Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Is The Best?

You sure?

Since this is the time most people would get all burned up by enthusiasm and patriotism in conjunction with the upcoming Interdependence Day, i decided to flock in and get 'burned' up as well.

It's very unlike me to do a research on, of all things, the 1Malaysia concept, but i feel it's about time i fulfill my duties as a Malaysian.

I've been hearing so much people criticizing and doubting on this concept; from seniors and among the gossipy aunties. I have to admit, i was fully influenced by these chatters and was also shamefully completely ignorant. And this, i believe, is the main factor to all the problem that was stirred in the first place. People lack understanding - and so do i.

I believe probably the one and only one fact understood by many about the 1Malaysia concept is to promote unity among the multi-ethnic society in this country. But how is this possible if there was no support by the people?

I think, just as in any game's scoring 'goal' which is displayed on scoring boards, the accomplished goals of this concept should also be proudly boasted and displayed around as well. Why not right, it's a good thing what. Chatty aunties will get to boast just as good as when their sons gets 'A's in exams.

This way we'll be able to measure the act that is so-called according to this "People First, Performance Now" slogan.

From what i know currently the goal-scoring kicks done are the announcement of JPA scholarships only for students who obtained a minimum of 9A+ for SPM, and probably also the setting up of the 1Malaysia Clinics?

All we have to do is start trusting these potential leaders while keeping an eye on their every move, and do our part in supporting everything that benefits us all. Voice out appropriately if there's an intention to highlight flaws.

Most importantly, step out of that attitude of ignorance and start being a Malaysian already! People who simply say and pok pek pok pek - saying stuffs without solid evidence and supporting facts ought to be blasted with rotten egg canon balls!

So now I've done my part - a small part - and is the proof of my effort. Have you done yours?

* * * * *

I know i know, you'll say the pictures are totally unrelated to what i said, but you're wrong 'cause they are, in a way, connected.

Guess what, i joined another photography competition (no choice it's compulsory) and was required to shoot according to the 1Malaysia theme.

Unlike the previous competition Ipoh's Living Heritage (check it out here and here) that got us shooting in a street photographer mode, this time it's more of like a paid photographer photographing unprofessional junior posers playing traditional games.

We're "paid" with attendance marks and co-curricular points. As for the models, i shall say nothing. The results are yet to be announced yet.

By the way, most of them who do not own a dSLR(the photography members) are given the opportunity to handle a one :D

To Johnny : Nah!The picture you have been asking for.

Y'know what's best about Independence Day for today's generation? Public Holiday! :D

I'm a Malaysian. Bye!

P.s. : Will gossipy aunties ever start comparing how good a Malaysian their sons are? I doubt so.

P.s.s. : Some really good articles about the 1Malaysia concept are here, here and here. And you definitely got to check out what Tunku Abdul Rahman's granddaughter said HERE.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pictures pictures pictures in a bowl of cold soup! Taken from this year's Youth Camp in Ipoh. It's not hot from the oven but still 'edible' to the eyes, so just feast!


The lame...

... who stood on both legs.

Sometimes i wonder, if everyone were to ride bicycles and cars are non-existent, the world would definitely be a better place.

Imagine, cycling promotes good health and sexy curves, not to mention being beautifully tanned as well and boosting the industry of sunscreens! Mother earth goes greener and the precious oils will remain rested beneath the sea.

And by using the concept of a dynamo to generate energy, there will not be any pollutants from factories (i assume). Employees get paid by the amount of energy contributed, which in turn burns off the word obese from the dictionary. Amazing proposal?

So why not bicycles??


What you see is real?

Can you really measure from a picture?

Since it's not reliable to judge a picture, we can conclude that no photography can be defined.

I wonder what really is a good picture? Is it something that's according to another person's likings? Something that doesn't hurt the eye? Or a picture that fulfills all photography rules?

You can't really define an answer to that, don't you?



Naturally normal...?

