!!! And the price is very reasonable! If only they replaced the wafer cone with the waffle type, then it would have been PERFECT.


Another one of my sinful favorites.

#24 Twist potatoes!

#25 This is how they made it. They use gloves! So hygienic! Really unlike the local ones :/

#26 Look at the layers!!!

It had cheesey seasoning powder by the sides of the spiral.

Destination : Myeongdong street.

Direction : Myeongdong street.

Phone : 02-965-5887 ~ 8
Website :
For more info :
Price : 1,000won (MYR 3.00)
Rating : 9/10 
Comment : Oily but not too oily. Crispy. Tasty. Crunchy. A snack you would definitely wanna share because the faster you finish, the more you can buy. 

I found the same product in the local night market (Bercham, Ipoh) and it wasn't good AT ALL. Too much oil and flour which creates an uneven texture to the layers. They were a lil heavy on the seasonings also, plus most parts had a very dark color to it (unlike Korea's) and had the burnt bitter taste. Moreover, to make things worst, the ones here are more expensive too! Bleh... Not good at all. Korea does it BETTER!


To be continued the next time when i hunger for Korea's food. :P

Kay bye!


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