Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Merge Ze Header!

This was Kelly's blog header:

I always thought crackin' the head a lil for the sake of a glass of creative juice is something fun to do. I just forgot that every 'crack' leaves a wound behind. And now, the task was this; my friend Kelly wanted me to help her design a new blog header. I requested that she send me some pictures that she likes/most likely would describe herself. These are the ones:

#1 : She loves Penang. Very much.

#2 : She loves the human biological body. It's complications interests her much.

#3 : This one is simply the colours that she likes.

So what do you think? How would you fuse 'em together??

Cutting and paste was never a problem, even with my limited designing skills. But how can you just cut the skeleton and leaf into the Penang picture??? Ridiculous. So tell me.. what would you have done???

For me, i banged my head against the wall. Screwed my fingers into my desk. Plucked my eyeballs and cling 'em onto my monitor screen. Yes, i did them all. I did all these imaginary acts. So imagine how wild my brain was going already... yet none of these 'juices' were drinkable. I even tried giving up, but it wasn't drinkable also lah... (don't even dare to drink it cause it may haunt me in my dream).

Let's look at her old header again:

I stared.

It was then that i really felt like smacking my own head. It feels like inspiration has just shot me in the head from one side and a flag sticks out from the other side reading, "You Should Have Stared Here In The First Place." My fingers unscrewed, eyeballs placed back into me sockets, and me head... er... starts crackin' even more - but this time the juice is DRINKABLE.

Skip the process (& don't bother about it) and say ta-daa! to the results:

#1 : Her background was that she was from Penang, thus it shall be her header's background as well.

#2 : Skeleton. It has to rest somewhere in the picture and so happened the clouds looked so much like a throne. Lol. So just cut and paste it there + some shadows + a crown.

#3 : I asked her to send me a picture of herself in a sitting posture. I intended to have her sit just like the skeleton and place her on another throne duplicated from those clouds. But well, she sent me something else. And yes, it was better this way!

#4 : See anything familiar at the back of Kelly? I sort of made a collage from her old header and filled up some of the space here. Gives it the old, familiar feel but yet it is something new. Added those mini doodled houses/cottages/towers/bungalows for... hmmm... *Shrugs. My head asked me to do so. Lol.

#5 : You must be wondering where is the leaf huh? Or the droplets? No more space for them lah.. So had to delete - with the owner's permission, that is. But well, at least there is some similarity in color on Kelly's crown?

It's finally done! You have no idea how long i took to do this. I don't even want to count. But as always, it's all very worth it. This is the kind of head-crackin' activity that i really fancy doing! :D

Thanks Kelly!

Taken in 2006 : Adeline, Kelly & mewholookslikeatb.

Visit her here: http://blindingdays.blogspot.com/


SJB said...

Oh wow that's so awesome..Good job.

Wai Keong said...

So you have a wide knowledge in using Photoshop?

Isley Chang said...

wow. nice design :-)

Mabel Low said...

SJB ; Thanks mate!

WaiKeong ; Wide knowledge you say? Well, i did mention about my limited knowledge in designin *winks* To be frank, i know very little with the Photoshop since i'm using Photoimpact all the while.

IsleyChang ; Thanks! ;D

Cath J said...

Mabel!!! Thats a great workkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! very artistry... and I tell you that was hard!!!! hehhehehhehe....

vialentino said...

wah....i also wan the design ler....great work lah...my header very bland lah...hahaha

Kelly said...

Hahaha I should thank YOU for spending so much to do it And yeah it's very nice of you for mentioning my blog. :)

You posted that picture on friendster right?


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