This one person's smile can definitely lead to another person's cramp in the stomach due to the act of laughing excessively. The secret is probably because it's "The Year's Funniest..." smile? Lol.

Get it? I'm just sayin'.


A crime wave!

And he was caught red-handed.

Damn noisy. But dang stylo, boy!

How can any well functioning ear stand noise pollution?? Unless you're the one causing such irritant, you'll definitely be on your way to mute's bliss. This stress causing factor is, in my opinion, the most annoying and the most irritating!! It's like someone shot me in the ear!

Anyone knows the Art of Noise Filtering?? It's the one kungfu I'm keen to learn!

Otherwise i should master the ability to temporarily trap another person someplace far far away in the land of noise to be with the people of their own kind. That should be considered as a blessing to them no? Heh.


Arise of the undead. Literally.

It is very very common in many camps involving teens and young adults, to go against the rule of sleeping early. No more curfews by parents or blisteringbluebarniculousblabberingyadas of any sort, provided that we remain uncaught and keep quiet.

On the other hand, we need to come up with a cure for panda eyes. :( Not pretty.


Nothing else is more blissful than'em glamorous food!

Talking about food, what happened to the cookies today?!

I kid not. The size is of a twenty cent coin?! And the amount of cream..! It is just... so.. economical?!

Oh by the way, it is made in China.

Kay that's all. Bye.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curry Versus Strawberry

If i was asked to choose between these two - the curry and the strawberry - i would by all means insert a hundred percent prejudice against the fruit, since we allsome of you may know my dislike towards these sour red berries is obvious.

Today, I'm gonna do the fruit some justice and actually bother to try it out for once. Just this once.

And so i shall start off with my favorite dish, the curry.

No way could this be a dry curry rice. Besides, there's no such thing as a dry curry rice lah.

#Curry hero 1

It's the curry paste by the rice that I'm highlighting here. Oh it's so good you don't even wanna look away!

As for the real curry, here goes...

#Curry hero 2

Y'know why I'm featuring this despite the fact that i have actually drafted a post on another 'dish' from PappaRich that gave me a very bad impression.... simply because the curry is freakin' good, please! And you would have guessed the other 'dish' isn't curry.

There's a slight sweetness to it that goes along very very well with the lovely aroma of ze curry paste which will overwhelm your taste budz! Plus, it comes in a big portion which allows you to walk out satisfied. And perhaps start having moments of 'inception' with the curry paste. In a bathtub. Pampering your skin with cu....?!

It was indeed very hard to bid goodbye to PappaRich's curry. No i mean the curry paste. :(

Now the strawberry. Pfft.

We went there for strawberry dessert right after the impressive meal by the celebrated curry paste.

#Strawberry dessert 1

Judging by it's cover, i was far from falling in love with it. It's pinkey. I already no likey the colour.

It's a whole different story once the taste buds did the judging. I concluded that strawberries are bad, while strawberries + milk is bearable. For me, at least.

#Strawberry dessert 2

This one is seriously a hundred percent strawberry (can't remember the name of it though). They had the frozen fresh strawberries blended into such an icy paste-like state. Look, spot the seeds!

And because it consists of a hundred percent pure strawberries, very naturally it'll taste sour. Very sour. With a teeny weeny bit of sweetness enough to tease your taste buds.

And no, i don't do well with sour stuffs. :(


Lol. Very unexpected end result huh? Never knew i could finish the remainder of it. No not the whole thang, but just Julian's remainder. :P

So what's my verdict? I'd say you should get yourself indulged with the sinful curry paste from PappaRich and then repent with the amazing 100% confirm healthy strawberry beverages. Yum. No need to versus versus all.

Feed your taste buds. Feed your cam. *winks!*

Location (Ipoh) :

PappaRich :
Opposite Jusco Kinta City, the neighbour of Burger King.

Singberry :
11, Tingkat Tmn Ipoh 12, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh.
(They supply freshly-plucked strawberries from Cameron Highlands)

Befriend Google Earth/Map.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best of a Headache

When you think logical thoughts could give you a headache, any intensive usage of the right brain (the creative side of thinking) can cause you a migraine!

