Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hear you

Yes yes, i know i know. Very paiseh lah putting up the Christmas header for so long. So i knew i had to do a new one real quick thus taking aside two days just to complete this simple header.

Got the idea from The Proposal movie actually. When i first watched it, or rather when i first saw the movie poster, i knew exactly how i would want it in my own version.

I didn't quite enjoy the photo shoot for this header. I had to wear my 2-inch-heels in my bedroom! Wearing it in all the 63 photo shots isn't such a pleasant thing cause i had to do every by my own. Setting the timer, walking back and forth to release the shutter, checking on the taken pictures, all in my heels. Painfully tiring man!

Anyway, I'm not gonna put any comparison here cause i don't really heart this header. Wasn't really an easy task for this one since i had to relate it to both CNY and Valentine's day. I think i only like one thing about this, which is the fact that a dSLR is in my header! *blushes. HAHA.

Alright, I'm going back to editing the next header. That can have a longer lifespan without having myself feel embarrassed.

Let me know what you think ya! Cya!

P.s. : Mini-mabels...comin' up next!

P.p.s. : Ryan Reynolds has very sexy abs! :O


SUELI said...

WOW. Love the header. (love all your headers actually.) Srsly everytime I come here, I'm amazed by your photos & HEADERS :o

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow nice header... so creative ya... im lovin' it! haha.. have a great valentine ya!

Cath J said...

hahah.. very nice Mabel... very nice... I love doing all this too... I know how it feels..

(I actually want to hint about your christmas header too...hahahahah... but I knw it takes time sometimes to find something nice... so I zip my mouth... lol)

Vivian said...

Happy CNY and Happy Valentine!
Do keep in touch friend =D

aaron said...

A great try anyways. Was surprised to see the new header & Sandra Bullock replaced by Mabel lmao.

Jerine said...

Hahahahaha.... your header damn funny can!

Superman said...

Nice header. You look great in that dress.
I like the movie "The Proposal". So hilarious.

[SK] said...

haha, fun shooting those photos eh?? well, why is it a rack with your DSLR and not a hunky handsome guy?? hehe :p

Mabel Low said...

Sueli ; Thanks! ;D But i don't really like it. Wait lah for the next one. It SHOULD be better. :P

Henry Lee ; Haha. Just the right time to 'love' it huh? XD

Cath J ; Ahahhaa... thanks for understanding. Actually, sometimes my work halts due to laziness. XD So a lil bit of pushing wouldn't harm. HAHA.

Vivian ; Many greetings to you too^^

Aaron ; Haha. Never thought i'd change the header isit?

Jerine ; Ya meh??? :P

Superman ; Oh yeah, i like the movie too! But not so much on the dress. A lot of trouble wearing it. :S

[SK] ; Nope, as i've mentioned in my post, i didn't enjoy it so much. Well, the header tells it all; DLSR = hunky handsome guy with six packs! HAHA.

SJB said...

Awesome header..

Mabel Low said...

SJB ; Thanks ;D


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