Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freakin' Frying Hot!

It's getting hot here in Ipoh. Can't believe that it's actually January already. For me it still feels like it's the holidays. Maybe that is what all form five graduates felt like (except for the pitiful ones who are chosen for the national service). The feeling is like no one is going to school anymore.

Seriously, the thought of people going to school and me going to work makes me sound so... old. Anyway, brush brush.

Chinese New Year's coming and the heat is really beginning to roast things up. But before this, things had been heating up already on a special night.

Almost a hundred bucks gone here. Grocery shopping is worst than any shopping.

We had this last minute gathering the night before Christmas New Year. It was Casey's idea, i think, to have a BBQ in Emily's place. And because all the others were working except for Julian, and me, so we had to get the food ready on that very day itself.

Uncle Rolland's Smartshop shades. I figured things would get pretty hot.

It was really a long day man. I was so blur also... aiyah, not gonna mention about it. Too much to write until nothing to write.

Wet floor - it rained awhile. At least not that hot lah.

When there's a BBQ, there's always chicken wings - marinated chicken wings. Because everything was so last minute, we didn't get to marinate our own meat. Jusco ran out of stock and so it was Tesco that saved the day. They tasted pretty good y'know (complimented by the aunties)!

We also bought sausages; lots and lots of sausages, potatoes, french bread, garlic butter and fish balls. Yeah, we BBQ-ed the fish balls.

Not forgetting the one element that cools us down - drinks!

Some 'side dish'.

We had to set up a few fans 'cause the rain wasn't enough to chill things a bit. The pit was heating up from hell and we gotta get things moving to start the event.

Don't kill yourself. You'll ruin our appetite!

I've never participated in a BBQ event before. I only tried marinating the wings and of course, feasting on 'em. This is considered my very first time... er... poking the chicken wing? (Sorry, forgot the term for it. Hehe)

Don't even think about it.

The wasn't the only beginner around. Joshua too was trying out the new skill.

And Eric was there guiding the both of us.

It was kinda hard at first. Can't bear the thought of poking through my hands instead.

With much determination.

While Casey, dealt with the sausages.

"Sausages, die!"

The tension built up along with the heat. And they blew up!

Haha. Silly silly. Wait! Don't eat it raw!!! *gasp

I didn't help much in the bbq-ing. I still haven't got used to the smoke.

Other than that, the heat is another problem. Wished i brought my hairclip along.

But i still made myself useful lah.

Ta-Daa! Neat huh?

Someone brought hamburger patties also. But we overcooked them a lil.

And the potatoes.

And marsh mellows too. For me i prefer eating it like that, without heating/BBQ-ing it. I'm not really fond of 'em melting in my mouth.

Edward suddenly had a spark of inspiration. He wanted to try something new with the marsh mellows and improvised the usual way of BBQ-ing them.

Yeah, garlic butter. But it doesn't stop there.

Please please please, if you do not have the courage, don't try this at home. Who knows what type of marsh mellows would come out of your anus afterwards.

TIP: Adding garlic butter to sausages and fish balls before BBQ-ing/frying enhances its taste. To me it tastes slightly sweeter. Mmm....

But if you add it on marsh mellows.....

...i assure you, it will taste weird. Says Edward. HAHA.

That isn't the end of weirdness. I discovered people playing tennis indoors.

No wonder children these days aren't as active as expected. I mean, tennis in an electronic box? What?? I cannot except it lah. But at least it's better than this:

Julian's cat. Motionless.

So cute right his posture? HAHA.

You'll NEVER see me sleeping like that. NEVER.
*psst mum... don't say anything!

P.s. : Will be posting up something this Saturday. And yes, i'm rushing my new header. I just need more time. Stay tuned!


Cath J said...

Happy new year girl.. wow fun bbq you all have.. ^_^

Jerine said...

if you're old then im damn ancient lor...

when i see ur friend cucuk the chicken then i lost all my apetite

crazywrazy said...

@Jerine, when you see mabel cucuk the chicken, u terus drop ur jaw :P
@Cath J, mabel doesn't like the fire. so she is not having fun with the bbq :P
@mabel: eleh have bbq but din call me go :P

HenRy LeE ® said...

ehh... mabel, now u got auto comment reply ar? haha... grocery shopping is the boomzz... haha... way better and satifying than clothes shopping... LOL!

Mabel Low said...

Cath J ; Happy New Year! Fun it was indeed. Got to feed my camera mah..

Jerine ; Aiyah, you're not like a hundred years older than me mah...

Crazywrazy ; Eleh... come Ipoh also never buzz me.

Henry ; I was wondering what auto comment reply, til i browsed here. HAHA. No comment.

Clothes better, no need so many bags and can last long :P


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