Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Part Cina, Part Melayu Cuisine.


Finally... Got to catch some moments to breathe. I feel so stressed up these days that i just don't feel like doing anything when there's extra time at hand. Seriously. I can't read properly, eat accordingly, or even sleep early. Don't even mention about thinking man... I can't remember where i misplaced my brains. Oh... Stress.

I'm not even sure where did all these come from. As for now, i just wanted to make some time for myself here in blogspot and i want feed on my own pictures.

So hello Mabel! Welcome back to blogspot. Excrete all your stress here....

I'm currently in the mood to blog about something edible. I visited Julian's aunt's restaurant for some reason i can't quite remember. I think we were on one of our missions again for his assignment - creating a website based on a real business. Obviously the use of photography is needed to complete it and, you know me, i feed my camera well. I strongly believe the camera beats any animal on earth as a man's best friend.

I came to know that a part of his family actually came from Baba-Nyonya, a subgroup of the Chinese community. What i found out more was that this peranakan has got some pretty awesome recipes! When you have awesome recipes, you dine the food in awe! Imagine how happy my camera was!!

Perhaps there was only one dish i wasn't really fond of - the otak-otak, directly translated as brain-brain. In the Malay tatabahasa (grammar), some words that are repeated twice is a form of plural e.g. botol-botol (bottles), lagu-lagu (songs), etc. So which means otak-otak was actually otaks brains! It was the eleven-year-old-Mabel's theory. And the hypothesis was not accepted, fortunately. Even so, i still didn't like this dish.

I can't remember what this dish was called but i remember taking a lot of this.. since i didn't touch the brains. Talking about carbohydrates, i was so very surprised to know that taugeh is a carbo. The chinese word for taugeh "ngar choi", directly translated as teeth (ngar) vegetable (choi), really got me fooled. Pfft. They shouldn't simply name stuffs. Why put the vege (choi) in if it's not even classified in that group??

And because of Miss Taugeh, she got me doubting Mr. Long Beans. What do you think... long beans are vege or protein??

Currified chicken... is definitely fats. Curry makes me think of santan, oil, and red fats - yes, red fats. Because there are too many yellow pigments from the oil that it becomes red, signifying the death of the proteins in the chic-can. Mabel's theory. So don't believe me. Anyhow, it's definitely fats. But it still doesn't stop it from tasting awesomely good, though.

As for the asamised currified fried fish, it is totally hazardous. Number one, it is fried, thus a plentiful of oil is used to bath it. Number two, the curry - refer to definition of currified chicken. Number three, it tastes so good that you don't wanna let go. Every bite makes you forget about point one and point two. And the last bite felt like the end of the world because there is no more. Yes. It is awesomely hazardous. I dare say, i can finish that fish all by myself!!

You would have guessed already that the best dish among the five would definitely be awarded to the most hazardous fish!!!

Just look at it! Isn't it so tempting already?? With it's crispy skin and smooth, soft meat, how could anyone say no to this!

I choose to believe that the asam is there to so-called neutralised the fats. Squeeze a little in and you won't get fat. Yes, i'm living in denial.

It so hazardous tastes so good that you just feel like wollap-ing the bones as well. Nothing wrong with consuming some calcium. If not at least licking the remains of the sos would satisfy a little. But just to stay on the sane side, we only fed it to our cameras and then left it alone to its fate with the bin.

Even the boss herself can't resist ze temptation. I was actually on a diet that time, and promised myself that i would eat only a little. And no, i DIDN'T break my promise. I DID eat very little... Very very little. And i will not define 'little' here.

There wasn't many customers coming in yet since lunch has long passed while dinner was just around the corner. We decided to take a quick tour upstairs, considering it as the 'dessert' course for my camera.

I didn't quite like the setting of the tables though. Or rather, the space of the restaurant. It's a pity they have such a small space that it's kinda hard to give customers maximum comfort. I remembered the first time i went into this place, it was SO crowded that i just felt like walking out again. Squeezing your butt in between chairs while trying to get to your table wasn't exactly welcoming. Plus, with the cina aunties that are capable of speaking out loud even with food in their mouth, i don't wanna imagine what irritating their chair would make them do.....

Squeezing through chairs also reminds some ladies how fleshy their bottom is. Makes me loose my appetite even more... if someone who squeezes through my chair.... got stuck... and farts. =.="

But nah. It didn't happen to me. HAHA.

I was still missing the fish when i stepped outside. The softness and crunch. It's very addictive.

The decoration outside looks really chinese. I like. I also spotted the 'vacancy' sign there, so if you're interested and don't mind squeezing your butt around, you can go inquire about it. Who knows... squeeze squeeze squeeze and you'll get your dream pert butt!

Maybe not entirely chinese. Hahaha... But i still like. Despite the butt squeezing fact, i would definitely want to dine here again next time. And get myself addicted once more to ze fish!

If you are interested to come to this place, make sure you schedule your date accordingly. Would be a waste if you came here when it is not in business. And here is the address:

Bee Gaik Dining Place
10, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Taman Ipoh Selatan
Ipoh, 31400 Perak.
Closed Tuesdays.

Definitely bring your camera (if you have one) and an extra person to come along with you. It's nice to look at these pictures once in awhile when you're hungry. And with the extra person by your side, you don't have to worry about getting overly addicted. For this position i can gladly volunteer myself!

Seriously, it makes you feel awesome. As awesome as Stephen Chow's hair. Hahahhaa...

I rate this 4 out of 5 because it hundred percent tastes like home-cooked food. Remember to tag me along with ya!!! ;D ;D

P.s. : Woot. Stress gone. But something fishy is going on... I'm hungry :S


crazywrazy said...

Hello Mabel,

My thesis is doing fine. I have been working rather hard during the start-up of the thesis but now taking some breath and relaxing myself. I love the first pics.It is clear and just right proportion. You have talent in photography. You just need to ensure that your subject is well lit when you take exposure. Otherwise, your photography and blogging skills still awesome.


dio t'ama said...

Those photos makes me hungry. I'm not a vegetable lover but I might like the one titled "Carbohydrates". I loved eating a dish similar-looking to that one but it's made of shredded papaya. Perfect for chicken barbecues.

btw, I just downloaded the file in the internet. If you want, i could give you the website or just the rapidshare links.

Isley Chang said...

thanks, i'm going to ipoh next 2 week. might wanna try it~

SJB said...

Those photos makes me hungry lah hehehe.

Note; Nice pictures (^_*).

alvin said...

your photography is not bad as well...yummy food though

Mabel Low said...

Crazywrazy ; Hey man! I'm doing great! All the best with your thesis there. As for my photography, i'm still working on it. This batch, in my opinion, wasn't done well actually - simply because it is indoors. I guess i'll need extra practice on this part. Lol.

Dio t'ama ; Shredded papaya? Sounds familiar. Maybe you could take a picture of that when you have it next time. :D Oh i'd like to have that link very much please! Woot...

Isley Chang ; Might? Haha. Definitely go there if you can make time. Seriously. Gotta try the fish especially. ;)

SJB ; Thanks! If you see those food right in front of you, no doubt will get instant hunger.

Alvin ; Yummy food, yes. Photography, still practicing. (:


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