Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Mabel Ghost

Once upon a time, long after the invention of jeans and flip flops, lived a girl by the name Mabel... who died in her jeans and flip flops. Somehow.

Her favorite past time was to sit *cough* gracefully *cough* on the balcony with her signature smile and get tanned. Even though there was excessive exposure to the sun's rays, skin cancer wasn't the cause of death, neither did she toast to death.

One thing is for sure, her uncle dearest was devastated.

Where could she have died?

Did she die still the balcony?

Did she die in the playground?

Did she drown and sank beneath the lake's mirror surface??

Or did she die because her brains shrank..and feathers invaded her???

Dear uncle Hansel could take it no more. He was determined to just kill himself and become a Hansel Ghost.

First attempt has failed him, but he quickly made a second attempt.

Which he also failed miserably. The others tried to talk him out of it... until he blurted out the truth about how the Mabel died.

She died because he had taken away her one and only past time. He shut her away. He killed her by killing her hobby. It's like when someone takes away the internet, the computer, the mobile phone and the fridge from you! It's an INSTANT DEATH!

And so, the others decided to lend a hand to uncle Hansel's failed attempts. Wait no, they lent him their legs.

Now the Mabel Ghost has adopted a new past time. And she has been doing it for an infinite number of times, in those jeans and flip flops of hers. And the signature smile.

"Jump jump. I like."

* * * END * * *

Damn long didn't write a picture based story of my own! Feels a little bit awkward this time, maybe because of my lack of typing these days? Or perhaps the reason is me being dead in the script?

Anyway, this post dates back to the month of August, 21st when i decided to make a call to all the youths for an outing.

It has been an extremely long time since we last gathered for whatever events outdoors. Must have been decades ago we last connected with nature herself! What better way than to have a morning breakfast in Gunung Lang!!

To be honest, even though i was the one organizing this outing to this recreational park, it was seriously my first time going there. Heck, i don't even know how to get there myself! Luckily YokeLin & Julian were familiar with the place.

It was my first time having a decent picnic as well - decent as in the food was edible, unlike the last time when i hiked to Pologround with my fellow rangers and had to cook there but none of us remembered to bring salt or spices or a knife! And we even lost our sausages!!! D:

This time here in Gunung Lang, all we had to bring was ready made food while some are in charged of bringing beverages. Ahhh... blissful moments!!! Plus the whether sided on us; no rain, no microwave auras from the sun.

Of course, not forgetting Ms Cassandra Chong Yoke Lin who took all these wonderful pictures with her D300! Credits to her!

I could tell... we all had a tremendously enjoyable time together!!! Hopefully the next time the others will get to tag along as well.

Oh by the way, something interrupted our supposedly calm and peaceful picnic...

. . ...It was the "natives".... . .
UPDATE : check it out here (link)


Shingo T said...

This ghost story made me smile, Mabel. ^_^

Love the pics, I never had the kind of fun that you guys had when I was young.

Envy! ^_^

--andy-- said...

u are scriptwriter? Good imagination. And I always love jumping shots !

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

lol, it's cute! mre likey! XD

Mabel Low said...

Thanks mates! :D


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