Saturday, July 24, 2010

Draw Your Own Wings!

...and fly to MABELSTORY!

Duration : 5hours + minutes of days here and there.
Comment : Glad I've done it!

Finally finally finally. Moments of de-stressing equals shifting all tension to the artistic side of the brain. The remainder (the left brain) would be left to chill while the neighbor (the right) workouts. Oooooooooooh yeah.... baybeh!

So here you go, one more glimpse of the previous design.

And a closer look on ze header... (click on the picture for larger view).

First of all, I'm really proud of myself that I'm able to draw ze clouds without cutting and pasting from Google images. For once, i didn't even browse for pictures during the editing/designing process!!!

From my previous designs, there is at least two or three images that i sort of borrowed (or you can just say i stole 'em) to help complete the whole design. Like the mini mabel header, I stole the lamp and the wooden frame from Google images, plus the construction helmet, stolen from dad.

Some how i prefer to label the action as borrowing though, cause i did a LOT of tweaks to make it suit my design.

Dad's comment : So free ah??

Me : =.=

And oh, not forgetting, many thanks to the Wacom Intuos3! Even though my old mouse did 90% of the job, but the penning of the caption helped finish it.

picture taken from here.

So.... yeah. Now my eyes needs rest. Kay bye.

P.s. : I'll leave the 'behind the scenes' for some other time lah. Zzz...


chris_lim said...

Hey, cool header ;)

chris_lim said...

o ya, nice toga too :P

Cath J said...

awesome Mabel!!! super awesome... ^_^

dio t'ama said...

very angelic..

you're an artist.

A Photographer and a graphic designer.

HenRy LeE ® said...

WOW! ur header always so cool eh! :D

MKL said...

Good job, Mabel! Proud of you. I'm a big fan of blog design and especially do it yourself. I tweaked my blog a lot to make it look the way I like it. And I'm never fully satisfied, hehe. For now I'll leave it as it is. Aren't you a too hot angel? ;)

vialentino said... ur new header...u r so creative!

Isley Chang~ said...

nice~ the new header looks great! can't believe you use mouse to get the jobs done for 90%

Mabel Low said...

Chris_lim & Cath J; Thanks thanks! :D Appreciate the compliments. Hehe.

Dio t'ama ; Greek angel. XD Oh yes, i'm a photographer. And a designer. And i'm hopeful to be better in both of these. ;)

MKL ; Did i do you proud? HAHA. I saw your blog... I can tell you did a lot to it. Must have been a head-spinning experience huh? :S

Vialentino ; Thanks mate! ;)

Isley Chang ; I started off with the mouse so i'm kinda used to it already. Ironically, seems really hard for me to learn using the 'pen' tool. >.<


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