And if you haven't used that other half to the east of your brain before, you'll probably have no idea what i'm talking about. Hypothesis accepted.

I have been absent for quite some time before i put up that new header of mine : the Cina in Toga. (How did you like it?? :D) That's why i'm using this post to justify my disappearance, presenting you the proof that i was in fact still alive for that period of time.

I was actually having a hard time coming on to blogspot ever since i started indulging myself in my new gadget, the D90. And no, i wasn't really enjoying myself throughout the time cause every shutter release i made came with utter disappointment... because the pictures didn't come out as i expected.

And you know what's worst? I was using it to get pictures for my very first photography competition : Ipoh's Living Heritage. How the hell was i supposed to get a good picture when the camera is ruling over my shots??? :( Headache headache headache!

Luckily i still managed to submit a few out of the many failed ones.

#Picture one

#Picture two

#Picture three

I kinda over edited the pictures, but oh well, no big. Check out the not so living side of Ipoh's Heritage and find your way to NOMNOMNOMNOM on Ipoh's foooood!

Talking about food, i just realised how much i've spent to get myself fed. After the rough calculation, FOOD came in second after PHOTOGRAPHY. :O I remembered how addicted i was to my former school's canteen food. It's a must to have either an ice cream, a packet of kacang puteh, sweetish fat french fries or some other junk at least once a week. And no, that doesn't explain why i've grown to be 171.5cm in height, but it definitely tell me something about my vertical growth!

My submission for the Star newspaper's NIE project.

I've also declared my number one favourite most food of all times : the hamburger!

Page two. I think you can click on the image for a larger view - then read it.

Doing the project was... fun i guess? I did enjoy every moment designing this out though. All the rushing and the clamping for my right brain's immediate attention, boy, it's impossible to not have a headache!

The only motivation that has driven me to complete that piece of thang is obviously the free pizza hut voucher that was promised to every completer of the project!! :D

When you thought it was time to make the work shift back to the west side and have your right side put to rest, emergency started screaming out loud for the presence of creativity - once more.

Yeeeaahhh... One project after the other. I received a called from MunMun and by the time the call ended, adrenaline rushed in me. Argh.

MM : OMG mabel how what to do now? Did MsCorrine call you??
Me : Why why?? No she didn't. What happened?!
MM : OMG she just called me... skipthedetails... The board is rejected!
Me : Gotta do it again?
MM : YES! How now? Gotta be displayed by this monday!
Me : Calm down.. Nevermind i'll help you. Meet you in school at **** time.
MM : OMG OMG! Okay i'll see you there. OMG!

And so my supposed date with Julian and my dSLR for a photoshoot became the exclussive 'romantic' scandal with the photography bulletin board.

Cutting and pasting sounds pretty romantic?-Sounds more like a scandal to me=.=

I've never been in such a hectic mode since i've retired from my highschool life - leaving behind the coy and rangering years. I gotta admit, such headache MunMun has gotten me into, was kinda nostalgic. It's like back in the old times. :D

Finally done! Part one...

...and part two.

By the way, there's one good thing to this project also. Hehe.

Yesh! I get to know who's the winner of my category. :P

Ah, bliss. Reminded me of the previous projects i had in hand... which came with a HUGE headache.

I was involved in the designing of my year's graduation booklet. Booklets are always a headache since you have to design every single page of it.

One of the pages in the booklet designed by mua on behalf of my class. :D

No wait, correction! It was a migrane to be exact! If you haven't heard, you should definitely read what conflict i had with my principal because of this booklet project. >:((

Somehow, at the end of the day.. it's all still very blissful for me. (: Every artwork marks a new born star in my portfolio.

And with every artwork comes with descriptions defining every angle i was viewing things at.

The best of a headache is what that is worth it. Period.

