Monday, June 28, 2010

Deadly Impressive Dead Pictures

The title don't make sense? Just read on and my pictures will tell you. Oh by the way, there are 8 pictures altogether here. Make sure you let 'em all load ya.

Before i go on, it must have been a really long time since i last logged in here because i was quite surprised to find out about the new "design" application on blogspot.

Alright, back to where i was supposed to start. I just had my very first task that required me to go on a photo hunt. What was extra this time, other than the usual me and my compact Canon S80, i had a new baby with me. I'll tell you later about this gadget and how i got it - at the end of ze post.

# Despite the diarrhea i was having that day, i was dang excited can!

To be more precised, i joined a photography competition in my school with the theme of "Ipoh's Living Heritage" - to snap pictures of businesses in Ipoh that are inherited from one generation to another. Sounds simple? You bet.. not!

The instant place of target that got into my mind would definitely be Ipoh's Old Town. The name of the place says it all - everything old old, should have some relation with 'heritage' right?

Since no one responded to my ever-so-invisible and never-loud invitation via iforgotit'smyblogorfacebook, i got Julian to tag along with me. Otherwise, i would have died stranded there and become one of Ipoh's Heritage myself.

# Look.. Reminds me of China. Saw these in Tintin's Adventures Comic when he went to China :P

We had the car parked and decided to walk since the weather permitted us to do so. Thank goodness we never had any nature's call midway (i did mention i was having diarrhea that day).

Now the odd thing was, as we were walking through those undeveloped back lanes, we noticed every single detail which pointed towards the opposite of Ipoh's Living Heritage. See the pics I've gotten, and you'll know what I'm trying to say here.

# There was a papan with Chinese writings. I just don't wanna know what it meant.

Looks creepy right? I was fascinated by it instead though. Take a look at the next pic!

# Amazing natural set up for just this right frame. I heart!

Super nice set up right? I especially love the light thrown onto the wall and down on the floor. Just perfect!

# This one, i like the stairs and the wall's texture. Very grudge, no?

At first i was a little scared also, i admit. My overly imaginative came into play at this very wrong time and had me thinking whether there would be a face popping out while i snap the pic. At that moment, i had but only one thought in mind to brush the imaginations away : "Die die lah. Ghostly pictures still look good what!".

# You have no idea how long i stared at this picture from my computer, trying to convince myself there must be some 'ghostly figurine/face' in this pic.

It was Julian who spotted the greens of the interior and had me photographed it. Good thing the chicken little in me hadn't taken over and cause me to not frame a shot, because i may die of regret.

# This one's really random.

At the end of the day, my task was still incomplete because as you have seen, none of the pictures above satisfies the theme since they are not 'living' enough.

# Seriously damn tired. After the photo hunt, was a trip-to-the-toilet time.

But it's okay. Photo hunts don't just happen once. :D

Before i sign off, i wanna leak you my little secret that I've been holding back for a couple of weeks now.
I bought my very own dSLR with my very own hardearnsweatbloodtearsbrainsdamn money!!!!
I hereby announce my official happiness that this is the very first official batch from my D90! WOOT!

Okay, signing off with a cheeeeesssseeeee! :D

P.s. : Don't you agree that Ipoh has got some Deadly Impressive Dead Pictures?


dio t'ama said...

I like the 3rd & 4th pics. They are great shots. Love the texture and feel of the shot.

MKL said...

Congrats!!! You make excellent photos and your new cam is in good hands. I need to check you out more now, hehe. I expect the best now, Mabel. Can you deliver? ;)

SJB said...

Very awesomee pictures but scary hehehe.

Isley Chang~ said...

Nice picture with great theme. take some rest then. take care~

Anonymous said...

proud of you.
now bring out the potential in u unlike u called aspiring photographers that cough fail cough ^^

Mabel Low said...

Dio t'ama ; I love those pictures tooo!!

MKL ; Wow man.. i feel the pressure on me shoulders. XD Joking joking.. Well, i wouldn't be delivering just the best. But better than the my best most :P (hopefully lol)

SJB ; Scary huh? I find it rather creepy also. :S

Isley Chang ; Thanks mate ;)

Kim ; HAHAHAHAHHA... Funny how you bring out your sentence. XD But yeah, i'll fight on to let my potential take charge :O

stephy-nie said...

woah1 giler AWESOME photos! I love thold ruins! *stares at photos* me lurve

Cath J said...

Nice photo.. I love it...and a lil bit spooky.. ^_^


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