Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breath-taking? No. Breath-Taken.

Who would have thought a place like Port Dickson could ever take your breath away?

PD is such a quite place (except for the resort i stayed in which has no peace at night) that you could just literally sit somewhere in the day and count flies to sleep. Seriously. I tell you the number of flies at the dining table will make you forget the existence of mosquitoes. It's like an invasion! One hand eat, another hand...defense!

#1 The youths with the older youths. Picture stolen from Jeannee :P

Thanks to Alex we got to go to the lighthouse (on the second day) and also after many many impromptu attempts of borrowing other people's cars (not everyone drove to PD, most came by bus).

#2 Alex had a surprise for us.

Once we reached the destination, we found out we didn't really reach the place at all. Alex forgot to inform us about the 200m hike uphill before reaching the lighthouse!!!

Boy, for a person with low stamina like me, hiking all the way there was really... literally, breath taking. (!!!)

#3 Yesh! We're this close to mother nature! Better take a decent picture first before starting the hike.

You really gotta keep walking to 1) catch up and 2) leave the mosquitoes trailing behind. Stop once and you get a bunch of love bites. This was the only place where i don't see a single fly around... perhaps they transformed into blood suckers.

#4 Nike? Wolverine?

Managed to grab hold of some photography 'lessons' along the way from Cass - about compensation adjustments, proper aperture settings for portraits/landscape, white balance, natural lighting - just to name a few. Boy were my pockets over flowing with 'coins'!! (Damn happy can!)

#5 Rais, whose features the camera loves.

I've gotten much 'love bites' for stopping to release the shutter, but it was all worth it!!! There were two sensei-s and a hand-full of models! Who would ever wanna let this golden opportunity go?!

#6 Faster take, mosquito bite!

There was so much to try! Angling! Positioning! Lighting! At the same time grasping for air during the hike! Stamina building for both the body and the brain, YEAH!

#7 Picture rotated anti-clockwise for an abstract effect.

The experiments don't just stop there. Back home when my computer and i reunited, there was much to twist and turn and tweak and feelohsoverythehappy!

Ahhh... photography can really have an amazing effect on one, no? For me, at least, it's a definite yes.

#8 Saving an originally not-so-nice picture to something abstract.

I was already sweating like mad, hair ran out of style and also starting to run out of breath but managed to persevere on a little longer while climbing the mad-long flight of stairs @@!

#9 We're here we're here! The lighthouse of PD!

I was heart-broken. Because the gates to the lighthouse were locked with the 'No Entrance' sign by the side. Alex brought us round the outsides of the lighthouse instead, walking by its brick walls, to find something that actually mended my shattered heart quite instantly!

#10 The remedy to my broken heart. (Sorry but maybe my picture failed to illustrate the beauty of the scene fully - newbie photographer in action, that's why)

I found my stolen-breaths back. It was like a life pack that restores your HP to the max! However, it was kinda ironic cause the scene stole my breath away at the same time.

#11 Down there looks like chocolate so yummy!

#12 Joel, asked to pose again.

I must say, every time we stopped somewhere, those with the guns will surely start shooting. The eyes start screening for potential beauty-pics. And the hands, always on the camera in ready mode. It was like war, y'know.

#13 Wash your eyes...

#14 Restore your breath.

Edwin taught me to take this picture. Before this, taking silhouette were an easy-peasy thang, until i upgraded to the dSLR. Plus, Cass encouraged me to use the manual mode (!!! first time !!!) all the way there. I started off with the aperture mode, thinking of keeping to the safe side but i messed up totally. :S

Also, no point using the 'auto' mode which will only have me look like the-Noob-who-don't-want-to-learn-but-just-show-off-the-guns. Struggled in the brains like dunno what. Thank God there were people for me to refer to.

#15 Another picture that didn't turn out right. So edited it heavily for an abstract & illustrated effect.

I believe we would have stayed till sunset if that evening was a free session also. If we didn't have to rush back for our baths and dinner to attend the camp's session, there would be longer hours watching nature's beauty.

#16 Everyone was contented.

Even without sunset, I was beyond satisfied. My camera had me understood it more. Andi'm beginning to feel 'the bond' with it. :P

#17 Ben, the 'whee' expression.

Ever since my breath was taken by the breath taking moments with these guys, i could already conclude the camp was one of the best.

It was all worth it. Period.

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