Friday, August 6, 2010

Making of Cina in Toga Header

We're talking about making thirty tiring jumps
while having melting make-up on your face
and a three metre cloth wrapped round your body.
Now how's that for a photography saga!

Somehow the simplicity of this header makes me contented, unlike how i usually liked it to be a BAM!IJUSTAWEMYSELF; it's more of a silenced satisfaction now.

And one main reason why is simply the fact that i hand-drew everything, from de design to the font, excluding the model which is me myself. Whoever thinks i drew myself jumping is obviously 'brilliant' in the mind. And to the 'brilliant' peeps, gravity pulled my thumbs down for you.

If you'd ask me what i think about this header, i'll just put my teeth in display - blink my eyes - and expect you to know ze answer even though i know we both know you don't know that i know you know we don't know i lost track of what you and i know. Which means idon'tknowwhatijustsaid.

Just don't ask me. 'Cause all comments are in that mouth of yours and it's you who has to tell me what i know not.

Now, have you been wondering how by all means of awesomeness did i get this kinda artwork done from a pure scratch of nothingness? Presenting ze unproven facts:

1. What inspires you.
Just dig. It could be anything. A picture, an action, a story or maybe a word?? Any word that catches your attention, or idea that you've seen in movies, or maybe the theme of a song. Anything that impresses you, use it.
What i've gotten for myself is this word : Greek.

2. Google Images.

Picture taken from here.

This place is like a heaven of inspiration that can get the flow of your creative juices to start pouring like rain! I've gotten myself a rough idea of how the Greeks dressed themselves up thanks to Google Images. The lady Greeks. And i learned what a toga was. Lol. I know have got the knowledge of wrappin' one myself!

3. Props.

Go get your props ; handmade or not depends on how much you're willing to invest. My only prop that i needed to get was my toga so i bought three-meters of cheap cotton cloth (rm1+ per meter from nagoya textile, greentown mall) and a belt (rm3.90 from skymax, ipoh parade). Y'know what's the best thing? I can reuse BOTH the items after this project! *grins*

Note : You definitely need a camera and a tripod. A compact camera would do fine. Get one from someone who has one, and make sure it is a good one. And handle. With. Care!
As for a tripod, you can substitute it with a human with steady hands and understands english, or you can use a stable object to rest your camera on.
Plus, make-ups really enhances your facial features in a picture, highlighting the details. But is 100% optional.

4. Get embarrassed. And laugh.
Have your camera put on timer mode, and shoot away! Pose jump fall pose bleed flash whatever. Just feed your camera with everything and anything at all!

I jumped and jumped and jumped. It's like a sport.

I had a freakin' 90 pictures and out of that only three were usable. For now. :( Which means i had almost 87 shots of embarrassment.

5. Editing.
This is the fun-most part that challenges your right brain much. You've got your ingredients all set, hence it's time to invent your recipe. You know you wanna cook food, but deciding what food to cook is the hard part. I took one whole month to actually get a full draft of the recipe for this header. And within the one month there was a lot of trial and errors in the process. Pots and pans burnt. Microwave explosions. It's totally normal. At the end of the day, i've gotten the soup boilin' evaporating an idea to my brains - The cina in toga needs WINGS!

I drew.

I drew.

And i drew. (Stop here 'kerana sudah menyeleweng')

Crop paste touch up change color merge save and ta-daa!

As for the sky, i have no idea how i got that inception. Lol.

6. Opinions.
Alas! Your meal is ready! Now ask yourself this : is it worth the display?? Or will you just feed ze houseflies. Wee wang wang wee wang wang...

If you can pass your self-satisfaction test, then you're done! It's not an easy thang to actually please your own self, that's why.

So yeah. Until you're finally fed-up of the header, you repeat the process above. Because at the end of the day, no matter what, it's all still worth it. ;)

When you're done, you're done. Period.

Yes mum, i'm studying. It's just that this subject there's no test attached to it. But yes mum, i'm studying. So hard. :O


rainfield61 said...

Oh!!! What's a fun hiding in your room "studying".

MKL said...

Hey, nothing to be embarrassed. You look hot in that tog and I'm sure you know it ;) Good job, Mabel!

SJB said...


Note: Last picture - Pretty:D.

HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... cina + greek = awesome! XD

Cath J said...

Good Job Mabel... hehehhe... I know what you've gone thru.. hehehhe.. i laugh my own experience..

your drawing are GOOD too.. keep it up..^_^

vialentino said... ur pics...really creative....

ken said...

hi angel mabel! =P

Mabel Low said...

Rainfield61 ; Oh you have no idea! HAHA.

MKL ; It'll take some practice to not feel embarrassed :P

SJB & Henry Lee ; Thanks awesome mates!!

Cath J ; Haha. Yeah... i remember you told me once about your experience. *winks*

Vialentino ; Thanks. (:

Ken ; Hello Barbie Ken. Lol!


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