Monday, November 15, 2010

Jellybean Bloopers


How did the jellybeans came about? *Shrugs* Maybe they just fell off from some random jellybean packet and so happened they all were of different colors. Lets just begin by saying they were invited by earth's gravity.

I doubt taking away the element of gravity would help ease out this synchronize-jumping task. Swimming or floating in the air and drifting out of the picture's frame sounds worst than anything else! Imagine trying to work on a group picture in space. Ridiculous much!

I never thought that the auto mode on a dSLR is worthy to be used. I mean, come on lah, you paid so much for the gadget just to shoot on auto which many other compacts can do as well?! Not only does it not make any sense, but it's disgraceful in the name of photography!

I'd rather play with the program mode, though kinda similar to auto, but at least you can still adjust on the ISO - even that i still haven't gotten a good grip yet (dang i need more practice!).

I always like to shoot scenes like these outdoors, especially on fields. And when i mean fields, i meant lands with green grasses (with or without playgrounds), preferably with trees and DEFINITELY areas big enough to do (at least) a 50m sprint. Little did us girls know that our dear ChinSookYee, the pink jellybeanie, has a different definition of a field. Uniquely different, that has reached an unacceptable point.

We were all in Menglembu (Ipoh) and so SookYee was most familiar with this place. She brought us to Kledang Hill, which at first had me scratching my head. A field on a hill?? Are you serious?? Never mind, SY knows best since i live no where near there.

We drove there in two cars. I had to go through some sweat and blood rush moments while trying to park my car (there was no freakin' power steering) on a rather steep (for a beginner like me) slope. What's worst was, i had to do diagonal parking. GASP!

I was leaking with sweat. LEAKING!

Ahh... done. For once i was jollifyingly happy over my insignificant success (in parking the car). Got out onto the undeveloped sidewalk covered in stones and pebbles, having patches of grass here and there, plus the fresh air welcomed a boost on my happiness and excitement level up to near maximum. Ahhh... it felt like a blissful morning. Until SookYee pointed out that the undeveloped sidewalk i stood on, is the field. Huh?

Undeveloped sidewalk. Field. Oh my head!!! It's like saying Sambal Belacan and Watermelons are of the same. Indeed i've lost my senses!!! GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

And and and.... All that parking effort!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I seriously could have fainted. Thank God going down the hill (in free gear) didn't give me any sweat, or bloodshed. Plus we managed to enlighten SY the true definition of a field. I guess the word is just too deep for her. Tooo deeeepppp i tell ya!

Jump jump jump. Since fields don't include trampolines, jumping at the right second before the timer releases the shutter can be very tricky. The timing has to be right. Just right. And we couldn't afford to jump too many times - still in need of energy to get our breakfast later. Yes, we jumped with empty stomachs.

There was once we couldn't hear the beeping of the timer.. thus the funny half squat pose.

And when we were trying to piggy back each other, we received welcoming(?) honks from the four-wheel drive/lorry/car/motorcyclist. Perhaps the honks meant, "OI you girls are distracting me from the road!!"

Or it also can be interpreted as, "O.M.G. beautiful jellybeans!".

I'm just sayin'.

Not forgetting the happening of the impromptu pillow fight which was HILARIOUS! Plus the reward to our jumpaton was GOOD breakfast! Will update on that next time.

Meanwhile...SookYee, undeveloped sidewalks are not fields. Remember!

P.s. : Vandalizing pictures can be so tiring. Zzz....


rainfield61 said...

Then you really play hard on the program, just like very hard on the jumping.

If you explore more, you will get addicted on the manual, and become a star.


CathJ said...

hehhehehe.. interesting... :D

Angelyn said...


I have to say, this blooper is nicer than the original one. but the original one is classy of course.. This just made me laugh.
Firstly, I love the screw-SY-more part.
Secondly, I'm loving the actual blooper-part of it. And with your additional cutesy drawings and stuff. Hahahahahaha.

I still can't think how could THAT be a field. SY oh SY.

Mabel Low said...

Rainfield61 ; Oh yea i'll do some exploring around my camera's wonderland. :D Just need to find more self-given tasks to practice on. ;)

CathJ : Indeed *winks

Angelyn ; I actually spent more time on the blooper rather than the original set. HAHA. Damn cute right? Tell me about the laughter, girl. I laughed so much while editing that i almost forgot what to do next. XD And the field... -_____________- Screw SY. Lol.

Kelvin said...

I love bloopers XD

Is there some london bridge is falling down photos?

Evan Johnson said...

great edits


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