Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curry Versus Strawberry

If i was asked to choose between these two - the curry and the strawberry - i would by all means insert a hundred percent prejudice against the fruit, since we allsome of you may know my dislike towards these sour red berries is obvious.

Today, I'm gonna do the fruit some justice and actually bother to try it out for once. Just this once.

And so i shall start off with my favorite dish, the curry.

No way could this be a dry curry rice. Besides, there's no such thing as a dry curry rice lah.

#Curry hero 1

It's the curry paste by the rice that I'm highlighting here. Oh it's so good you don't even wanna look away!

As for the real curry, here goes...

#Curry hero 2

Y'know why I'm featuring this despite the fact that i have actually drafted a post on another 'dish' from PappaRich that gave me a very bad impression.... simply because the curry is freakin' good, please! And you would have guessed the other 'dish' isn't curry.

There's a slight sweetness to it that goes along very very well with the lovely aroma of ze curry paste which will overwhelm your taste budz! Plus, it comes in a big portion which allows you to walk out satisfied. And perhaps start having moments of 'inception' with the curry paste. In a bathtub. Pampering your skin with cu....?!

It was indeed very hard to bid goodbye to PappaRich's curry. No i mean the curry paste. :(

Now the strawberry. Pfft.

We went there for strawberry dessert right after the impressive meal by the celebrated curry paste.

#Strawberry dessert 1

Judging by it's cover, i was far from falling in love with it. It's pinkey. I already no likey the colour.

It's a whole different story once the taste buds did the judging. I concluded that strawberries are bad, while strawberries + milk is bearable. For me, at least.

#Strawberry dessert 2

This one is seriously a hundred percent strawberry (can't remember the name of it though). They had the frozen fresh strawberries blended into such an icy paste-like state. Look, spot the seeds!

And because it consists of a hundred percent pure strawberries, very naturally it'll taste sour. Very sour. With a teeny weeny bit of sweetness enough to tease your taste buds.

And no, i don't do well with sour stuffs. :(


Lol. Very unexpected end result huh? Never knew i could finish the remainder of it. No not the whole thang, but just Julian's remainder. :P

So what's my verdict? I'd say you should get yourself indulged with the sinful curry paste from PappaRich and then repent with the amazing 100% confirm healthy strawberry beverages. Yum. No need to versus versus all.

Feed your taste buds. Feed your cam. *winks!*

Location (Ipoh) :

PappaRich :
Opposite Jusco Kinta City, the neighbour of Burger King.

Singberry :
11, Tingkat Tmn Ipoh 12, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh.
(They supply freshly-plucked strawberries from Cameron Highlands)

Befriend Google Earth/Map.


CathJ said...

wahhhhhhhh so syok!!!!


Mabel Low said...

CathJ ; Haha... when it comes to food, how can it not be syioking! :D

rainfield61 said...


lydia. said...

oh. my. gosh.
your blog is adorable!
i love your header!
haha. : )

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow... so much strawberries! XD

Isley Chang~ said...

i take both~ haha. should be a good lunch combo meal. lol

WenYi said...

the 100% strawberry ice blended looks uber good! haha~ i've yet to try pappa rich's curry, but u've got me tempted :)

Mabel Low said...

Rainfield61 ; Yesh! Extremely sedaaaappp!

Lydia ; Teehee... thanks girl^^ It was a plentiful of hard work.. which paid off well.

HenryLee ; Too much, i feel. :S

IsleyChang ; HAHA. Yeah.. it's a good combo. Good recommendation. XD

WenYi ; Hurry hurry! Try it! ;D As for the strawberry drink, you've gotta be prepared for the sourness >.<

fufu said...

i want nasi lemak!

SJB said...

Me too "I want nasi lemak" :D.


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