Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SY Tried to Kill Me

Wombeh! Random shriek from the survivor.

Place of my death well planned. Arrangements of my supposedly last supper here at Good Times (man what a place to be assassinated).

Strategic and wise move, assuming if i should be killed over steamboat and good lighting. If i regurgitate or disperse eruptedly (wow imagine that), people loose appetite and together with the employees flee in disgusted horror, and SY does the finale by 'ta pao-ing' (doggy bag) the good food.

I'm just sayin'.

And like a predator waiting for its prey, she's full of patience. She counts the seconds, like how you count sheep or mosquitoes before sleep. Dang and i had seriously no idea! All these while, when she was sitting right opposite me, i thought she was of no threat!!!

She got up and proceeded with her plan... and good grieves, i can see her sinister smile right there!!! How could i have not noticed it earlier?!

The next moment, presented before the oh-so-hungry me, was my first hint of danger.

Second hint of death nearing was when she chucked me this wasted piece of lamb meat...

Nice try SookYee. I live to tell this tale to your grand kids someday. I LIVE TO WARN OTHERS OF YOUR BBQ SKILLS!

So to celebrate my triumph in *ahem* survival from bad girl SY, i decided to do some evil myself. Accompanied by naughty JiaMoon. Hoho.

Prey; Eva - who fell for it like easy-weezy and is about to get her cheeks iced.




Talk about Facial Dessert Delight. Definitely recommended for after meals.

Not only does it leave a cooling icy touch but also teases your cheeks with a good blush-behind-the-tissue look. You'll be satisfied, for sure.

Just one condition, you must not see it coming. Guaranteed happiness there after. HOHO!

Okay lah... serious matters now. This actually links back to the previous post that i wrote about the Jellybeans (& bloopers). Consider this as the dark side of the Jellybeans (as whatever written here is seemingly unrelated to jellybeans).

However the food was great, the atmosphere and people and all were just as good except for SY's BBQ-ing skills which i will continue to screw. Why? Because she claims to be an extremely *cough*good*cough* cook whose food stole the hearts her family... unbelievable? *looks at the deceased lamb meat* Highly unbelievable, SY. Tsk tsk.

And don't you dare give me that innocent-homemade-cute-pie-look girl. We both know where it'll end up...

Ahhh... Good times with the girls in the Good Times restaurant. I must say that it was SY who recommended the place. RM26 per person (if i remembered correctly) - quite reasonable. Good thing she made bookings. Otherwise, we may have to do an imaginary BBQ session under the rain.

Prove of presence ; which includes me who was the photographer of the night.

Besides good food and good atmosphere and good people, we've gotten some good laughs on some good looks!

The rest will be in Facebook, peeps.

But they won't be up until the next post which sort of is the root of how SY got into all this screwing business. And here's the hint...

* * *

Yesh! I've completed all three seasons of The Big Bang Theory plus a few episodes from the fourth. Gotten to know a few words from this hilarity:

Bowel. Lactose-intolerant. Colonoscopy. Coitus. And not forgetting Sheldon's classic; BAZINGA.

Ahhh... i can't remember what was the last series that actually got me so cheered up and 'educated'. From culture, human social behavior, vocabulary, intelligence, relationships, science (?) etc, there's just so much to learn! And i thought the only way to actually learn something was only through reading. Boy am i so wrong. And i'm beginning to believe i have equipped myself with some confidence in writing. Or self expression. Or both.

Though, I'm still not so sure whether i'm ready to launch on another set of comedy series (what i had in mind was How I Met Your Mother). It does take up a lot of time - cutting down blogging is tolerable but i'm loosing space to do personal designing improvement. That's probably the reason why i'm a little sad these days.

Plus, when i watch, i eat. And drink less. And head towards being doomed by sickness.

December is here. Time to hit the books already. And get rid of anything there that still eludes me. HAIH. Zombie month.

Final note to SookYee (a physic-related riddle depicted from the Big Bang Theory show) :

What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis?


Til next time, bye.

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