Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Mabelstory Series

Presenting to you, the very first series in pictures from mabelstory. Allow page to load all 16 photos first ya.

* * T H E E N D * *

How did you like that huh? I know i know, it's rather short... but it was A LOT OF WORK. It may be far from awesomeness but still, it was something new right? Here, at least.

This batch of picture are actually quite fresh from the oven. If Julian hadn't been reminding me to post 'em up, it'll probably take forever for you guys to see these.

In between something happened.

Why?! It wasn't since two years ago that i started noticing you. And we were like best friends ever since. Why?! I took so much care of you, provided all that you need with all that i can give you. So why??!

Why are you so disgraceful now? Why are you betraying me? Why are you two faced huh???

I am heart broken. I am very sore.

You are failing me, Canon! :(

To be quite honest, i am not completely satisfied with the 'unedited' version of this batch. Never mind about the blurriness, since i do have backup shots, but the exposure is what i can't accept. In the display mode (before i transfer 'em pictures into the comp), all the picchas were exactly how i wanted them to be; just the right exposure, colors, everything! I was expecting to only do some little cropping and some slight tweaks here and there. I never knew.... Gah. :( How disgraceful.

You Canon S80, wait til i get myself my very own camera. Wait til you are placed back into the hands of my dad, and you'll be forced to feed on nothing but highway signboards! You wait and see!! Pfft!!!

Brush brush. Say hello to the uncle who interrupted us during our shoot.

Got to know his son is a Canon dSLR user - owning one of those babes that costs around 6k-7k. Well, good for him. I'm not so sure Canon pleases me any more in any ways.

Also, meet the dog who interrupted us as well.

Cute huh? Ain't so cute when you realize it left you some poop and urine stink nearby. Say... two feet away maybe?

P.s: A fact that awe me was, somehow the uncle knew my parents. He happened to be the friend of my parent's friend's relative. And i totally enjoyed the photo shooting and editing sessions. It was a good day. It was a 7/10day.

P.p.s: 1/10 gets cut off due to incomplete homework, plus 2/10 burns away thanks to the camera. Pfft.

P.p.p.s: I'm going for a photohunt sometime soon next week. Will be hunting by the theme "Ipoh's Living Heritage". Anyone cares to join me? I'm driving... I think.


Isley Chang~ said...

woa~ the photos are nice and well shot. but why some sky has diffrent colors?

oh ya. the dog is cute. is it doing a business at the grass??

Lemon said...

Lol, it took me very long time to load all your photos. But I love them! =)

zzkang said...

nice romantic!! heheh :D

should compile it and make an album

stephy-nie said...


Anonymous said...

wow u so thin already !!! nice edits and photos ;) wink wink ahahahhaha

dio t'ama said...

I like the 9th Photo.

Great series. keep it up

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow! such creative shots there.... just like the old days, mabel r so so so passionate about photography!

when r u getting married? haha

vialentino said...

hey mabel...nice pics taken by u....btw, love ur header so creative ler

SJB said...

Nice series. Love it :D.

Cath J said...

good 1..... and nice interrupter... ;-p

Mabel Low said...

Isley Chang ; Different color skies? Because i tweaked 'em with a software. :P Nice right??

Lemon ; Sorry ya.. sometimes photobucket is a pain. So gotta load a lil longer>.< But it's worth it right? Hehe.

Zzkang ; Oh yes i already compiled it into an album. :D

Stephy-nie ; Awesome much huh! I too heart it!!

Kim ; Nah... don't wanna be thin. Wanna be fit! :D

Dio t'ama ; You always love black and white pictures don't you. XD

Henry Lee ; Ahh.. it's good to be back in the old days. ^^ I guess by now you should know whether i'm married or not hor.. Hehe..

Vialentino ; Thanks! The header? Has been there for a loonngg time lu.

SJB & Cath J ; Thanks much! :D


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