Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pictures pictures pictures in a bowl of cold soup! Taken from this year's Youth Camp in Ipoh. It's not hot from the oven but still 'edible' to the eyes, so just feast!


The lame...

... who stood on both legs.

Sometimes i wonder, if everyone were to ride bicycles and cars are non-existent, the world would definitely be a better place.

Imagine, cycling promotes good health and sexy curves, not to mention being beautifully tanned as well and boosting the industry of sunscreens! Mother earth goes greener and the precious oils will remain rested beneath the sea.

And by using the concept of a dynamo to generate energy, there will not be any pollutants from factories (i assume). Employees get paid by the amount of energy contributed, which in turn burns off the word obese from the dictionary. Amazing proposal?

So why not bicycles??


What you see is real?

Can you really measure from a picture?

Since it's not reliable to judge a picture, we can conclude that no photography can be defined.

I wonder what really is a good picture? Is it something that's according to another person's likings? Something that doesn't hurt the eye? Or a picture that fulfills all photography rules?

You can't really define an answer to that, don't you?



Naturally normal...?

This one person's smile can definitely lead to another person's cramp in the stomach due to the act of laughing excessively. The secret is probably because it's "The Year's Funniest..." smile? Lol.

Get it? I'm just sayin'.


A crime wave!

And he was caught red-handed.

Damn noisy. But dang stylo, boy!

How can any well functioning ear stand noise pollution?? Unless you're the one causing such irritant, you'll definitely be on your way to mute's bliss. This stress causing factor is, in my opinion, the most annoying and the most irritating!! It's like someone shot me in the ear!

Anyone knows the Art of Noise Filtering?? It's the one kungfu I'm keen to learn!

Otherwise i should master the ability to temporarily trap another person someplace far far away in the land of noise to be with the people of their own kind. That should be considered as a blessing to them no? Heh.


Arise of the undead. Literally.

It is very very common in many camps involving teens and young adults, to go against the rule of sleeping early. No more curfews by parents or blisteringbluebarniculousblabberingyadas of any sort, provided that we remain uncaught and keep quiet.

On the other hand, we need to come up with a cure for panda eyes. :( Not pretty.


Nothing else is more blissful than'em glamorous food!

Talking about food, what happened to the cookies today?!

I kid not. The size is of a twenty cent coin?! And the amount of cream..! It is just... so.. economical?!

Oh by the way, it is made in China.

Kay that's all. Bye.


WenYi said...

wow, u snap great pics mabel!!

and LOL @ #6: oreos are shrinking indeed along with the shrinking value of what we can spend with RM10 nowadays *sigh*

Mabel Low said...

WenYi ; Thanks! Still learning to snap greater pics!

Yeah.. sad right? Sometimes i feel the barter system is, in a way, much more beneficial. :S

fufu said...

erm...well can you find any bicycle lane there? if not... how to promote cycling?? sigh.... anyway nice pictures...and your own special description... nice blog :)

stephy-nie said...

Yeap if only in malaysia people actually cycle and walk around instead of driving. At least when a bicycle langgar orang, the orang won't die as easily as if a car langgar orang hor?


Mabel Low said...

Fufu ; I think it's a bit bit too late for us to start promoting bicycles now no? It'll cost a lot to do this campaign. :(

Stephy-nie ; Yeah... death rates would go down by a lot! :O

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mabel, love your pics. Well taken. Others take pictures. You create pictures, good for you.
And the best picture is the one your family or friends love.

And its never the camra, but the person behind the camera....whether just a point and shoot, or like a movie director, plans her shots.
Asks what she wants to show.
What story shall I tell with my photo?

Have fun, Mable and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

SJB said...

#6 - Too cheap hahaha.

Kelvin said...

Sad to say, many ppl bought cars is for show off and woo girls purpose.

Mabel Low said...

Kelvin ; Yeah... most people do that for appearance's sake. Who would ever show off with a bicycle right? :(


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