Monday, May 10, 2010

Says the Month of May

Hello hello!

There are so many things going on lately which requires a lot of typing work to do here. But because I'm feeling a lil bit sluggish now, I'll gladly make 'em real short. So here goes.

  • School Spirit Still Sleeping. First day of school today was really draggy. The heat annoys me. And some teachers just don't know how have "good time management" in speeches. A very good start of leadership by example. Talking about school simply reminds me of my good memory with my previous principal in "I Fought With My Principal" post. Pfft.

  • I'm still on my part time job though. Sadly. And that's probably one reason that contributes to my currently stress rate. Pfft. It was way out of my plan.

  • My Diamond had a small event in conjunction with Mother's Day. They had this lucky draw in Jusco that only requires you to fill in a form in order to participate. No purchases required. So out of boredom, i did it - it's one of the benefits of working in JJ.

    They're randomly pick six to ten forms from a box and announce the names. The lucky ones have to collect the limited edition earrings from them within 15minutes. It wasn't a problem for me since I'm working there the whoooole day. Every name announced i can hear.

    Meanwhile, i wanted to make something for my mum. Something that goes a long with these earrings (purchased from MNE).

    That wasn't the problem as i already have a design in my head. The only problem was to get a suitable box. It was then that My Diamond saved my gift. Lol. I was one of the lucky ones.

    Nice right... the box? Pearl aren't really my thang but the box is great!

    Perfect. My mum loved it.

  • Talking about MNE, we have got some new products!

    Check 'em out before they go poof!

  • I added the 'like' plugin to my blog.

    It sort of serves as a rating to my posts, so at least as a personal reference, i'd know what you guys think of the contents of me posts. Simply for self-improvement purposes.

  • I'm getting bored with the header. Again. And you know what that means... A NEW HEADER. I'm still workin' on it... Wait. No. Actually, i haven't an idea on what to do. I found my theme for the cosplayshoot but not the actual theme that i'll be displaying up there. The juice just ain't flowin' yet.

  • I've typed enough. For today. Kaybye!


SJB said...

Beautiful Pearl. My mom also love pearl heheh.

Mabel Low said...

SJB : Really? My mum doesn't really wear then though:P


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