Bah! Time to do some heavy shifting back to the left brain. Gotta prepare for next week's exam!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Making of Cina in Toga Header

We're talking about making thirty tiring jumps
while having melting make-up on your face
and a three metre cloth wrapped round your body.
Now how's that for a photography saga!

Somehow the simplicity of this header makes me contented, unlike how i usually liked it to be a BAM!IJUSTAWEMYSELF; it's more of a silenced satisfaction now.

And one main reason why is simply the fact that i hand-drew everything, from de design to the font, excluding the model which is me myself. Whoever thinks i drew myself jumping is obviously 'brilliant' in the mind. And to the 'brilliant' peeps, gravity pulled my thumbs down for you.

If you'd ask me what i think about this header, i'll just put my teeth in display - blink my eyes - and expect you to know ze answer even though i know we both know you don't know that i know you know we don't know i lost track of what you and i know. Which means idon'tknowwhatijustsaid.

Just don't ask me. 'Cause all comments are in that mouth of yours and it's you who has to tell me what i know not.

Now, have you been wondering how by all means of awesomeness did i get this kinda artwork done from a pure scratch of nothingness? Presenting ze unproven facts:

1. What inspires you.
Just dig. It could be anything. A picture, an action, a story or maybe a word?? Any word that catches your attention, or idea that you've seen in movies, or maybe the theme of a song. Anything that impresses you, use it.
What i've gotten for myself is this word : Greek.

2. Google Images.

Picture taken from here.

This place is like a heaven of inspiration that can get the flow of your creative juices to start pouring like rain! I've gotten myself a rough idea of how the Greeks dressed themselves up thanks to Google Images. The lady Greeks. And i learned what a toga was. Lol. I know have got the knowledge of wrappin' one myself!

3. Props.

Go get your props ; handmade or not depends on how much you're willing to invest. My only prop that i needed to get was my toga so i bought three-meters of cheap cotton cloth (rm1+ per meter from nagoya textile, greentown mall) and a belt (rm3.90 from skymax, ipoh parade). Y'know what's the best thing? I can reuse BOTH the items after this project! *grins*

Note : You definitely need a camera and a tripod. A compact camera would do fine. Get one from someone who has one, and make sure it is a good one. And handle. With. Care!
As for a tripod, you can substitute it with a human with steady hands and understands english, or you can use a stable object to rest your camera on.
Plus, make-ups really enhances your facial features in a picture, highlighting the details. But is 100% optional.

4. Get embarrassed. And laugh.
Have your camera put on timer mode, and shoot away! Pose jump fall pose bleed flash whatever. Just feed your camera with everything and anything at all!

I jumped and jumped and jumped. It's like a sport.

I had a freakin' 90 pictures and out of that only three were usable. For now. :( Which means i had almost 87 shots of embarrassment.

5. Editing.
This is the fun-most part that challenges your right brain much. You've got your ingredients all set, hence it's time to invent your recipe. You know you wanna cook food, but deciding what food to cook is the hard part. I took one whole month to actually get a full draft of the recipe for this header. And within the one month there was a lot of trial and errors in the process. Pots and pans burnt. Microwave explosions. It's totally normal. At the end of the day, i've gotten the soup boilin' evaporating an idea to my brains - The cina in toga needs WINGS!

I drew.

I drew.

And i drew. (Stop here 'kerana sudah menyeleweng')

Crop paste touch up change color merge save and ta-daa!

As for the sky, i have no idea how i got that inception. Lol.

6. Opinions.
Alas! Your meal is ready! Now ask yourself this : is it worth the display?? Or will you just feed ze houseflies. Wee wang wang wee wang wang...

If you can pass your self-satisfaction test, then you're done! It's not an easy thang to actually please your own self, that's why.

So yeah. Until you're finally fed-up of the header, you repeat the process above. Because at the end of the day, no matter what, it's all still worth it. ;)

When you're done, you're done. Period.

Yes mum, i'm studying. It's just that this subject there's no test attached to it. But yes mum, i'm studying. So hard. :O


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