Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It was the most happening time ever! Seriously! I have always dreaded CNY almost every year except for last year and the year before. The one obvious thing that really made a difference this time was that the family gathering wasn't in the agenda. And yes, besides the heat, it was that very thing i always dread of each year!

I have been expecting the worst ever since i started work and truly enough, i received the worst - i had a boss who had very poor leadership skills. But to counter that, i also had the most loving boss ever! If you don't know, i took up two jobs.

You think getting angpao from your boss is good? How about getting invited to her house for a feast?? Either one is good. And a combination of both is great!

Me, Boss (back), Colleague's sis, ER, PH.

To have a boss who can cam whore is even more awesome! She really taught me a lot of things. With lots of patience. And love!

Adding up to the terrible heat in Ipoh, we had BBQ at my cousin's place. Went home with extra heat and smell. I was smokin' hot!

Dad saving the fire. Pit it out man!

Just when i thought the members on my dad's side are plenty, as i am the oldest fourth generation member alive, i was most shocked to see the crowd in Julian's family gathering!

One mother twelve kids?? And the kids had their kids and grand kids.

I almost had culture shock when the red packets/ angpaos start flowing in. One after another. Continuously. Non-stop! Oklah... got stop after the 17th packet.

Seriously never try before lo!!! Plus the contents are as red as the packets. LOL. For one moment, i actually thought my dSLR dream would actually come true!

But well, I'm not so happy that my holiday ended so soon. I only had two days to relax. TWO DAYS! (More than enough time to count my money HAHA). Now I'm back to work.

And I'm dying from the heat of my oven-car whose air cond. gave up on me. I'm suffering from the lack of time for myself. I'm in a minor trauma of having a boss who doesn't know how to be a boss. My eyes feels like shutting down each second. My blog will start to feel jealous. My camera will betray me. Most of all,i miss this place. Typing here.



Vivian said...

Wah!!I also want angpaos! :D
And yes..the heat is frying me too =/

SJB said...

Wah..so many angpows. Luck u (^_^).

Cath J said...

best la dapat angao... another CNY you can get DSLR already hehehhehe...

Mabel Low said...

Vivian ; Crazy hot right? Feels like i'm melting!

SJB ; Teehee! First time this many!

Cath J ; HAHA. Oh how i wish to get one fat, juicy angpow to get the SLR!!! XD

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mabel, enjoyed your this posting. Have a great Tiger year, keep well and keep a song in your heart,Lee.

Shingo T said...

Mabelstory sounds like maplestory (the online game), haha.

Wow, your boss is the only boss left in the world who can camwhore. And she looks so young.

I don't qualify to receive angpows anymore now that I'm married. Sniff.

Mabel Low said...

Uncle Lee ; Best wishes to you too! ;D

Shingo T ; Haha! But don't worry, Mabelstory is NOTHING like Maplestory:P Seriously no boss can camwhore anymore?? Eh, who knows, you may be the boss one day ;)


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