Friday, January 15, 2010

A Night With D80!

Hello hello! Haven't been updating for awhile cause i haven't got used to my new daily timetable ever since i started working part time. Dunno how I'd manage next month since i will be having a second job coming. *gulps*

Come to think of it, my third job (as a freelance graphic designer) is also coming. Aik!! Don't think don't think...!

Anyway, today is Cassandra Chong's birthday and on this special day of hers, i shall dedicate this post to her. But then right, I'm not featuring her lah.

PuiYi & Eunice.

What I'm featuring is my date that i had a crush on about two years ago.

And 'he' belongs to Cassandra.

She calls 'him' her baby so does that make me her.......... ??? Never mind. I'm not married yet.

I got to go dating with this handsome because 'his' mother has got a date with another 'guy'. Haha. She had to fiddle with the video camera so offered me the golden opportunity of using her gei D80. I was assigned to just take pictures with it lah for the Christmas event and she didn't need it that night since she had the D300 with her. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Just bear with me.)

There's really a big big difference between the pns and a dSLR. I mean, look at the quality between 'em! There is almost no similarity at all especially the indoor shots!

Julian playing with it. Waseh... can zoom so dang much man. (This picture is shot with a pns)

If I'm not mistaken the 50mm lens is attached to it. So far range objects is a no-no. Have to make use of your feet to get close.

Super nice to be able to play with the different modes; the aperture, ISO, white balance, etc.

I was lazy to run all the way down to take pictures of the stage so i just looked around and took simple shots. Even simple silhouettes turn out nice... at least nice to me.

And then i got bored, and i killed all laziness to get my feet movin'. Went to the back stage to do some snap snap.

Sometimes i found it difficult to control the clarity; in other words, its focus on the object. So i guess i need more practice lah.

Even reflections turn out so clear man. Make my pns shots so paiseh....

And sometimes, with much determination you just can't block its focus. It knows its target.

And usually when you use a pns camera to shoot screens of phones or of video cameras, they'll turn out very blurry and highly contrasted unless you know how to control the modes. The picture will usually turn out highly contrasted on the screen which is supposed to be the focus of the picture. But a dSLR just did it so neatly. Look!

I'm sure my pns is beginning to feel jealous. Haha. I just don't understand one thing, why do they capture what i do not want in a picture?? (Don't worry, nothing very scary in the next picture).

See that extra light bouncing in front of the spot light? It was unintended.

Anyhow, i still believe i am able to keep up the spirit of being a jolly photographer even though I'm just a pns camera user.

SzeWei & Me. We are both happy happy photographers.

The only road to perfection in a picture, be it with a pns camera or a dSLR, is to keep practicing.

First shot not perfect?

Keep trying at different places with different lighting and stuff.

Trying the second time at a different location.

You will see improvement!

And then came the final shot.

By the way, the picture was taken by Cassandra with her D80.

The team of jolly photographers.

But then right, despite the weight and the price... to have a dSLR can really make you jollier. HAHA.

And i have experienced it FIRST HAND ! ! !

Taken from Thomas's dSLR.

* * *
I'm currently sick for the third day now but am still very much alive. Do hope i can get well soon so my mood will come back.
A spider was on my monitor screen and it seemed to be so fond of the cursor. Haha.
Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cassandra Chong Yoke Lin!
* * *
Yesh! I got to watch Bedtime Stories again! And Yesh! One design rpoject done. One more to go before i go on with my blog header. Bear with this Christmas header's long lifespan ya. HEHE.


Cath J said...

So fun play with the toys right?? Ha yaaaa..... cybershot pun cybershot la.. T_T.... ;-p

crazywrazy said...

Mabelxaroma now becomes MabelD80! lol get well soon Mei Thong LOL

Manju said...

PuiYi is so cute btw.
i looked twice when i saw your header, still having xmas haha

vialentino said...

wow wow...congrats on ur D80...u will love it....i just love nikon dslr...kekeke

btw, very nice pics u take ler...very good!

~@χ凱кοψγεω耀ι@~ said...

Still have flu though. It's already a week eh. Fever I think nope d I guess.
My results?? You mean STPM or MUET. I got my MUET result on last Monday. It's a 5 and I'm satisfied. Anyway I'm busy working nowadays. Tiring and today's workload is killing me. Got to have a good rest tonight =)

HenRy LeE ® said...

when r u getting married o? haha

d80 is a good cam and 50mm is a superb combination.

Try play around more with ISO by using P mode... and also becareful of ur white balance. If it's under 1 setting, try not using AUTO white balance cause some photos will turn out to be in diff colour tone. Anyway, don't worry so much about it.. most important is, practice, practice and practice!

Do visit Jenny Sun's photography for genuine portraiture photography with 100% natural lights :) she mentioned her flash has been keeping some dust for quite a long time ady :P

aaron said...

Practice makes perfect. & 50mm bokeh is just (phew)

Anyhow the WB looks abit off. Maybe put in under cloudy mode & do subsequent adjustment. Looking forward to another photog!

Mabel Low said...

Cath J ; Super enjoyed myself lah!!! Til i blushed :$

Crazywrazy ; Sadly i don't own the camera. Sobs.

Manju ; Haha! The Mabel in my header has a strong Christmas spirit. Haha!

Vialentino ; Lol! I don't own the d80 lah. And not all the pictures are taken by me. (:
But yes, if i do own it, i will LOVE it!!!

~@χ凱кοψγεω耀ι@~ ; Get well soon mate! I myself also need to give myself some time to recover. :S Took a few days off. Pooh..

Henry Lee ; Erm erm... marriage comes with a lot of expenses. So now still building up my tabung. XD I'm still not very familiar with the WB. Yknow lah, pns can't adjust manually. :S But i'll keep your words in mind.

Aaron ; Cloudy mode? Hmm... Oh yeah, i need more practice >.<
Dunno when i can use her dSLR again though ):

Superman said...

Get more rest and get well soon. Ya, DSLR is really nice to hold and nice to shot. Hope I can get that too but don't know when. Sigh. Looking at Nikon 5000D now...

SJB said...

Get well soon.

Jerine said...

u use 30mm lens? or 50mm?

Mabel Low said...

Superman ; The shutter speed of a dSLR is way faster! Thus the thrill to shoot! I'm looking at the D90:P

SJB ; Thanks. I'm getting better now (:

Jerine ; It's the 50mm lens.


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