Friday, February 5, 2010

Weird Happenings.

There hasn't been much going on lately but yet i feel so tired. Maybe it's because of my 2nd job. Teaching isn't a tiring thing but to go in by 7.40a.m. is something I'm not used to yet. *Yawns. Just the thought of it makes me so glad that it's finally a Friday today!

Most of the time i like trying to see things from a different perspective, from a different angle or view. And the results can be something so weird that you'd find it hard to accept. Just like how all plants should have leaves but the cactus replaces them with thorns - weird.

Behold, the world of sharp leaves.

When we see weird things, very naturally, we do weird stuffs(?).

Or maybe they were just 'acting' weird.

I don't know. Some people seem to always be having a wrong approach. I received a comment lately about my header. The reader said that i must have enjoyed the photo shoot process. I thought it was most weird to say so since i have already mentioned it in my post that "I didn't quite enjoy the photo shoot for this header" because i had to wear my two inch heels. He either didn't read the post, or the post was just too weird that made him give such a weird comment (my self made law; attraction among the same kind). Funny, i remember all the other comments for that post were superbly normal.

JiYan, Julian, Jean-Nee & Me.

Shrugs. Maybe he really didn't read my post for it was too weird? It's weird also that some people follows a blog and do not know the updates of it. Then what for you follow?? Perhaps it's a way to attract others to follow their blogs? So i guess this is the brighter side of this weird fact; to gain traffic.

Even weird plants can look pretty.

Oh by the way, i just found out that by following one's blog, the updates are automatically updated in the Google Reader! It's so much easier now to track other blogs. Don't have to click each link one by one and don't have to waste time in those that have no updates. Man, how i wished that i discovered that earlier!

Soft thorns?

And that gave me another thought to contribute to the weird factor. Can't believe i took so long to realize about this Google Reader when it has been there all along!

Against all odds?

Recently, i met this hentai guy (yes, according to my colleague he is extremely 100% dirty minded) and i just thought it was ohsoweird that he has such a wide network of friends even though his speech with girls are richly filled with sexual stuffs. And i thought this kind of people would get bad impressions from girls, especially. Yet, it is girls that he attracts the most. He confesses that he touches many gals' buttocks and boobies... in clubs. And shares his feelings of satisfaction after that. Also, guess what, he already has a girlfriend. All these confessions were not done to his guy mates but to the gals. =.=

The weird thing isn't him, but the people who are close to him. If you know a cactus has sharp spikes, would you even think twice whether to touch it or not? I just don't get it. Perhaps some of them have yet to know the thorns within him? If not, these people either do not know thorns are prickly or they just love 'em salty pokes.

Watch out it's thorns!

Well, he's one tall fella so every time i see him pass by my work place, I'd imagine him as a cockroach. Why? One, because of his dirty mind and two, because the roach's legs look like thorns. Hehe. Very disgusted lah!

But you know what else is weird? People who like to do cutey cute poses in pictures which destroys the beauty of photography.

I call it, epic fail.

Don't you think so? I very beh tahan this picture but because it's the only picture i have of that weird plant, i had to put it in. Can't delete it either. So after you see this picture, just erase it from your memory please! I must have lost my mind doing such a stupid pose. Why did i even try to pose like the plant?! Argh.

I just received my first pay from the Bead & More shop! Not a lot but enough to make me happy! Weird thing is, i dunno what to do with the money. *thinks hard. So i spent it on a sundae ice cream which costs less than 0.25% of my pay. Haha.

You wanna know what else is weird? The error found in my old blog! I have no freakin' idea how the comment link would fly all the way above the post content and where the hell did my margins gone missing. Because of that, this post couldn't be posted sooner. ): Sad to see my old URL being abandoned. *sobs


HenRy LeE ® said...

ohhh... u were like licking a cotton candy cactus! lol

SJB said...

Eeee saya suka ni cactus cantik kan tapi jaga hahaha tajam.

Manju said...

they look so pretty, but cactus scare me you know. i'm bound to fall on them or get pricked if there's one around >_<

Mabel Low said...

Henry Lee ; Yup yup!

SJB ; Ahaha... Oklah. Agak cantik. Saya prefer bunga lagi cantik ;D

Manju ; Really? So i guess you and a cactus are meant to be 'together' once met? :P

vialentino said...

cactus really amazing ler...many kinds of cactus...i wonder wat happen if i jump over the fence and landed on top of the thorny cactus...

crazywrazy said...

ouch pain pain! haha dun put cactus on my head! hahaha! hello mabel! long time no see!


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