Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Major I WANT TOs

There pretty much is nothing else that i need more to live on for now. It is the wants that i know have to deal with. Who doesn't have wants? If anyone admits that, they are the ones who lies with their eyes wide open. And uses the lowest ever percentage of their brains. Seriously.

I wouldn't be one of those bohbrain peeps and i can frankly tell you it wasn't easy asking myself what i really really want for meself. It's way easier thinking for some else than to think for my own actually. Unlike some others who can easily list down 100 things to want for before they die,
i only managed to write down ten. With some struggle.

If you stop by here quite often, you'll know this fact. Drop by often enough, you would even know which model i'm aiming for.

Taken during Esther's b'day party.

I don't know whether is it me having the patriotic spirit, or simply just because i fancy trying out traditional clothes. I've tried the baju kurung, the saree, penjabi suit, but never the cheongsam - the traditional dress of my very own skin. And i call myself a Chinese. *paiseh!

Right after my photo shoot.

Oh yes!!! Not so much of being the model, but more of participating in the photography team! I would definitely be in awe, fascinated by the heavy professional gears used. The equipments. Lightings. I think my blood would freeze for a moment as i fall in love once again. Mmmmmmm..... Oh and the models, err... hope they're not bimbos lah. Cause it may cause my vains to burst since some don't understand simple language. Pfft. Plus, i'm curious how messy it'll get.

Source: here & here

I've always been really curious with the world's game of money - how the cycle goes and how influencial it can be. As soon as i learned about passive income (from Rich Dad Poor Dad and Secrets of a Millionaire's Mind), i decided to create my very own board game to play with. Thus, MNE began. Dad says if i could sustain this for at least five years, i'd pass the 'good-enough' line. I'm gonna havta keep playin' til 2015 before i can cut this point out of my list!

Source: here

I've been in piano classes since the age of four, and taking up the Yamaha syllabus exposed me the fun of participating in ensembles! Classes are conducted mostly in groups and i was lucky to not be in the individual course. I was seriously fascinated by those musical brainies who wrote ensembles consisting of many many different instruments all playing at once. It's almost like a play or a drama. One instrument becomes the lead while the others are sometimes the villians or side actors. They all come in at certain beats and time frames, building up tension and stirring in emotions. Ah.. And the wonderful work of art gets recognised by the audience's applause. I WANT TO TRY!

Source : here

The Idea of North. Heard of them? They have awesome sets of voice and skills in this area! Some people can't even sing a karaoke song properly, singing without music would definitely kill the song! Plus, try singing different parts of the song like tenor or soprano or alto without the music to lead you. It's quite similar to an ensemble but the difficulty is rated differently. Such challenge is MOST exciting!! ;D

Source : here

Puffy poof dresses. I like! I actually had in mind a plan to make my very own victorian gown actually. Just for fun and to purposely feed my camera with it! Thought of making it out of newspapers but this made me realise it's not as easy as i thought:

Source : here

I still can't travel to Paris or Japan or UK.. They're simply too far. And those trips would cost a big lot! So i figured the closes 'world' to explore would be underwater! Learn snorkling, get a waterproof camera, and walah! Lovely picture above don't you think? The effects on the hair and dress, lovely posture, have the magical feel. Amazing! Anyone can recommend me a waterproof camera besides the cybershot-t series?

Source : here

The second world that probably is closest is the skycity. Jumping off a plane and then go snapsnap would really feed my camera well!! Plus it's worth the experience. It's like the Google Earth coming to you live! *dreams...

Photography checked. Graphic designing checked. Multimedia/video... will work on it. Soon. This thought was inspired by various vloggers from youtube.

Source : here

On a trampoline!!! You can get awesome shots from this activity! I wouldn't actually want to own one but would definitely want to borrow one..simply for a photo shoot! Somehow i have a feeling that jumpin' on that thing is terrifying. I mean... What happens if you land the hard ground? You're surely not going to bounce back up. In fact, even if you have big bottoms wouldn't help cushion you either. Damn painful bump. But the photo shoot is still worth the risk!!


zzkang said...

Good luck!!! :D

vialentino said... many things u want to do...all the best and hope u can achieve it all...gambateh

HenRy LeE ® said...

ur self made professional studio set up damn nice la... steady la u! :D

Isley Chang~ said...

Good luck~~ go after you want the most~~

SJB said...

You look pretty in sari.

Good luck.

Mabel Low said...

Zzkang ; Thanks man!

Vialentino ; Gotta start planning now so i can really achieve them all. ;D

Henry Lee ; Ahahahaha... you call that nice ah? So called 'professional' only lah. XD Trying to upgrade it though.

Isley Chang ; Thanks mate! I surely will go after all that i want. Lol.

SJB ; Teehee. Thanks for the compliment. And the support. ^^


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