Friday, September 3, 2010

Mum, I Do Kill.

What got me to write up this so very randomly was when i viewed one of my friend's album in facebook (Chau Yeong's) that was loaded with nothing else but plants.

And oh, my friend's a he... who likes gardening. Very unlike me, who is a she and knows NOTHING about the greens (except for the one globally known fact about vegetables being good to the health).

When i think of him, i think of my mum and then back to me who would sometime in the future, inherit my mum's precious garden. I literally went green at the thought of it, and had imaginary foams leaking from my mouth.

Not a good thought.

I don't know. Maybe green just isn't my color?

Have you tried playing "Plants vs. Zombies" - a game of which the good side is obviously the plants that are animated and are sort of in a mutated state where it can actually, ridiculously, defend your house from being invaded by zombies.

Being once addicted to this game got me thinking that perhaps the only proof of alliance between my own self and them plants, was when i actually won the game? Though it seriously didn't make any sense since the mission was to use the plants for the sake of protecting your brains from being eaten. By the zombies. Totally unrelated and is of no relevance to reality, no?

I once asked mum, what happens when i actually take over her garden. I shifted my view towards the garden, visualized that the green pigments will probably fade off, replaced by tones of yellowish brown. One by one, those faithful pots start to disappear and there would be no place for any blooming.

So brown you there was no sight of any other color except for the blue blue sky. I saw sand. Heaps of sand... OMG! My mum's garden turned into a mini desert! o.0 (*overly exaggerated*)

I kinda regretted asking her that question actually. I reckon I'd feel the same when a giant toddler comes up, snatches my dSLR, sticks it in its mouth and smash it against the wall...GASP.

My lungs would drop off if that happens!!!

Sigh. If it isn't for my love towards photography, i would definitely not get to do any justice for my mum's precious - by taking RIP pictures of the plants (it's for the best of their futures sobs). At least if they do die (need to touch wood?), i still have a piece of something for remembrance - probably very useful to keep track of how many i've accidentally murdered.

Oh well, besides eating... i don't think i have gotten any good skillful trade from mum lah. Sadly :(

P.s. : Dear plants, too bad you guys are not edible. Love, Mabel.

P.s.s. : Pictures taken during my trip to Cameron Highlands. And no, those aren't the mentioned "RIP" pictures...


WenYi said...

lolz. It's okay to not have green fingers Mabel. You're a photographer, and a good one too! That I'm sure your mum doesnt have either :P

CathJ said...

rip photos??? hahahhahaha... you mean all the flowers are dead?? hehehhehe... welll dear... it's happened... even in a hand of a pro.. ;-p ;-p

Kelvin said...

Lol, ur mum must be watching u closely now XD

Anonymous said...

U killer! :P

HenRy LeE ® said...

all the pictures are nicely taken mabel... just that u need more twig during post processing :)

Calvin Ong said...

hey mabel! thanks for visiting! visited back! :)

fufu said...

hahaha plant more then...sure you can have green fingers one day

Mabel Low said...

WenYi ; Just one problem.. what am i gonna do with my mum's garden in the future?? :S

CathJ ; Lol. Not dead yet. Just in case if they die.. at least i still have some pictures in remembrance of them flowers :P

Kelvin ; Nah she doesn't have to. I don't dare touch her plants just yet. XD

Joshua ; Oi! Haven't killed. Yet. XD

HenryLee ;Thanks mate.. more tweak you mean?

Fufu ; Don't dare lah. :S


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