Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Update + Teaser.

Hello world! Just a quick update!!!

First off, blame the school for having my ass glued real tight on my study desk and giving me the ultimate test of my stamina... in completing numerous homework + assignments!

Secondly, i am now caught up with a student's undesired moment in this semester; MY FINALS!

I've got so many pictures stored in my files, all ready to be displayed here. It's just that i can't find enough time to upload 'em on photobucket and then transfer them here because of the hours spent in my scandalous act with youtube doing homework.

So just to compensate for the naughty moments with facebook as well lack of updates here, i'm throwing you this one pic related to what i will be updating on after "hell's week", otherwise commonly known as the Finals.

I'll be back after the 22nd of October, 2010. TTFN.


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