Saturday, July 24, 2010

Draw Your Own Wings!

...and fly to MABELSTORY!

Duration : 5hours + minutes of days here and there.
Comment : Glad I've done it!

Finally finally finally. Moments of de-stressing equals shifting all tension to the artistic side of the brain. The remainder (the left brain) would be left to chill while the neighbor (the right) workouts. Oooooooooooh yeah.... baybeh!

So here you go, one more glimpse of the previous design.

And a closer look on ze header... (click on the picture for larger view).

First of all, I'm really proud of myself that I'm able to draw ze clouds without cutting and pasting from Google images. For once, i didn't even browse for pictures during the editing/designing process!!!

From my previous designs, there is at least two or three images that i sort of borrowed (or you can just say i stole 'em) to help complete the whole design. Like the mini mabel header, I stole the lamp and the wooden frame from Google images, plus the construction helmet, stolen from dad.

Some how i prefer to label the action as borrowing though, cause i did a LOT of tweaks to make it suit my design.

Dad's comment : So free ah??

Me : =.=

And oh, not forgetting, many thanks to the Wacom Intuos3! Even though my old mouse did 90% of the job, but the penning of the caption helped finish it.

picture taken from here.

So.... yeah. Now my eyes needs rest. Kay bye.

P.s. : I'll leave the 'behind the scenes' for some other time lah. Zzz...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

High on Food

Hands shaking? Nope. Head spinning? Nope. Drooling for feet long with your mouth locked on open mode? Dear sir/madam, you are under arrest for being a drug addict.

Yes, i confess, i am on drugs. My money flow out like water because i'm high on drugs.

But don't arrest me because it isn't my fault. How the hell did i know food was that highly addictive!

Check out Julian's food-drug of the day:

And now mine :

Wondering how affective this is? I'll show you :

Oh just by looking at these pictures, i can even eat my tissue while i wipe my drool off. *veryhighnow*Groans*

Now now, it's really no use arresting food-addicts like me. No use at all. As long as these food-drug sellers go on with their business, people like me will duplicate :P

Another problem is, these fellas sellin' food-drugs are cooks. Not crooks.

So let the looovvveee spread! Get out of this food-porn post and indulge yourselves with the best of Ipoh's food-drug in OLD TOWN!!

* * *

Nay, i don't usually write drug related posts. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been rather stressed up with my current days that drove me into posting this arousing post.

Bah, time isn't on my side. I'm dying to my very own creativity.

It isn't really the workload problem this time. Not so much on the homework either. It's my guilt towards the lack of time spent on my right brain. Too many canceled dates with photoshop. Shitloads of pictures lying in folders, waiting to get groomed up by mua.

In short, photoshop is jealous of D90 because i paid too much attention on the dSLR. I hear photoshop moaning.

I feel so bad now. I need another ice-cweem. :(


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