Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look Out, New Year! I'm Comin'!

And when i said New Year, what i really meant was the actual NEW year in terms of AGE. That's why i'm posting this TODAY. (Read between the lines and you'll know what i'm pointing out here.)

Logically between two years there's a huge gap of 12 months, right from the 1st of January til December's last breath, the 31st. But if you zoom in a little more, counting time by days, it is really just a one day difference!

Imagine if i was born 10 days earlier which falls on December's 31st, i'd already be a year older! Anyone's birthday that is on the 1st has really got one whole year to loose man. Imagine that! Schooling, exams, graduation... One year behind! Just because you crawled out of your mother's womb one day later. D: Tsk tsk.

Somehow i'm still glad i've fallen into my current time line in life. A day's difference would probably have brought me to a completely different state of a person from what i am now. I probably wouldn't fancy photography, or maybe i wouldn't blog either! Ahh.... another reason to love myself!

#1 Behold! Kevin's babe, held in the hands of Benjamin.

#2 Check out the sexy lens, baybeh!

#3 Tap dance by the KL lady youths. Marvelous performance really!

#4 There is something about this picture that i like. I just don't know what!

#5 John Lai doing the imaginary slamdunk.

#6 Met a new friend, Cecelia, who looks like a combination of two of my friends ; Sally and SueLi. Maybe not in the picture but IRL, you won't believe it.

#7 First time doing a random crowd cam-whore (fill the frame yo!) with my dSLR.

#8 Her skills amazes me. But when i saw her hamstrings, nah, that ain't a good workout.

#9 Turn your screen upside down and you'll see the real world behind this picture. ;)

#10 Woodwind family! Hearts!

#11 Cockamamie superstition steals all fourth floors.

I ain't typing much for today cause i'm still quite ill. Have been having fever since the last two days of my eighteenth year which died down today (thank God!). Some remains still linger round the back of my head though, and my throat decided to do an intense tickle on itself each time i release a cough. Bah. The saddest part was my homework are undone! D:

This was a drafted post which i prepared halfway on new year's eve. But i was caught up with New Year itself, so... this is sort of my late Happy New Year greeting to all of ya. Teehee.

Alright. Can't type anymore. The head is doing the merry-go-round thing. @@ What a way to start the nineteenth year.

* * *


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SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

I like your new header :).

By the way, add your blog shop here - SoftSurf -
It's free :).

Mabel Low said...

Thanks SJB for the info! :D Will check out the sight when i get the chance! :D

CathJ said...

Hi Mabel..

Just got the Xbox for my son.. thanks for the link for repair (In case) is that in Msia??

Psst.. SJB is my sister.. LOL..
(By the way.. softsurf is my younger bro in law company.. newly launch.. thanks to my sis for introducing it to you.. haha.. anyway.. just check it out if you free.. I knw you super busy girl.. ^_^)

Have a good time dear..


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