Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Kacang Open House

Looks like I'm coping pretty well with my new timetable (cause I'm working now). Thus am able to update with this post.


Have you seen one of these gadgets before? I believe it was invented very long ago, excluding the motor that runs by electricity. Any idea what it is?

Clue : Used for ice.

Still no idea yet? Alright more clues related to the dish from this gadget.

Some side ingredients for that dish.

Okay lah, maybe you still haven't got the answer but never mind. It's an ice kacang machine my dad bought about a year ago. Took him quite some time to fix the thing. Some of you may not have seen or tasted an ice kacang before so I'll show you what it is.

If translated directly, ice kacang would mean ice bean (kacang is the Malay word for bean, which also makes Encik Kacang to be Mr. Bean). This dish is a dessert that, based on wikipedia, is served in Malaysia and Singapore. You can also call it ABC in short, otherwise in Malay it will be air batu campur. So why call it ice kacang if there's so many other ingredients in it? Formerly the dish was just made of shaved ice and beans. But now, people improvise the recipe and added in syrups of different flavours such as durian, chocolate; palm seeds, sweetcorn, ice cream, grass jelly, agar agar, cendol, etc. etc.

The open house was unintended actually. It only seem like an open house because the invitations weren't given by the host. It was one fine day that my dad suddenly received a message that a whole lot of people from K.L. will be coming over to rob some ice kacang.

All waiting for the dessert when the cook is also seated there. I dunno why they were waiting in the first place. Lol.

Until my dad rang the bell that it was time to prepare the feast. Funny thing was, not everyone knew the real purpose of their visit. They thought they were just visiting. So when an uncle announced the so-called ice kacang feast to begin, everyone was really really puzzled.

All looking towards the kitchen.

I guess they were really surprised. I mean, how would you expect someone who isn't selling drinks or beverages to have this sort of machine in their household?? Plus of all desserts it had to be the most wonderful ice kacang!

So of course people will get excited and started rushing through they're way in.

Dad doing the honors. Aunty Ling making sure no one slipped while the youngsters got ahead.

Dad had experience in this cause it used to be a family business. A small one. That's why he's pretty good at this. It's not just hitting the switch and letting it run, it's also about the knife that churns the ice - what angle gives the finest ice but yet not too fine that may make it melt too fast.

Look at the ice spin!

Last time when there was no motor attached to the machine, people had to manually churn the ice by control a handle by the side that is attached to a small wheel and it will spin the ice. I'm sure if you're a faithful audience of the Phua Chu Kang comedy show you would have seen how his mother handled her ice kacang machine. Not easy y'know.

Usually the ice will churned out directly on your bowl but since there were so many people, dad decided to put it all in a big bowl. Scoop from there is easier.

Like this it lightens the queue a bit and allows the machine to have some break while the ice was distributed.

You have a choice. To freeze more or to not freeze more.

I'm no fan of most syrups. In fact, i hate them. So does the others. We prefer the genuine gula melaka syrup. It is some sort of a palm sugar (again from wikipedia) that is also made from the sap of the sago and coconut palms and may be sold as "coconut sugar". Go find the details yourself lah if you want to learn more about it.

It is a must!

Believe me, despite the ugly picture i took of the dessert earlier, it doesn't look as awful. Plus, it is deliciously freezin' good!

Just look at them! They're blushing! Haha.

No, seriously! It's sometimes quite nostalgic too (for people like my dad).

Julian who is really feelin' it! Haha.

There's always a good thing about home made stuff, which is you can ALWAYS have enough!

I was amazed at where the camera focused on.

Time for some re-fills!

Otherwise, if you still think that wasn't enough then you can just be a smart ass like me and get shocked while trying to refill yourself.

Yeah, i seriously did get electrified on my index finger cause it was wet when i hit the switch.

There.... a cleaner picture. But unfinished.

Nah, i didn't really like this combination either.

Now.... the finished one. My ideal ice kacang that i usually expect every time i order from the stalls.

Looks good right? The machine is still here til today but because we had so much of it all at once, now it's like no one's using it. Temporarily lah (since I'm sick also right.....).

So, after i recover, wanna hop in and order some? I don't accept PayPal cause it would be pure stupidity to order this dessert online. Idiotism.

Come before i finish it all!!! Hehe.

Whoops.... looks like i did finish it all. Haha!

P.s. : Well, the ingredients can always be re-stocked.

P.p.s. : I'm still sick, but no more fever. Alright, off to work i go!


Cath J said...

Love that gadget hahahhaha... we will order this service on this coming Chinese new year party... yeyyy... LOL

vialentino said...

wat a great family kacang...i shud do this next time for my family gathering ler...

how much the machine cost ah?

SJB said...

I want that gadget.

Shingo T said...

Good old fashioned fun. Eveything just taste better when you make it yourself, isn't it?

Time to open a little business where people pay to make their own ice kachang? ^_^

Love the photographs. Love the warmth. Rock on, Mabel!

BoeyJoey said...

The ice blender reminds me of Phua Chu Kang's old mum :-). Looks like your little ice kacang party is a success!

aaron said...

Hey! I notice a lot of B&W photos nowadays? New found interest in photography?!

Mabel Low said...

Cath J ; HAHA. Wah.. if i really buka business i already have my first customer. XD

Vialentino ; Can't remember said my dad but it's around rm400. For the machine lah. The ice kacang not that expensive. XD

SJB ; Oh yeah, i'm sure many does!

Shingo T ; Thanks for the encouragement! Oh yeah, making your own is always easier to do it according to our own likings!

BoeyJoey ; Success indeed! But a lot of cleaning to do lah. Hehe.

Aaron ; Hehe. You noticed ay? I was worried it may bore the readers or something >.< Nah... just that i thought they didn't look so nice with their colors on. :S

Jerine said...

one ice kachang no ice please!

hahahahaha... it reminds me of phua chu kang.

MKL said...

I had yummy ice-kacang in Penang, but that's quite a while ago. Your post brought some nice memories back, hehe :)

Mabel Low said...

Jerine ; Hahahahaha! I remember that!! XD

MKL ; Come to Ipoh. And i'll let your taste buds bring you memories. XD


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