Friday, September 10, 2010


Last night i was having this thought in my mind which sort of popped up at the wrong time - it was five minutes past midnight, i wanted my sleep!! And that pounding thought was : healthy language over the foul. So random right??

Seriously, i had no idea what it meant because at that moment, i was having a headache already and all i wanted was a piggy sleep. Wrong move for doing sudoku right before bedtime. Dungu choice for doing sudoku(hardcore level) at that hour=.=

Anyway, back to that random thought : healthy language over the foul. When i think about being healthy, instantly and very naturally, vegetables start popping in my head. Salads. Greens. Fresh air. Exercise. Six abs. Sexy bust and pert bu... *coughs* Sorry.

In terms of language, i think being healthy in speech would probably means clean your mouth everyday extracting all usage of foul language. *shrugs* I'm just sayin'. Somehow this reminded me of a friendly comment dropped on my chatbox saying how mean my topic sounded (referring to my previous post The One Monochromatic Bite) and the funny thing is, i don't know what was exactly so mean in that topic.

Yes i did include some elements of anger in there but i did it in the most 'healthy' way possible.

"Those cucumber heads had us waiting for 40minutes before SOMEONE actually TOOK OUR ORDERS."

"They should just cheese bake their head and serve as pulut..."

Tell me, what did i do that was so mean huh? I only used non-magical, totally powerless words to describe them people as 1. cucumber heads and 2. cheese baked pulut. Besides, they should feel honored to be scolded with such glorious terms (cheese baked pulut not glorious meh???) instead of just one blunt f*ck. No? Or you can just verbally slap me back by calling me *insertdeliciousfoodnamehere*.

ANYWAY, talking about blunt words, I used to have one i commonly blurt out for the purpose of self expression(?), just like how some people like to use the blunt f word (please, i'm not referring to fart=.=). I used to use the s word. The very well known four-letter, smelly, s word called 'shit'.

So since we're talkin' about having a so-called healthy language, i've attempted in making this favorite word of mine to be more 'healthy'/ 'presentable'/less 'smelly'.

First off, lets see what the dictionary has to say about this s word.

1. (impolite)Solid waste

2. (
impolite)Shit/shite(Bristish) - something you do not like of think is of very bad quality

3. (
impolite)Something that is not true or sincere (we have to listen to politicians talking shit.

4. (
offensive)shit/shite(Bristish) - an unpleasant or unkind person

5. (
impolite)used for showing that you are annoyed, disappointed or frightened

Don't want to know more? Skip the phrases part then. If you decide to read on, i'm warning you, there will be much stinkifying use of meanness.

1. (impolite)Feel/look like shit - to feel or look ill
2. (impolite)full of shit - always saying things that are stupid or not true
3. (impolite)Get your shit together - to get organized
4. (impolite)Have the shits - to have diarrhea
5. (impolite)in deep shit/in the shit - in trouble
6. (impolite)kick/beat the shit out of somebody - to kick or hit someone very hard
7. (impolite)no shit - used for saying that you are surprised about something, or in a humorous way to show that you are not at all surprised
8. (impolite)not give a shit - to not care at all about someone or something
9. (impolite)shit happens - used for telling someone that unpleasant things happen to everyone, not just to them
10. (impolite)the shit will hit the fan - people will become very angry or there will be a lot of problems
11. (impolite)take shit from somebody - to let someone treat you badly
12. (impolite)treat somebody like shit - to treat someone very badly
13. (impolite)shit yourself - to be extremely frightened
14. (impolite)shit on - to treat someone in an extremely unfair way
15. (impolite)shit-hot - extremely good
16. (impolite)shitless - used for emphasizing how strong feeling is, especially the feeling of being frightened

Reading the dictionary has never been as amusing as this. We can conclude that this s-word displays 'impoliteness'. And if i use this word, I'll definitely be labeled as meanie no? That's why I've really gotta filter this!

So far I can only think of one pleasant word that sort of relates to the s word, which is constipation. I know it is three times longer in letters and in syllables (did i use this word correctly?) but hey, it does sound pleasantly clean and slightly healthier in terms of language right? (Just ignore the fact that constipation is a health problem) Hehe.

So now, how do we apply this new replacement of the s word? (see the pichas)

Okay lah... i agree that the emotional rush would probably make this sound ridiculous and hard to pronounce, and we'd definitely relent back to the original word instead. How about if we try adding another word to help 'clean up' the language 'mess'?

Good ay? It was back in highschool when me & juean came up with this 'extra' word as an attempt to get rid of our 'impolite' habits of overly using this s word. This word became one of our dominating word for expression to the point that every minor imperfection would be an unnecessary call to use this s word. We were becoming very sick of it because it'll sometimes just slip out and make itself heard even though we didn't even say it. Yeah, it's the imaginary captions. Thus the brilliant invention of the attached response; the 'flush' word.

You might say it's just the word. It's harmless to yourself.

Well, think again. Don't simply put words in your mouth man.

Thanks to this 'extra word', it literally flushed away our 'impolite' use of the 'not so healthy language'... and no more stinky habits.

Some things ought not to be said, otherwise shit happens. Flush. And stay away from cows?



SJB said...

Hahahaha I like that.

WenYi said...

LOL! i love this post! haha~

I do agree that calling ppl by the name of glorious food beats saying the f word anytime!

And u are not only a great photographer, but a great artist! u can really draw such cute comic strips!! i love the one called synonym. lol~

Brother Captain Calvyn said...

d pix rly did somethin 2 boot XD

Shingo T said...

I wanted to say your comics are "shi**y", but in a funny sense. Seeing them has brought me some chuckles! ^_^

Have a great day ahead, Mabel!


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